Inside the lefty brain


One theory is that they desperately need to believe in government as parent. When run by other lefties, a benevolent and parental government will shield them from the harsh realities of life by making decisions for them; telling them what to eat, what to drive, what energy to use, what light bulbs to use, how much their toilets can flush, what their children must learn and cannot learn, what they can and cannot say, ad infinitum.

The other theory is that it is a grand conspiracy by the lefties to drive us all to the nut house, leaving the earth to them alone.

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This is interesting based on the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords today. Not saying any connection, just pointing it out.

The shooter sounds like a nut from what I’ve heard about him so far. Already the left is screaming about “Rethuglicans”, “Tea Baggers”, and “the Right Wing.”
They never let a tragedy go to waste when it comes to silencing their opponents and pushing their aganeda.
My condolences to the familes of the victims. I pray those wounded will recover.