If FBI says you lied, you stay in jail. Kill two women reckless driving, get out on $20,000 bond


Biden DOJ at work

Alexander Smirnov

The former FBI informant who was charged with fabricating a corruption scheme involving President Joe Biden’s family was ordered to remain in jail ahead of trial, a judge ruled Monday.

Los Angeles-based federal Judge Otis Wright II reversed an earlier order to release Alexander Smirnov after prosecutors expressed concerns that he may try to flee the country due to his alleged Russian intelligence connections, per The Associated Press.

Wright said he did not believe it was possible to create release conditions that would adequately prevent Smirnov from absconding.

“There is nothing garden variety about this case,” Wright said before issuing his decision. “I have not changed my mind. This man will be remanded pending trial.”

Monte Henderson

Mother and daughter killed after getting struck by a car while leaving a Drake concert in St. Louis, Missouri. This driver deserves the death penalty. 42 year old Laticha Bracero and her daughter, 21 year old Alyssa Cordova, both from Chicago were killed when 22-year-old Monte Henderson sped through an intersection. “They’re inseparable. They are. They’re inseparable. And I feel like if one of them would have survived, they would have never been able to survive this without the other,” said a cousin. Two other teen girls and a 61-year-old woman were hospitalized from the crash as well. Henderson survived and was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter & two counts of armed criminal action.


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Obviously blacks can kill with impunity with no consequences.

They have buried the video of the “accident” the links are disabled and pages no longer exist.

Involuntary manslaughter, when our hero was driving at “shocking speed” and runs a red light. Yet he is supposedly some upstanding academic and sports hero?

When you run red lights at shocking speed that is criminal negligence to the point intent can be argued and murder charged. it looks to me the DA is weak and taking a soft route on the crime and will plead it down to some charge that will be nothing in relation to what was done.
Obviously they fear retaliation by antifa or blm should they throw the book at this dirtbag.

This is how Democrats protect US citizens. I would hazard a guess that Monte is already long gone.

Meanwhile the Democ-Rats want Open Borders and a Disarmed American People