Hunter Biden’s tax free holiday shopping list!


Thread via Will Scharf

He’s making a list, deducting it twice, gonna find out which stripper he likes.

Hunter Biden’s coming to town!

A thread of my favorite lines from the new Hunter Biden tax fraud indictment.

Hunter spent money on literally “everything but his taxes.”

Drugs ✅
escorts ✅
girlfriends ✅
luxury hotels ✅
“items of a personal nature ✅


Hunter spent over twice as much on porn and strippers (adult entertainment) than he did on rehab.

I pity the AUSA or agent who had to decipher Hunter’s text messages.

This is one where he excoriates his assistant after he failed to notice his tax return sitting on his own desk for over a month:

Hunter makes the absolute worst excuses for everything.

When his ex-wife found unfiled two year old tax returns sitting in the trunk of his car, he tried to claim they were copies, even though there were literally checks attached to them.

Hunter told his ex-wife that he couldn’t pay alimony because he had to pay his taxes.

But then didn’t pay his taxes either.


With the IRS and his accountant breathing down his neck, and hundreds of thousands in tax payments due, Hunter takes care of what’s really important:

His boat payment.

Hunter *forgets* to tell his accountants about his forthcoming memoir that contradicts literally everything he is telling them about his business life and expenses:

An excerpt from Hunter’s memoir paints a picture of his actual entourage at a time when he was supposedly racking up hundreds of thousands of “business expenses” —

An “ant trail of dealers and their sidekicks . . . [and] [t]heir stripper girlfriends”:

Hunter pays $1,500 to a stripper, purportedly for “artwork.”

But Special Counsel Weiss has now confirmed that the stripper did not in fact provide hunter with any artwork.

Hunter’s secretary gets very upset when she finds out that Hunter is paying random girlfriends and ex-girlfriends as much as he is paying her.

Hunter also loses track of which girlfriends he’s paying, and how much he is paying them.

Now some practical advice:

It’s important to note that “bacchanal” expenses are not deductible business expenses.

Flying a stripper out to see you is not a deductible business expense.

Membership fees for a “sex club” are not deductible business expenses, even if you call the money a “golf membership deposit.”

$27,316 in payments to a porn site are not deductible business expenses, even if you use a business line of credit to make the payments.

Post your favorites if I missed any good ones!

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Complete scumbag. Like father like son.

Like the entire family.

OK, question: why would Hunter write a memoir? What the f**k has HE done that anyone would want to read about? Be the worst President in US history’s son? Act like he’s the President’s son by ignoring and exploiting every law on the books? Like his “artwork”, no doubt this was another money laundering scheme.

“I don’t have to pay taxes. My daddy’s a big shot and he says so.” This makes Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden proud of Hunter.

Hunter just decided he didn’t have to pay his taxes. Even though Pop says it’s patriotic, Hunter just ignored them. I guess he ain’t patriotic; but Pop is proud of him, anyway.

To get to the real nitty gritty, the FBI needs to be delving into HOW Hunter made all this money had paid no taxes on. Like with Capone, tax evasion is the tip of the iceberg. How about FARA charges? How about bribery, extortion and influence peddling? Maybe THAT’S what Pop is so proud of.

It was a best seller for a while. On Amazon it has 70% 5-star reviews. Beautiful Things: A Memoir

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

A few years in the pokey would do him good, dry him out, keep the female children in the family safer.

Pedophilia must be a very common problem on the right, as much as Trump supporters obsess about it.

Maybe you leftists should obsess about it a little so you don’t let them get into office. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden forced his young daughter to shower with him and YOU vote for that degenerate trash. It’s no wonder Hunter turned out to be the scum he is.

Like Hillary’s book, I’m sure it levels a table really nicely.

1. Biden allegedly spent a total of $872,172 on “various women” and “adult entertainment

2. Biden allegedly failed to identify payments to a stripper and escort as personal expenses, rather than business

3. Biden allegedly claimed money paid to sexual and romantic partners were wages to reduce tax burden

4. Biden allegedly falsely claimed stripper and sex club payments were business expenses

5. Biden allegedly spent thousands on his business line of credit at a strip club

Note each of his creative excuses for why he did criminal acts.
It’s almost never his own fault.
Today news is out that he said Republicans were trying to kill him, or joe, by hurting him as if his own acts were not causing all the hurt, not Republicans.
Anyway, it’s all timed.
Hunter will skate and joe will pardon him then die or leave office.

He is such a weak coward, I could see him snuffing himself if faced with real jail time. Who knows, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden might assign his security to Hillary just to protect his own skin.

Like Father Like Son just like George Soros and his little brat the worst of the worst its like if Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Mao had any sons to take their place