How to Respond to the Indictment of Donald Trump? By Arresting Alejandro Mayorkas


by Buck Throckmorton

Attorney Lavrentiy Alvin Bragg has acceded to the left’s demand that Trump be arrested for the unforgiveable act of winning the 2016 presidential election. Bragg was shown the man, and he obediently found “the crime.”

We can register our disgust about hypocrisy, or a two-tier justice system, or criminalizing politics, etc. Or we can respond in kind. The last option is the only one that will make this stop.

Jesse Kelly - Trump Arrest.JPG
What high profile Democrat should a Republican District Attorney indict? How about Alejandro Mayorkas?

As Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas has thrown our border open to narco-terrorists, human traffickers, and anyone else who wants to cross the border.

What crime should he be charged with? Mayorkas is an accessory to every crime committed by someone who crossed the border illegally during the Biden administration. He is an accessory to every death from fentanyl that was transported across the border. He is an accessory to sex trafficking. He is an accessory to child abandonment. I could go on.

Who can indict him? There are 254 counties in Texas alone, most of them deep red, and there are a couple thousand more deep red counties throughout the country. The District Attorney in any county touched by the Biden administration’s open border/catch-and-release policy could summon a grand jury and indict Mayorkas.

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Arrest the real Culprits George Soros and the CFR/DNC