Horrible: Democrats on DC Circuit Court of Appeals Agree to Full En Banc Hearing of Flynn Case



It’s plain they’re just trying to delay this until they can get a change of AG.

The entire Federal Appeals Court in Washington said on Thursday that it would take up a case involving Attorney General William P. Barr’s decision to drop the prosecution of President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, erasing a split decision by a three-judge panel in June ordering an immediate end to the case.

A terse order from the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said that a majority of its members had voted to erase a June 24 panel decision ordering the immediate dismissal of the case against Mr. Flynn, and set oral arguments before the full court for Aug. 11.

A majority of the Court of Appeals’ members are Democrats.

By the way, the DC Court of Appeals is the most important court in America, after the Supreme Court. That’s because it’s the court of appeals for almost every single case involving the US government, which of course is located in DC.

And of course it will be the court of appeals for most political trials.

And expect many, many more political trials, if we lose in November.

It was for the purposes of packing the DC Court with liberals that the Democrats fillibustered Miguel Estrada, who had been nominated to the court; it was for the purposes of packing the DC Court with liberals that the Democrats then got rid of the filibuster!

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This is your Deep State in action.
An En Banc hearing should, by right, involve something which is central to the preservation of our Constitutional government. Wouldn’t you think?
And yet an extorted confession is now the basis for endless delay. Flynn knows too much. If they had their way they would take out behind the building and put a bullet in him.
He could implicate zippy, for heaven’s sake.
And we can’t have that.
Zippy is the Magic Negro.
So Flynn must die.


The circuit court acceptance of Sullivan’s petition for en banc review asserts the ludicrous position that Sullivan is a party in the case.

It would be grounds for overturning anything the en banc court does.

Will Powell seek a preliminary injunction from SCOTUS?

Did you really imagine Barr and Trump would get away with their b.s. forever?

What legal premise did they cite to over turn the lower court?
This is legalized legalese torture


There is voluminous exculpatory evidence that Flynn was framed and unjustly charged. We now know that AG Barr has another US Attorney tasked with specifically looking into the felonious unmasking done by the obama administration including joe biden.

@Greg: First, there was no grounds for an investigation. Then, they lied to Gen. Flynn about the questions being part of an investigation. Then, he never lied to investigators. Then they tried to intimidate him into lying about Trump. Then they threatened his family to elicit a confession out of him. Then they kept exculpatory evidence from his attorneys. There has never been ANYTHING legitimate about this case, yet the left clings to it as their hill to die on. This is their version of justice.

@Greg: It’s actually illegal for an outgoing president to conjure a defaming hoax for the incoming president in an effort to hurt his legitimacy in the office…including perjury traps and abortions of justice.