Harvard’s Board: Some People Plagiarized Some Things; “We Unanimously Stand In Support” of Our Unqualified Hamas-Sympathizing Affirmative Action President


by Ace

They blow off Gay’s plagiarism in her Ph.D. as mere errors of improper citation which she is now correcting 30+ years later. (Correction: Landrath says they didn’t clear her dissertation for plagiarism, but only three of her articles; I’m sure they’ll clear her dissertation too, however.)

From m:

It’s going to be really hard for Harvard to enforce its plagiarism rules against students now.

Just kidding! Harvard is of course a primary enforcer of the One True Rule: The pigs at the top of the Regime’s trough-feeding pyramid get to make the rules.

Enforcing the rule against plagiarism against students while suspending it when it comes to the Top Pig at Harvard is actually teaching its students the most important rule of the Regime. It’s telling them all what they can and should aspire to: Power without principle.


It’s good to set aside the rule against plagiarism — did you know it hurt black folx and latinx students disproportionately?

All rules and laws which black folx and latinx peoplex violate more should of course be abolished. This means abolishing all rules and laws, because unfortunately blax and latinx commit a disproportionate amount of crime. They also apparently violate the most spelling rulex.

The prediction:

The fulfillment:

Speaking of Regime figures supporting Hamas: Current #1-Ranked Opiate of the Masses Taylor Swift attended a “comedy” show benefiting Hamas.

I mean “Gaza.”

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It is obvious that her Doctoral committee passed her without reading her dissertation. .

I guess they could just tell by looking at her that she was the black woman for the job.

It’s going to be really hard for Harvard to enforce its plagiarism rules against students now.

No it won’t. You’d think it would, but it won’t. Nobody does hypocrisy like a leftist and they do it with a completely straight face, not a sign of embarrassment. Rules for thee, not for me or our multiple box-checking President.

One perk for black in America (as they get more marginalized by the 15 million new illegals flooded in during joe’s tenue) is a guaranteed safe hiring spot where ever they decide to work.
Gov’t jobs are full of black “workers,” who never can get much done.
Most of joe’s “jobs gains” have been gov’t jobs filled by POC.
And higher education is also a safe space for blacks with teaching degrees.

Harvard, where retards are sent by rich parents.