Here Come The Pre-Planned Riots of 2024!


by Emerald Robinson

Notice that the summer of 2020 was full of riots before the election, and now the summer of 2024 is full of riots before the election.

That’s because George Soros and the Left are paying for them.

It’s another election-year political influence operation.

The British tabloid The Daily Mail has reported the funding connections between George Soros’ proxy groups and the leaders of the university riots.

Meanwhile, left-wing media outlets in America pretend that such funding is a “conspiracy theory.” The most idiotic of the Washington Post’s “useful idiots” — Philip Bump — was whining about it just a few days ago.

When the usual liars tell you to avoid the latest “conspiracy theory” — that’s how you know it’s the truth.

Haven’t you learned anything yet?

In fact, America’s corporate media outlets are lying in the exact same way that they lied to the public four years ago. Once again, we are all swimming in wall-to-wall media coverage of the university “protests” just like the wall-to-wall media coverage of the George Floyd riots four years ago.

George Floyd died on March 25th, 2020 — and the Soros-funded “protests” in Minneapolis began the next day.

So did the corporate media coverage.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Just click the image below, and read the date (June 21, 2020).

If you’re feeling a bit of deja-vu right now, then your mind is functioning just fine.

The reason that you feel this way is simple: the riots are not organic.

In fact, they’re synthetic.

They’re all pre-planned.

You must understand: left-wing protests are the bread and butter of the “problem-reaction-solution” scenarios that Democrats use to steal elections.

Remember: COVID was the official government excuse for the introduction of mail-in ballots in swing states in 2020 — and the 2020 riots mobilized Democrats in the streets against the Trump Administration.

Do you see Biden’s poll numbers? Do you see the weakening of the Democrats’ voting coalition?

The Biden regime needs a new excuse this year.

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Hey Curt how much is a sheet of real plywood in California? Not that particle board or beaver board stuff looks like 1/2 inch 4*8, talk about well funded.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Conspiracy theories and George Soros?
comment image

The left is losing control. They are failing on a global scale and are getting more desperate and, thus, more dangerous. Election fraud barely worked in 2020; so much was required, it could only be denied for so long. Now, more is being exposed. Election fraud won’t be the solution for 2024. Without a pandemic, they will have to resort to good old leftist violence.

Soros and his Ilk should be removed from America revoke their American Citizenships and Parachute them into the Himalayas

HOW ABOUT THAT? Radicals at UCLA Have BUILT A WALL Around Their Protest (VIDEO)

Know what I’d do next?
Take a bunch of that construction foam in the can and spray it all over this entire wall.
Turn their wall into a prison.
Kind of like letting those “no oil” protesters stay glued to the floor in that German business last year.
Had them squealing for rescue within a few hours.

Imagine how a student affords to build a fort out of hundreds of sheets of $80 a sheet plywood. Imagine the school not noticing trucks unloading all that plywood and pallets.

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Plain Bill

I would not be surprised if Soros and Biden aren’t planning these riots before the election. It seems like this would give Biden the chance to stop the election and order Marshal Law . To prevent it until he and his administration sees fit to allow it again . Just like Ukraine is doing right now .