He Almost Got Away With It: The Devious Chris Wallace “Two-Step” that Tried but Failed to Hand the Debate to Biden



President Trump had an unprecedented debate challenge on Tuesday night: While the president had to debate alone, his opponent had the support of the moderator as well. In fact, Congressman Paul Gosar said it best: Joe Biden wasn’t even the president’s most formidable opponent in Cleveland:

President Trump seems to have realized it too:

Chris Wallace may work for Fox News most of the year, but on Tuesday night he worked a second job propping up Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, mostly by aggressively shutting down the discussion any time Biden seemed to be getting the worst of it. Whenever Trump began to get the better of Biden and force him into a corner, Wallace was prepared to step in, declare the topic over, and try pivoting to a new subject where the vice president might do better.

In short, the Wallace strategy was to step-in and interrupt when Trump was delivering blows to Biden, and to step-aside when Biden was running his rehearsed talking points against Trump.


A striking example of Wallace’s helpful interruptions came during the discussion of coronavirus, where as Trump ripped apart the case for continued mass national lockdowns, Wallace insisted it was time to move on:


But Wallace didn’t simply interrupt. Wallace repeatedly worked to rig the debate with biased questions for both candidates.

Wallace’s intentions were clear early. One of his first questions to Joe Biden was among the most important of the entire election cycle: Does Biden agree with Democrats who want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the filibuster, admit a raft of new states, and otherwise rig the national political scales to remove all checks on their power? Biden disgracefully refused to answer, on the ridiculous grounds that if he did, it might become a campaign issue:

A candidate flatly refusing to answer a central question of the campaign is the exact kind of situation where a moderator should be aggressive. They are there to get answers from the candidates. But instead, Wallace did nothing. He probed no further on the matter, and after a brief spat between Biden and the president, forced the debate on to another topic.

That was Wallace’s worst moment of the debate, but he was little better when the topic turned to America’s ruling class imposed “racial reckoning.” Wallace’s questions were repeatedly set up to tar the president as a so called “racist,” while ignoring the obvious reality that the left has ignited dozens of racially charged riots across the country.

First, Wallace suggested that the president’s recent ban on critical race theory, which teaches absurd doctrines about America being a racist country, white people being fundamentally racist, and more, was a total ban on all “sensitivity training.” When Trump started to accurately describe the anti-American nature of this race-baiting propaganda, Wallace repeated the deception.


Then, when the topic turned to riots, Wallace initially ignored the massive riots that have gutted huge swaths of Minneapolis, Chicago, and other cities, and instead invoked Charlottesville, a much smaller incident from three years ago. Wallace even spoonfed Biden the lie that Trump referred to white supremacists as “very fine people.” The president never did so, which is easily deduced by simply watching video from the time:

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Chris Wallface Wallace looking like a total moron becuase he is a Moron

wallace is a registered democrap-nothing more to be said. rigging the debate and paedophile joey got caught wearing a wire typical for democraps.
Next debate: scan every candidate for wires. Knew he was going to wear a wire. wonder wheat was in his urine-amphetamine.

I wish Trump had waited his turn to speak so his answers and points could be heard clearly instead of garbled with Biden’s drivel, but I understand his frustration at Biden being allowed to lie with impunity.

Wallace was not about to let a debate break out.

O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended.
“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
“And if the Party says that it is not four but five – then how many?”

1984 by George Orwell.

Maybe, when it first began, sensitivity training might have been a fair covering of how not to offend co-workers of different backgrounds.
Not anymore.
Critical race theory proposes that white supremacy and racial power are maintained over time, and in the law. Added to this critical race theory propounds the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power.

Critical race theory considers racism as ingrained in the fabric of American society. The individual racist need not exist for
institutional racism to be pervasive in our culture.

It isn’t 4 fingers anymore.
It is 5 fingers.
The PARTY says so.
Chris Wallace says so.

@Nan G: Critical Race Theory creates an environment that does not exist and then forces innocent people to atone for it.

@Deplorable Me:

Critical Race Theory was devised, with a racist twist, by Derrick Bell taken from the writings of the Frankfurt Marxists. Bell was, by his own admission, Obama’s favorite Harvard law professor. That, in itself, should tell you how Obama thought about white people since Bell contended that all white people are born racists.

Odd that it seems to be white college graduates that subscribe to this belief while they march with Burn, Loot and Murder, all the while they harass and belittle black police officers.