Government Is Good at Nothing. Stop Having It Do Everything


by Seton Motley

God bless actual intellectual Thomas Sowell.  May he live healthily – for as long as he wishes to live:

“As long as human beings are imperfect, there will always be arguments for extending the power of government to deal with these imperfections. The only logical stopping place is totalitarianism – unless we realize that tolerating imperfections is the price of freedom.”

“The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices – paid by others.”

“If politicians stopped meddling with things they don’t understand, there would be a more drastic reduction in the size of government than anyone in either party advocates.”

Government is awful.  At everything it attempts to do.

Yet its advocates insist on perpetually expanding what they want it to do.

The metric tonnage of its past misfires – does nothing to diminish their push for ever more expansion.

The Government’s Warped Definition of ‘Success’

Let’s examine but some of its very many failures.…

The federal government is nearly $34 trillion in debt.

Stop right there.

That titanic fiasco – all by its onesies – should disqualify government from doing anything at all ever again.

You clearly stink on ice, government.  Knock everything off – and close up shop.

That would certainly be our reaction – if the government were a business.

Say someone approaches you about investing in their company.

They tell you their existing debt – is 130+% of their entire operating budget.

And they are adding 10+% of new, additional debt – each and every year.

You wouldn’t invest a penny in their pathetic endeavor.  And you’d counsel them to immediately file for bankruptcy.

Well, speaking of bankruptcy – guess where the US is headed?

The absolute last thing we should be doing – is expanding the government’s litany of responsibilities.

Oh: Is that the entirety of the federal government’s fiscal shortfalls?  Heavens no….

Social Security & Medicare Shortfalls Exceed $100 Trillion Over 30 Years

Government – is terrible.

As I just noted, government has gone (additionally) broke attempting to solve health care for old people.

Unfazed, government said they would solve health care for poor people.  How’d that go?

Latest Medicaid Data Show A Deeply Broken Program

Unfazed, government said they would solve health care for everyone.  How’d that go?

After 13 Years, ‘Obamacare’ Offers Broken Promises and Costly Consequences

Government – is terrible.

Meanwhile, government said it would solve the financial sector.  How’d that go?

The Failure of Dodd-Frank

How Dodd-Frank Doubles Down on ‘Too Big to Fail’

And on, and on, and….

You get the idea.

Government – is terrible.

Nevertheless: Unfazed, government is looking to expand itself into the few nooks and crannies of private left not yet flooded by these fools.

The Internet has been an anomalous success in the Age of Government.  Only because government hasn’t been involved in the Internet.

Government won’t stand for that…

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You know when government is even worse? When corrupt, incompetent people like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden seize power.

The process of dismantling the unconstitutional administrative state is long overdue. If the country is to survive a potential financial collapse, the administrative state must be eliminated.