INSURRECTION? Black Lives Matter Goons Take Over Iowa Capitol


By Cassandra Fairbanks

Black Lives Matter militants have stormed the Iowa State Capitol, in a move that would be described as an “insurrection” if conducted by people on the right.
The militant leftists forced their way into the building to stage a die-in.
The insurrectionist event was planned and organized on Facebook. A flyer for the event said that “Iowan politicians are passing racist and dangerous bills. They don’t think we’re paying attention. They’re wrong.”

The flyer went on to say “we need your voice to kill the bills. Be there and be loud.”

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Those are some well-fed, underworked rioters.

The heavy tank division 😉
We need not worry about the F’n kid he will be spung and charges dropped like all the other Antifa garbage

So, BLM advertised a massive protest inside the Iowa State Capital, while legislation is under way, on Facebook and Facebook doesn’t take it down? The FBI doesn’t make preemptive arrests? The National Guard is not positioned to prevent the insurrection from descending upon the Capital by a group KNOW for violence and destruction?

Their flyer even uses the word “kill” and the phrase “kill the racists”.

Well, arrest more Proud Boys and Promise Keepers then.