Get Ready for Michelle Obama. I Just Wrote her Acceptance Speech for the Democrat Convention. Here It Is.


by Wayne Allyn Root

Read the tea leaves. Get ready for the coronation of Michelle Obama as the Democrat nominee for President at the August DNC convention.

The signs are everywhere.

First, it’s clear now that Donald Trump cannot be beaten by an old, feeble, feckless, decrepit man with dementia and diapers. Just this weekend Joe Biden spoke proudly of his response to the Covid pandemic while he was Vice President. Biden said President Obama sent him to Detroit to “fix it.”

Uh oh.

Someone has lost their mind. The Covid pandemic happened in 2020. Biden was last VP in 2016. He wasn’t sent anywhere by Obama. He never had anything to do with “fixing” the Covid pandemic.

And why would he have been sent to Detroit in the first place? Does Joe Biden believe Covid was an exhaust problem? Or a carburetor problem? Perhaps this stumbling, bumbling old man, who should be in a nursing home, believes the answer to Covid is electric cars.

Joe Biden’s brain is shot.

Old Joe can’t be the Democrat nominee. The DC Swamp and Deep State knows that. They understand the gravity of the situation. With Biden at the top of the ticket, the entire Democrat Party is about to go down like the Hindenburg.

Secondly, Democrats in charge have seen the polls. Trump is dominating in a landslide. He’s sweeping the battleground states. He’s winning my home state of Nevada by 12. He attracts 100,000 to rallies in deep blue New Jersey. Wait until you see Trump’s rally in the South Bronx. Because of Trump, the whole country is turning red!

Trump is no longer just a candidate. He’s a phenomenon. 

Democrats need to make a change. Pronto. That’s precisely why they scheduled a debate for June 27th. That debate is the end of Biden. After this debate with the whole nation watching decrepit Joe, it will be clear to everyone that Biden has to step down.

A new presidential nominee will be chosen at the DNC convention in August.

Now to the convention. I’m betting Michelle Obama is the choice – which is why the Democrat convention is in Chicago in the first place. They planned this all along. She is the daughter of Chicago. Born and raised. This will be her coronation.

Now to Michelle Obama’s acceptance speech. I can write it. I know exactly what’s coming and how they will position Michelle.

Michelle will step on stage to wild applause and say…

“I feel like Al Pacino in Godfather 3. (laugh) ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.’ Believe me, I tried to get away from politics. That’s Barack’s deal. I’ve never liked politics. Everyone knows that. I have a great life. I don’t need politics. I was traveling the world. I have my daughters. I have my dear friends. I have Bruce Springsteen. (laugh)

And I have Barack. We waited our whole marriage for this moment. No more politics. No more late-night calls. No more campaigning. The girls are out of the house. We have freedom. We are alone. This is ‘our time.’

I tried to get away… but they’ve pulled me back in. (laugh)

I love this country. I need to save this country. I couldn’t sleep at night, if I didn’t give everything I have to save this country… for my daughters… and your daughters… from the orange man. (laugh) I can’t stand the orange man. I can’t accept handing our country over to Donald Trump – again.

I can’t and won’t stand by while this man… this racist… this sexist… this homophobe… this Islamophobe… takes our country away. He’s a dictator. He’s a tyrant. He’s Hitler. He’s the KKK. He wants revenge. He thinks he’s going to arrest Democrats – good men and women – great patriots who love their country – simply because he’s mad we beat him in 2020… and arrested him… and indicted him… and convicted him for his crimes. (applause).

This is about revenge for this terrible man. It’s about him and what he wants. It’s always about him. It’s never about you. It’s never about America. He thinks he owns America (loud boos). He thinks he owns you (loud boos).

We must stop him. We cannot allow Donald Trump to step foot in the White House every again. (applause). Because it’s OUR house. (applause/standing ovation).

Watch here

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I don’t think Michelle wants this because she doesn’t want her past scrutinized. Of course, the Ministry of Propaganda won’t do it, but it will be scrutinized (it probably already has) and I doubt she can come through it as cleanly as Trump has.

“as cleanly as Trump has”

Trump? Clean?! To quote Kitt, “BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!”

Asswipe dont quote me in fact dont mention me as you have the IQ of a stale potatochip.

I’ll quote you whenever I damned well please.

Then do it, my be the only intelligent thing you ever post.

OK. Show us the crime Trump has been credibly shown to have committed.

Where are the pictures of big Mike being pregnant?

Last edited 22 days ago by TrumpWon

You’ve never seen any pictures of my wife when she was pregnant. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t have kids.

Still wondering if they are your kids?

Hear her yammering make it sounds like they do on the cartoons when their on the phone the one on the other end sounding in that certain funny squeaky or arguing sound

Why doesn’t anyone stop to think why, if their candidate has shit for brains, they’re entitled to just swap someone in? Where is it written that this party of fascists, thieves, pirates, grifters, and traitors is entitled to field a candidate in the first place?

She could clock Mr. Grab-em-by-the-Pussy with one righteous punch.

He probably could. Big mike is as big as a full grown zoo gorilla.

She could kick him in the balls, but they’re too tiny a target.

If she ran, she’d probably win.

Last edited 22 days ago by Greg

WOW, Comrade Greggie!!!

You are sure fixated on President Trump’s male genitalia.

I think it’s called “envy”.

Why would she win? What are her qualifications? What is her governing or executive experience?

Violence is always the left’s default position, isn’t it?

he couldnt grab it by the pussy.

He’d get a handful of junk.

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