House Jan. 6 Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files days before GOP took majority


The former House Select Committee on Jan. 6 deleted more than 100 encrypted files from its probe just days before Republicans took over the majority in the House of Representatives, Fox News Digital has learned.

The House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee is leading an investigation into Jan. 6, 2021, led by Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga. The panel is investigating the security failures on that day, as well as the “actions” of the former select committee investigating the Capitol riot.

Loudermilk, last week, told Fox News Digital his investigation has entered a “new phase” with renewed support from House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., who has committed additional resources to the panel’s investigation.

Sources familiar with Loudermilk’s investigation told Fox News Digital that, per House rules, the former select committee, which was chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., was required to turn over all documents from its investigation to the new, GOP-led panel, after Republicans secured the majority of the House of Representatives following the 2022 midterm elections.

Sources told Fox News Digital that Thompson had told Loudermilk that the select committee would turn over four terabytes of archived data, but that the new committee only received approximately two terabytes of data.

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Thompson needs to be brought up on ethics charges in the House. He should be expelled. This is not only about violating rules, but he and the rest of the committee are trying to control the future election and initiate a coup. They have put innocent people in jail and sent people to jail for minor crimes with outrageous penalties.

We may have to wait a year for there to be justice served, but God willing, justice WILL be served.

No one knows just how much exculpatory evidence may not be available for the current prisoners in the DC gulag.
democrats protecting democracy is akin to the wolves guarding the hen house.

Benny thompson should immediately be brought before the house. The House tossed Santos based on allegations. This dirtbag has admitted to having destroyed file to senator Langford of Oklahoma.

It will be interesting to see what they tried to delete. Then we can ascertain the reason it was deleted.

Certainly it was evidence that would have exposed their corrupt narrative about the riot on January 6.

If it was otherwise they would have had it broadcast on a continuous 24/7 loop.

The question must be, why did benny do it?
And now that we know that jerk snith corroborated with the committee, it is likely his information is tainted.with falsehoods.

Vice President Mike Flynn? — Mike Flynn Hints at Accepting VP Role if Asked by Trump (VIDEO)

Or maybe Rudy Giuliani?

Attorney general fool


Flynn would better serve President Trump as either NSA, or possibly FBI or CIA.

File encryption is a standard Windows 11 feature in both the Home and Pro versions. It was also a standard feature in Windows 10 Pro. ANY files deleted from a government computer will have been encrypted files, because ALL such computers are hacking targets.

This is pretty much like claiming there’s something nefarious about shredding paper documents rather than dropping them in a waste basket intact.

Last edited 30 days ago by Greg

Two Missing Navy SEALs Declared Dead in Somalia and Joe Biden Hasn’t Said a Word About the Fallen Heroes

He is so busy walking a delicate tightrope of geopolitical issues to be bothered with trivial matters. Just like he was forced to be a Dover AFB when the 13 service members who were killed because of his incompetence. So annoyed was he that he checked his watch because he did not respect the fallen.

Last edited 30 days ago by TrumpWon

I was sad when they didnt report back.

Last edited 30 days ago by kitt

joe has lost his mental capacity. He is senile.

More Proof Biden is a Dementia Ridden Disaster… (Video)

During a speech to a large group of Mayors visiting the White House from across the country Joe Biden had a series of gaffes, blunders and incomprehensible statements. The reality is these are all signs of mid to moderate stage dementia. He will show a bizarre range of emotions at inappropriate times. From whispering and yelling, to mumbling and bumbling Joe Biden put it all on display in one speech.

Last edited 30 days ago by TrumpWon

He’ll just say, “Two SEALS drowned, just like my son, Beau, drowned in Iraq.”

What is amazing is when ever he has met with an injured soldier or gold star parents, the first thing that comes out of his amount is about beau and then the fact they have a kitchen fire.

They weren’t presumed to be dead until yesterday evening, and you’re already trying to politically exploit their loss.

Jill and I are mourning the tragic deaths of two of America’s finest—Navy SEALs who were lost at sea while executing a mission off the coast of East Africa last week. Over ten days, the United States military conducted an extensive search and rescue mission. Recovery efforts are still continuing as we grieve this profound loss for our country. These SEALs represented the very best of our country, pledging their lives to protect their fellow Americans. Our hearts go out to the family members, loved ones, friends, and shipmates who are grieving for these two brave Americans. Our entire country stands with you. We will never fail to honor their service, their legacy, and their sacrifice.” 

Did KJP take her name off of this one before it was released?

I wonder who wrote that.
He should get credit for it.

Is file deletion a standard feature? Is Democrat corruption and treason a standard feature? WHY were files, required by law to be preserved, deleted?

Discarding files is totally routine. When you discard the first draft of a report you’re deleting a file. When you delete an unsent email you’re deleting a file. If your computer encrypts by default, you’re deleting encrypted files.

They’re not going to hand their passwords over to anybody.

It’s not “their” passwords. They are MY passwords. The information they are suppressing is MY information. They should be found in contempt, prosecuted and imprisoned. What they are hiding is evidence of a coup against the government of the United States of America.

No, it isn’t. The House committee asked for the information and they are required to preserve and turn them over. This is like Hillary destroying 33,000 emails when told to turn them over to the State Department. If it was “routine”, why wait until someone besides a partisan Democrat wants to see them? If the information contains vital evidence, why destroy it?

Don’t assume everyone is as naive, stupid and easily duped as you and the rest of the left is. It’s really pathetic.

The clown court can go f*ck itself.

Because benny knew they were damaging to democrats and their treasonous January 6 committee actions.
The House Jan 6 committee consisted of nine congresscritters handpicked by Pelosi, herself. There were seven Democrats and two pseudo-Republicans — Cheney and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois there to act as “bipartisan” beards over the rigged proceedings.
These nine had put passwords on these encrypted files and are refusing to turn over the passwords.
What will GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.)do to get those passwords?

Hold them all in contempt of Congress, find them and put them in leg irons. Enough of this bullshit.

Maybe he could have them water boarded.

Someone’s has some Skeletons in their Closets their trying to hide

Seems to me that without evidence all the convictions should be overturned. More than that convictions without evidence should been seen as misuse of office and those officials should be sent to prison. Elected and appointed officials alike. They sought to establish a gulag here in the US and now should be send to reside in a US version of one.

Except that they were convicted mostly without any evidence to justify such harsh sentences. Evidence simply doesn’t matter to the left.

Would the House not have an IT office overseeing all legislative computer matters? Would it not have access to all these files? Granted. The leftists, as Argentinian Pres. Javier Miley so colorfully addresses them should furnish their passwords, but I believe that these should be registered by the IT Department, or the IT Department may have ” backdoor access”.

Trump’s lies caused her death.

The left set up and instigated her death.

There is no doubt about that. The pipe bomber mystery remains the most apparent evidence of involvement by the FBI. The coup members could not risk their plans for a riot they could later call an insurrection by relying on on the protesters alone to interrupt the joint session.