How RFK Jr.’s VP Pick Could Catapult Trump to Victory in 2024


by Jeff Childers

Amidst yet another wild 2024 week packed with record-breaking news, we cannot omit independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s shocking, politically world-shaking pick for VP.  ABC covered the story under the muted headline, “Democrats sound alarm on RFK Jr. and new running mate, Shanahan.” How much alarm? This much alarm:

ABC’s story ran with this sub-headline: “”All he can do is take away votes from President Biden,” one Democrat said.”


Kennedy’s curveball choice of billionaire divorcee Nicole Shanahan, 38, immediately accomplished three things. Nicole’s wealth flooded Kennedy’s campaign coffers. It tantalized Klaus Schwab-loving liberals leaning away from Biden. And most importantly, it instantly turned Kennedy into a scratched-for-violations-at-the-gate non-starter with any Republican anywhere for any reason, period.

And democrats freaked out.

Nobody saw this coming! Right up until the announcement, rumors swirling around Kennedy’s pick included names like Aaron Rodgers, Mike Rowe, and Jesse Ventura, which would have been perfectly logical if Kennedy were aiming for the middle.

Democrats mostly ignored Kennedy as a non-event, someone to keep a side-eye on, and they snorted merrily over their avocado toasts and champagne cocktails predicting that Kennedy would probably wind up stealing more votes from Trump than from Biden.

But democrats aren’t laughing now. Their avocado toast is mostly just toast and plus it tastes rancid in their now-dry mouths. Their champagne cocktails are totally watered down, and they think there’s a hair in it. They lack even the strength to demand to see a manager.

All the blood has drained from their nerveless, botoxed faces — because a horrifying possibility just occurred to them.

For years running up to the primaries, despairing conservatives of all stripes, colors, and positions have pressed me to answer a single overwhelming question: “Jeff, but how can Trump beat the steal?” I always answered, “I think Trump has a plan.” Then they logically would ask, “but what is Trump’s plan??”

I answered truthfully (but probably not super helpfully): “How would I know Trump’s plan? And if Trump does have a plan, he shouldn’t tell anybody until it’s go time anyway. Let’s not even speculate.”

The horrifying possibility presented to deep state democrats is that a viable, Ross Perot-like third party candidate aimed at democrats makes cheating more complicated. Not just a little more complicated. For lots of different reasons, a third-party Kennedy/Shanahan ticket makes cheating insanely more complicated.

And deep state democrats aren’t smart. They are ruthless. They are cunning. But they are not smart.

Am I saying Trump planned this all along with Kennedy’s help? How would I know? I’m only a lawyer. But, if Trump did plan this, then the plan is spectacular, and it was years in the making. Try to imagine the rest of the plan.

I apologize to our Kennedy fans. In truth, there’s everything to love about Kennedy’s stance on vaccines. Lifelong democrat Nicole Shanahan seems to share Kennedy’s distrust of all jabs, and she also thinks the regulatory agencies have been captured by pharma. Great stuff. But on every other conservative issue, Nicole is politically toxic. There’s just no way.

The bottom line is: plan or no, Trump’s electoral chances just miraculously improved.

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joe’s buds and puppet masters are so worried they’re even throwing out the “he’s a womanizer!” narrative.
Sure, RFKjr cheated on his wife and she then became a pill-popping alcoholic who finally killed herself, BUT so what?
It’s all decades in the past.

Right now all joe’s trannies and “x’s” are far worse, screwing anything or anyone who they can, including children!
And lacking all restraint they even steal other people’s clothes to wear in public events!
joe’s own mega-donors have been caught drugging young black men then having sex with them even as they OD and die!
Still joe didn’t return their money!
Some of his homosexuals even play at being breast feeders to adopted babies, taking months away from important duties.

I just don’t think joe’s pearl-clutching and fainting couch about good old fashioned (straight) infidelity from long ago is going to move the needle away from RFKjr’s supporters.

How will JFK, Jr. react to election fraud?