Groomed to Kill – The massacre in Nashville is not the fault of conservatives, it is the bitter fruit of a madness that has poisoned an entire generation.


by Matthew Boose

After the horrific massacre in Nashville, the Democratic Party is hellbent on feeding the malignant narcissism of the “trans community,” in which they see a reliable, perpetually aggrieved voter base and a tool with which to terrorize society.
This isn’t “Christian nationalism.” Virtually every institution is sending a message that murderous violence toward Christians is acceptable, or at least less bad than exposing the “trans community” to obloquy. Law enforcement is obstructing the release of the manifesto. Merrick Garland won’t call it a hate crime, and neither will Joe Biden, who apparently thinks this is all a big joke.
Like Barack Obama, who was diffident about radical Islam, Biden’s Democrats are far more concerned with backlash against a politically favored group than the fact that six people, including three children, are now dead at the hands of an anti-Christian cultist whom they encouraged.
In a truly astonishing statement, Biden’s dimwitted lesbian press secretary gave a fulsome defense of the massacre, saying the “trans community is under attack right now.”
If it wasn’t already clear, the shooter in Nashville was a Janissary, a demented footsoldier of an evil, totalitarian ideology that wishes to remake the world in its demonic image.
There is little daylight between the Wahhabist extremism of the shooter and the blasphemous maundering of Joe Biden, a “devout Catholic” who presumes to speak for the Almighty when he says that so-called transgenders are “made in the image of God.”
Biden has used the power of the state to force this twisted vision on the country, pushing “gender-affirming care” on minors and banning “conversion therapy” that would cure them of their gender dysphoria.
He is a leader in an unhinged cult that uses pseudoscience to maim children.
How ironic, now, for the cult to give lectures on the safety of children after the tragedy in Tennessee.
The massacre in Nashville is not the fault of conservatives, it is the bitter fruit of a madness that has poisoned an entire generation.
Like all totalitarian cults, the trans cult preys upon the youth, and drives a wedge between parents and their children.
It demands unyielding obedience and affirmation of its false creed, which burns with sulfurous hatred of Christians and the faith that was once the beating heart of the West.
Society is paying the price for having tiptoed around these hectoring tyrants over the past seven or eight years.
People have become too afraid to speak the truth: “trans people” need humility, not “rights.”
It is beyond the power of society to satisfy them, as their grievance is with God, not man.
What they really want is to change their nature, and to make society accept their god-like self-image.
Should we be surprised that people who think this way are turning violent? Especially now, that they have been whipped into a frenzy with apocalyptic rhetoric from the likes of Biden about their “rights?”

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Democrats call Audrey Hale ‘victim’…

Last edited 10 months ago by TrumpWon

Braindead liberal Democrats blame Guns The Gun Lobby(NRA)Gun Stores Gun Owners we have seen it all before

When did this all start getting militant?
When obama left office and Michelle was being touted as the best option for dem presidential candidate.
So, WHY.
Michelle might really be the tranny we’ve all joked about for years.
Pave the way for her/him to run without memes against or even expressions against at all.
obama has quit wearing his wedding ring again.
And Michelle almost always looks like she’s like to be anywhere else but in public.

Like Democrats always do, they leap to exploit a tragedy instead of doing the investigation that might prevent further tragedies. As they do every time there is a mass shooting, they jump at the opportunity to denounce guns, not see what might have caused someone to kill innocent people or how it could have been stopped.

Psychotropic drugs have been involved in numerous shootings. What kind of a chemical cocktail was this killer under the influence of? What influence does it take to drive a young girl to murder children and innocent adults? Has anyone noticed there has been no exposure of incidents of bullying, mistreatment or harassment? Her parents didn’t think much of her trans lifestyle; so what? What concerned, REAL parents would? What parents would NOT be concerned their child had a severe mental illness?

The parents were also anti-gun advocates. The mother worried about this girl buying all these guns. As an anti-gun advocate, what did they think those guns were for? The only thing guns are capable of is KILLING, according to the left. Why didn’t they have those guns, in the hands of someone they knew had mental problems, confiscated? Perhaps… just maybe… anti-gun advocates don’t believe their own rhetoric all that ardently.

But, none of that matters. We won’t see the “manifesto” because it’s going to be the rant of a lunatic, not some sensitive, inward-looking atonement. It ain’t supporting the leftist tranny dialogue or else it would already be exposed. Gee, guys, this was, as it turned out, this tranny’s life’s work; are you going to dishonor her final wishes and keep her inner feelings suppressed? How ANTI-tran.

Instead, the Democrats want to use this to undercut Republican support in the red states they covet. The common sense initiatives to prevent the exploitation of young children and, before they’ve had the chance to carefully consider the repercussions, prevent life-altering mutilation of their bodies only happens where conservatives have majorities. Democrats would prefer to allow 8 year olds to make decisions that can ruin their very lives and bodies, as long as it comports with the trans communities demands, which is, of course, insane. So, naturally, and in order to keep attention upon the evil gun that dragged the poor trannie-to-be into that school, grabbed her finger and forced it to pull the trigger 6 deadly times, they side with the trans absurdity.

All this does is encourage more similar murders. A dedicated tranny can now see purpose to a sacrificial massacre. The leftist propaganda media will sing their praises, defend their phony victimhood and, of course, blame the tools used, not the person committing the heinous crime. Danger, Will Robinson. Time for schools and any other facility that feels vulnerable to lock and load. It’s coming. You can count on it.

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The left gets the blame for all of this. Perhaps if they taught real science in school instead of grooming kids with “your feelings are reality” this wouldn’t happen. No matter how much they claim you can pick your sex, it isn’t true. You are either XX or XY. Period. A male claiming he is a female because he feels like one and a female claiming she is a male because she feels like one is a is total bullshit and a mental illness. A man will never know what it’s like to menstruate, get pregnant, or have boobs flop around. And a female will never know what it’s like to get an erection, get hit in the privates, or grow a beard. Those are the facts. 1,000 years from now when they dig up our remnants they will determine your sex by your pelvic bone structure not by what you thought you were because of your “feelings”. And besides, what other animal specie sexually mutilates itself so it “can become the opposite sex”?

Last edited 10 months ago by another vet

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REVEALED: “Transgender” Terrorist Who Wanted to Blow Up Colorado Middle School is an Avowed Communist and Deranged Trump Hater – Planned More School Attacks (VIDEO)

According to the biden regime, that the biggest threat is from Maga white supremacists.

Multiple People Killed After Mass Murder in Louisville, Kentucky . . .
. . . Mass Murderer Identified, Has “He/Him” Pronouns . . .
. . . Like Clockwork, Benedict Biden Blames the Weapon, Attacks Second Amendment Rights

Another woke freakazoid shoots up a bank killing 4. Came from an ultra left wing pro gun control family.