Hamas-Loving Humbugs Attack Christmas, Fail Miserably



Silly me — I’ve been spending my mornings on “The Kevin Downey, Jr.” and my afternoons and evenings here at PJ Media trying to wake Americans up to the Marxists who are trying to crush our values and topple our nation. I should have gone on vacation and let the animals do it themselves.

Peep these Hamas-hugging leftards as they march through the streets of New York City.

Check out those huge floats of Biden and Netanyahu covered in blood. They had to cost a lot of cheddar. Gee, I wonder who is likely paying for these signs, matching t-shirts, and of course the cost of getting thousands of toilet people in the streets, conveniently on the last day of Christmas shopping in a city known as a Christmas destination.

Hey, Mayor Adams, do they have a permit or is this ok?

Remember, these street urchin commies are not looking for support; they are attempting to destabilize the country. If they are successful, a crisis, or rather several, will be next in 2024.

Not to mention the fact that the Pinkos are trying to upend the country just before another election year.

In 2020, we saw COVID scare people into submission, followed by a summer of love when communists burned cities, raped women, shot each other, and injured 2,200 cops in the process.

In 2020, the Marxists, with the blessings of Democrat mayors, torched our nation’s blue sh*thole cities.

The Bolshies are trying to make a sequel to their 2020 buffoonery right now — during Christmas — but it is backfiring spectacularly. Everyone paying attention knows that Muslims don’t give a rat’s rump about Palestinians. In fact, they frequently slaughter them.

The commie trashcans are now using Israel’s response to the indefensible Hamas attack on October 7 to push their real goal: toppling the United States and everything we stand for, and that includes Christmas. Bad move.

Imagine this “Free Palestine” marketing team meeting;

“Do any of you non-binary demigenders have ideas on how we can get Israel to stop killing the rampaging rapists in Hamas? Dylan, whatcha got?”

“How about we annoy some kids singing Christmas tunes in Ypsilanti, Michigan?”

Trying to ruin a children’s Christmas choir does the one thing I wish I could do: wake up the normie neighbors as to what is really going on.

Marching through New York City during Christmas — in the name of Gaza — is, in my opinion, a pretty poor plan to “free Palestine.” It almost seems as if the dolt planning these uprisings is trying to gut zher’s own movement.

Nothing says “Ceasefire NOW” more than a holiday attack on a cathedral in Germany.

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Time to start returning them to where they came from if these jerks cant stand our Christmas let them go back to where they came and stop trying to force their ideas upon us close ad Lock the Gates

Send them back to wherever the f##k they came from.

They need to no doubt, the introduce a bit of good old fashioned Krampus into the equation creates a punishment-reward dynamic to the Christmas tradition of gift-giving. In fact, instead of merely chasing the misbehaved youths and beating them with a willow stick bundle, he is known to eat them, drown them, and transport them in a sack down to hell.
Merry European Christmas protestors.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

When it becomes necessary to go armed to a Christmas event, whose fault is that? Guns? Gun owners? Or those who purposely deteriorate society so that no one reasonably expects law and order anymore? Where the government prohibits one from arming themselves, you are simply at the mercy of the violent mob.

Tell me again how having Trump as President causes all the chaos.

The left loves chaos, riots, looting, violence and terrorism. The exploit and utilize it. They create it wherever they can and wherever they need it. If you live in a blue state, where laws are not enforced and the party in power participates in creating the chaos, you have two choices: move to a red state (but don’t even THINK bringing any of that blue shit to the red state) or create your own red state through the vote.

Granted, if you live in a blue state, making changes via legitimate, lawful elections might be difficult or impossible. You’d just have to evaluate those odds. But, under no circumstances should you expect the government in a blue state to enforce laws, keep you and your property safe and punish the chaotic elements.

The chaos of 2020 was sponsored by the left. Antifa, blm and other miscreants acted at the behest of the democrat party.

Gee, somebody sure spent a lot of money on props, didn’t they? I wonder who?

You would expect this kind of stupidity from the 1970’s anti-War crowd of Drug addicts stoned on LSD induced Dreams