Huffington Post triggered by Trump’s plan to execute child sex traffickers


Hayden Cunningham

A recent article by The Huffington Post expressed disagreement with former President Donald Trump’s advocacy for the death penalty for violent criminals, including drug dealers and human traffickers.

Titled “There’s A GOP Plan For An Execution Spree If Trump Wins The White House,” the article highlighted Trump’s past actions during his administration, characterizing them as an “unprecedented execution spree” that resulted in the death of 13 individuals on federal death row. Trump also ended a 17-year federal execution moratorium, something that Biden reinstated upon taking office.

The article claimed Trump could once again implement an “execution spree,” referencing his remarks about executing drug dealers, human traffickers, and officials leaking information to the press.

In a 2022 speech, Trump stated that while it “sounds horrible” to use the death penalty on drug traffickers, countries that don’t have a “drug problem” are “those that institute a very quick trial, death penalty sentence” for dealers.

“You execute a drug dealer, and you’ll save 500 lives, because they kill on average 500 people,” Trump claimed.

Project 2025, a conservative group that outlines policy objectives for the federal government, was mentioned in the article for advocating for the execution of remaining federal death row prisoners and urging the Supreme Court to broaden the scope of crimes punishable by death.

Gene Hamilton, author of the transition playbook’s Department of Justice chapter and former Trump DOJ official, emphasized the importance of seeking “finality” for death row prisoners and pursuing the death penalty for heinous crimes, particularly those involving violence and sexual abuse of children.

“It should also pursue the death penalty for applicable crimes—particularly heinous crimes involving violence and sexual abuse of children—until Congress says otherwise through legislation,” he wrote.

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The Huffington Compost just like the rest of Hugs for Thugs M.S. Media Bottom Feeders wants Counseling for these types of People

Three and a third people/year – who all aspects of the Criminal Justice System said were worthy of death – and that’s a “execution spree,” according to HuffPo.

They really need to visit Saudi Arabia where people are executed daily in multiples.
Or, maybe Pakistan where women who are going to be executed are gang raped by prison guards to ensure no virgins are executed, lest they end up in Paradise.
Maybe a trip to Indonesia where mere pot for personal use can lead to a decades long prison sentence that makes you so sick you die there.
How about Turkey where “honor killings of wife/daughters” are so common (and legal) the places left to put the bodies are obvious instead of hidden.

HuffPo and the leftist globalist elites have been working so hard to normalize sex with children that, of course, they are appalled.
Any form of perversion that renders you and your partner childless is right up their alley when it comes to their depopulation agenda.

It would go far in satisfying the depopulators. Less burden on the prison system, safer environments for children and as said before depopulation. What is not to like?

No wonder Huffington would be worried about executing child traffickers. It would decimate the Democrat party.