Hunter Biden Gives Surprise Presser in Front of Capitol Building, Desperately Moves the Goalposts


AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File

By Bonchie

Hunter Biden arrived on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, putting aside speculation that he might ignore a subpoena to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Before entering inside, though, the president’s now-indicted son gave a surprise press conference.

While at the podium, he insisted that his father had no involvement in his financial dealings.

That’s quite the moving of the goalposts, and it’s almost certainly purposeful. As RedState has reported, we already know that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings. We know that the now-president appeared on almost a dozen business calls, extended personal meetings to his son’s business partners, and even met with a Russian oligarch who had paid Hunter Biden millions for no legitimate services rendered.

So to say that Joe Biden wasn’t “financially” involved is to once again redefine what the charge even is. Were the Chinese writing Joe Biden checks directly? I would guess that never happened, but the charge is that Joe Biden knew about the corruption and benefited from it (i.e. Hunter Biden using his ill-gotten gains to pay back “loans” from his father).

Hunter Biden also suggested he will not fully cooperate with investigators once he’s in his deposition.

Unless he pleads the Fifth, he’s not going to have a choice but to answer the questions presented to him. If he’d like go down that road, then he’s welcome to it. Honestly, that would be the smartest thing he could do given he’s staring at a long stint in prison anyway.

Here’s a bit more of the gaslighting that took place.

Rep. Eric Swalwell also showed up at the presser because surprise, surprise, he’s the ridiculous hack who organized it.

Imagine being a U.S. Congressman and playing event planner for a degenerate like Hunter Biden who abused women, cheated on his taxes, and fluffed foreign dictatorships for money.

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Is he in leg irons yet, like Navarro?

If you listened to Hunter today he said he would ONLY answer questions in public.
And, he added, he would ONLY answer “legitimate” questions.
What he doesn’t want is to have to answer questions in a deposition by both majority and minority lawyers in one hour stints for as long as it takes.
He wants 3 minute sound bites.

To say that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden was not financially involved in his schemes when we have a text he sent saying he was right there waiting for a $5 million payment and would bring down the full force of the US government upon them if they didn’t send the money is a clear indication WHY this sewage treatment plant scum won’t appear for a deposition. But, the taxpayers are damn sure financially involved since WE paid for AF2 to take him to China and make lucrative business deals selling US influence.

If you can’t see the massive corruption shown here and reject those involved, you are utterly irredeemable.

The media throwing questions at Comer sounded like Hunter’s defense attorneys.

If AOC wasn’t lying, she would have to undergo a physical to see if she was alright.

This was an epic fail on so many levels. Did the WH know he was going to embarrass himself with this diatribe of pure bullshit?

CNN just adores Bidens little Brat they cant get enough od him and his father who belongs in Prison

BREAKING: Republicans to Initiate Contempt of Congress Proceedings After Hunter Biden Defies Subpoena

Haul his ass into the DC gulag.

Why are Comer’s Clowns afraid to question him in a public hearing?

They aren’t. But, they are going to depose him first. Try to keep up.

Keep up with what? Put him under oath and question him in public. Let’s see what happens.

They are going to depose him first. You didn’t have any problem with Trump’s kids enduring 40 hours of questions in depositions, and they didn’t even commit any crimes, why should Hunter not be expected to submit to the subpoena? Oh…. THAT’S right; HE’S involved in a massive criminal enterprise that ties directly to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and the DoJ wants to protect all the corrupt Democrats.


House votes 221-213 to initiate impeachment inquiry

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Of course, NO Democrats have a problem with massive corruption that jeopardizes US security.

They were gonna arrest him, but his personal requests for hookers, coke, and booze was too costly.