Here’s Your Proof of a Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election


By Wayne Allyn Root

Of course the 2020 election was stolen. Just look around. The proof is right in front of your eyes.
I’m not talking about millions of mail-in ballots with no Voter ID, no safeguards in place, and no signature match. Nor am I talking about ballot harvesting or ballot drop boxes- both literally criminal enterprises that would make the Gambino Crime Family blush.
I’m not talking about ballots by the hundreds of thousands arriving by van in the middle of the night. Or Republican witnesses removed from the rooms while votes were counted. Or counting votes for days after Election Night…until a Democrat is declared the winner. Funny how only Democrats win after days of counting fake ballots.
I’m not even talking about the emails publicly released by Elon Musk proving that the FBI and other national security agencies PAID Twitter to silence conservative voices and change the news feed. Our own government rigged the election. That’s now a fact.
The election of 2020 was rigged and fixed. We all know it. And Kari Lake’s stolen election in 2022 was even worse. The theft of Kari Lake’s Arizona election makes Bernie Madoff look like a small-time shoplifter.
But I’m not talking about any of that.
To me the proof the 2020 election was stolen is the state of the nation. Open your eyes. The consequences of a stolen election are all around us.
The supply chain is crippled. Highways, ports and infrastructure are crumbling. Blue states are banning trucks from the roads. Grocery prices are skyrocketing. Egg farms are burning to ground. Eggs cost $10 per dozen- if you can find them. Over 100 food plants have burned to the ground in the past year.
Trains are derailing. The East Palestine, Ohio train derailment may be the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history. Experts are calling it “our Chernobyl.” There is a mushroom cloud of deadly chemicals floating over the farm belt. Animals are dying. Fish are dead. People are sick. And it just happens to have poisoned hundreds of thousands of acres of prime Midwest farmland.
The same exact thing that’s happening to food and farmland, is happening to energy. Under Trump we had energy independence and cheap, plentiful energy. Under Biden we have soaring gas and electricity prices, energy shortages, depletion of our national fuel reserve. In the middle of this, our government is desperate to ban gas stoves.
Our border is wide open, with millions of illegal aliens pouring through. All of them will require cradle to grave welfare. Many of them are criminals. How many are terrorists? And through that border comes drugs. Fentanyl alone kills over 100,000 Americans per year. It sure seems like someone wants Americans dead.
Biden’s Covid vaccine mandates are causing “sudden death” and cardiac arrest by the thousands per day. Read the headlines. Death rates are the highest in history. More children and young athletes are dropping dead suddenly than ever before in our lifetimes. Yet blue states are now mandating Covid vaccines for your children to attend school. And our federal government is compiling a list of the unvaccinated. This won’t end well.
Chinese balloons are sent to intimidate us. Russian warplanes are buzzing our borders. Russia is threatening nuclear war. China is ready to invade Taiwan. $85 billion of military equipment was left in Afghanistan. The rest has been shipped off to Ukraine. Our military is in disarray, short on equipment, riddled with poor morale, unable to attract recruits.
Biden has based the economy on equity, social justice, diversity, LGBTQ and climate change. Result? Massive inflation is decimating the middle class. The national debt is exploding. So is the homeless population. So is violent crime and retail theft. Cities run by Democrats look like war zones filled with zombies.
The Black national anthem opens our Super Bowl, dividing our nation. Meanwhile there isn’t one black child able to do math at grade level in over 50 Chicago area schools. Insanity reigns.
Conservative voices are suspended, banned, silenced, or fired for our political beliefs. Free speech is being eradicated.
The FBI and DOJ are persecuting PTA parents, conservatives and Christians, while woke DA’s release violent criminals.
Conservative TV stations like Newsmax and OAN are removed from our airwaves.

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The proof has been given. The Left knows what they did, so they are in abject denial saying “there’s no evidence” as it sits there right on the table in front of them.

They CAN’T admit it. That would be admitting a crime that ends in life in prison….or worse.

There will be a day of reckoning for the criminals who are leading us down the road to perdition.

“Here’s the proof!” Then you don’t present diddly squat, because you still don’t have diddly squat. There’s no proof because it didn’t happen.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg


The proof has been given, ad nauseum.

You’re merely part of the disinformation coverup that isn’t working.

When caught, criminals lie, run, or even lash out… Anything they can do to avoid the consequences for what they’ve done.

This is you greg and the criminals you support.

You people know the tiger is going to eat you and you’re scared.

UPDATED: Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Labeled “Made in China”, a Pallet of Ballots Unsealed, Passwords and Flashdrives Laying Around Tabulation Room

This is what it looks like when the President is chosen by a political elite that hates this country. This is the caliber of “leader’ you get when a small minority of socialist-minded people select a puppet to lead the nation towards a totalitarian police state.

We now have a totally incompetent regime loaded with social justice box checkers, not capable bureaucrats. It is a cesspool of morons.

However horrifically corrupt you may think our government, agencies, media, education, and institutions are…..I posit that they are even worse than you suppose.

They have been corrupted by the atheistic, Marxist ideology of the Radical Left AND by the filthy lucre of the CCP, the WEF, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the various Leftist Foundations (Gates, Rockefeller, etc.)

No sane and honest person believes Joe Biden got more votes than Obama AND they all know that Biden is a pathological liar, a CCP bought off Quisling, and a Young Girl Groping Pervert…..and they do not care as long as their nefarious, evil ideology AND especially their MPC (Money, Power, and Control) are maintained and expanded!

Dominion employees admit there were bugs, hacks and failures of their machines.

HUGE: FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Voting Systems Executives Including Eric Coomer Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues, Was Hacked, and Was “Riddled with Bugs”