‘Intentional Misfeasance’ Makes Show Trial Conviction Ripe For Reversal, Legal Experts Say


by M.D. Kittle

Leftist District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s show trial delivered the Democrat Party’s dream: A felony conviction against their most hated political enemy.

The prosecution and the trial also were also littered with legal landmines and “reversible error” that should make former President Donald Trump’s looming appeal a slam dunk, legal experts say.

Historical and stunning but not surprising to many who have closely followed left-wing lawfare in recent years, the 12 angry Manhattan jurors after two days of deliberations found Trump guilty on all 34 trumped-up felony counts against him. Judge Juan Merchan has scheduled sentencing for July 11, just four days before the Republican National Convention is slated to begin in Milwaukee, where the GOP is poised to again nominate Trump as its presidential candidate. He will face President Joe Biden in the rematch of 2020’s mess of an election. Trump also is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison, depending on the vindictiveness of a New York judicial system that has already proved to be quite vindictive.

But the appeals process is certain to stall any sentencing, probably until after the election. And there is nothing currently stopping Trump from continuing his third presidential run, even with the kangaroo court felony conviction cheered on by his incumbent opponent.

‘One of the Craziest Things’

Constitutional law expert Hans von Spakovsky says the conviction isn’t likely to stick, for an array of reasons. Chief among them: Merchan’s convoluted jury instructions, in which the Biden campaign-donor judge framed the jury’s deliberations in a way that, according to legal expert Jonathan Turley, “seemed less like a jury deliberation than a canned hunt.” Merchan told the jurors they didn’t have to agree on the three possible “unlawful means” prosecutors vaguely alleged Trump had employed to “influence” the 2016 election.

“The jurors were told that they could split on what occurred, with four jurors accepting each of the three possible crimes in a 4-4-4 split. The court would still consider that a unanimous verdict so long as they agree that it was in furtherance of some crime,” Turley wrote in the Hill before the verdict was handed down.

Accomplice media outlets running interference for Biden and his minions — and attempting to influence the 2024 election — collectively wailed that conservative news outlets have been misrepresenting Merchan’s jury instructions. But there’s no denying the unusual nature of the judge’s explanations at the end of a deeply legally flawed trial.

Von Spakovsky said Merchan’s instructions point to reversible error — “an error in trial proceedings that affects a party’s rights so significantly that it is grounds for reversal if the affected party properly objected at trial,” according to the Legal Information Institute.

“This is such a mistake. … If I were the court of appeals, the moment this case came in, I would overturn the conviction,” the former Federal Election Commission member and Heritage Foundation fellow told me before the verdict this week on the Simon Conway Show. “That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard and it is a complete violation of President Trump’s substantive due process rights.”

Von Spakovsky said the standard in like cases is that jurors come to a unanimous agreement on each of the charges they are deliberating. He said Merchan added an absurd twist to the proceedings after handicapping Trump’s defense throughout the trial.

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OK, we all (and I mean ALL) get it. The charges were bogus, the court was biased and the jury was prejudiced. Despite Michael’s observations in his alternative reality, NO ONE expected an acquittal and a hung jury was only a hope (who, in their right mind, would vote for acquittal in NYC where they would become the target of the 87% rabid Democrats?). While the brazenness and depths of their corruption sometimes surprises us, the fact that they are corrupt and will do anything to avoid accountability is no surprise whatsoever.

So, let’s concentrate on the issues and let Trump’s team carry out the appeal. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is a disaster. His approvals are not swirling the toilet because of Trump’s ledger entries, it’s because he is incompetent, corrupt and a pedophile. It’s because inflation is wildly out of control. It’s because his energy policies not only hurts Americans but has enabled a war that HIS incompetence is driving towards a major multi-national conflagration. His open border, his intentional destruction of the border security Trump left in place, has not only introduced 12 million new illegal immigrants into the nation (many from areas where terrorists come from), but is also responsible for thousands of deaths from criminals and drugs. There is NOTHING this regime has done that has benefitted any taxpayer. He has brought nothing but pain and misery upon the American people, which goes back to WHY there are charges against Trump.Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden substitutes lawfare to save his own ass (which is destroying our justice system) for policies that anyone could be proud to campaign on.

$50M+ raised in ONE DAY — SIX PT. POLL JUMP for POTUS Trump


1. Charges were RIGGED (dragged up from 7 YRS AGO)
2. Misdemeanor MAGICALLY turned into a FELONY
3. Random judge selection process RIGGED
4. Prosecution’s case presentation RIGGED
5. Judge’s case management RIGGED
6. Gag order RIGGED
7. FIFTY PAGE jury instructions RIGGED

Yes, It Was Rigged

Once more, appeals to New York State Courts are unlikely to succeed because:

  1. Any Big Don appeals must start in the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court, First Department. Of the 21 judges in this Department,, 20 were nominated by Dem Grubenors. 19 were nominated by Cuomo and Hochul.
  2. Next stop is the New York Court of Appeals. Of the 7 judges on that Court Cuomo/Hochul nominated all 7.

Louts like Alan Dershowitz roared and blasted Justice Juan Merchan for his partisan behavior, but are dead silent about the backgrounds of the appellate courts. There might be enough honest judges to prevail.

I’m betting the other way. It isn’t just New York. Remember the Colorado Supreme Court tried to kick Big Don off the ballot,, before SCOTUS told them no.

Judges in this nation do not deserve respect by right. They must earn it. Such a requirement would infuriate the judges,, who are much too fond of black robes,, benches towering over everyone else in the courtroom, and above all of “Your Honor.”

Definitely an uphill battle.

Judge Merchan should lose his Job Period relegate him to Grounds Keeper weeding on his Hands and Knees can Bragg and Smith overturn the whole think allow Trump to bring a Duit against all involved

President Trump and Elon Musk Collaborating Again?

The FBI conducted surveillance on Donald Trump using the NSA database. The CIA, DNI and FBI launched a counterintelligence operation against Trump. The DOJ and FBI fabricated the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. They tried to impeach Donald Trump twice. They arrested Donald Trump four times. They charged him 91 times with manufactured crimes. They indicted Donald J Trump four times, while the Biden DOJ/FBI arrested his lawyers and legal advisors. The Joe Biden Dept of Justice then jailed his supporters and put a gag order on Donald Trump. They censored him. Working with the National Archives to manufacturer a case against him, they raided Donald Trump’s home using a sketchy search warrant. They tried to remove him from ballots within several states and used a Biden appointed judge to frame support for their legal arguments. A Biden donor judge then convicted him through a Biden prosecutor, using testimony from a convicted felon, serial perjurer, and porn star…. Yet, with all of that pressure against him, Donald John Trump is still leading Joe Biden in every national and key swing state poll.


Because the American people are wide awake now.

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