Gonzalo Lira, Que Le Vaya Bien


by Larry Johnson

I was saddened but not shocked to learn that Ukraine killed Gonzalo Lira. They are monsters and a threat to freedom. But wait, you might say. Gonzalo died of pneumonia. How is that the fault of Ukraine? Very easy. Gonzalo should not have been in prison, he did not receive adequate medical care, he was tortured and extorted while in prison. All of that combined contributed to his death.

Gonzalo lived his life as a Conservative in the classical sense. He abhorred government control of the lives of private citizens. He was a scathing critic of Joe Biden and his neo-con crazies that populate his national security team. And he was a proud American even though he spent his final years in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Love makes you do funny things. He leaves behind a 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter.

I appeared on several of Gonzalo’s entertaining podcasts. He offered trenchant and insightful analysis of current world events with an ample supply of mirth. When Gonzalo was released from prison last August he tried to flee to Hungary. He tried to call me and ask advice about what to do, but it was around 3am and I missed the call because my phone was silenced so I could sleep. I mourn still that I was not able to speak with him.

Here is one clip from Gonzalo discussing the torture he experienced:

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His blood is on the hands of biden and the penis piano player, zelensky.
Ukraine is not a democracy. It is a classic dictatorship.

You can add “Coach Red Pill” to your cult’s phony martyr list.

03/21/22 – How a Sleazy American Dating Coach Became a Pro-Putin Shill in Ukraine

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Tears in you beer over the terrorist the Saudis dismembered, we get it.

No, you don’t.

Where is the lefts outrage at the murder of this American Journalist?
Boy when the non-American Journalist Kashoggi was offed by the Arabs US intelligence was quick to point fingers.

The biden regime and the deep state do not care about truth telling journalists, just those who parrot their narratives.

Tucker Carlson interviewed his father just a month ago. Excellent interview.


They have Greg for that, hell I dont subscribe to cable but know what and how they report.

TV for stupid people.

I have often wondered if he is posting from a place like this
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We know he’s blackmailing Mr. Magoo’s handlers. You can bet Z has all the dirt on the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine – to the tune of at least tens of millions of dollars – and that’s why Joe has to keep shoveling money his way. It’s as plain as day.

Liberals kill! Have done so for decades. Ask Ashle Babbitt!

Liberal have never been “good people”!

Man they didnt make the list CIS so bad they made it 2 twice, we know it cant be because there are 2 sexes.
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Ukraine is not a democracy, and NATO is not a defensive alliance. RIP Gonzalo Lira.

Gateway Pundit Files FOIA Request: What Did Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Bridget Brink Have to Do with the Death of US YouTuber Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine Prison?

Something does not smell tight

Russia on Death of Gonzalo Lira:  “Kiev Is Allowed to Torture and Kill Americans, and Everyone Keeps Their Mouth Shut”