Gavel of Guilt: Inside the Federal Judges’ Vendetta Against J6 and Trump


Thread by Julie Kelly

Judge Tom Hogan, Reagan appointee on the DC district court, went on inactive status late last year.

After that, he reached out to none other than Mary McCord to vent about J6 and Trump. McCord hosted Hogan at Georgetown a few months ago.

What he said is stunning–and representative of the mindset of nearly all of his colleagues on the DC bench:

Hogan lied about police fatalities tied to Jan 6 and what happened to Ofc Brian Sicknick.

Keep in mind–Hogan was reversed by the appellate court for locking up under pretrial detention one of two men accused of spraying Sicknick with pepper spray. George Tanios spent 5+ months in the DC gulag before he was released on appeal.

After holding the other man, Julian Khater, behind bars for 18 months until Khater was tormented into taking a plea for assaulting officers.

Hogan allowed Sicknick’s ex girlfriend to enter a “victim impact” statement then sentenced Khater to 80 month in federal prison.

Hogan is frustrated the media isn’t covering the tongue-lashings given by DC judges to J6ers during struggle sessions disguised as court proceedings.

He repeatedly referenced the shifting J6 narrative, mocking the use of descriptions such as “patriots” and “hostages.”

Hogan is upset political prisoners are communicating from jail and have political support. “The whole atmosphere has changed.”

He also doesn’t appreciate privately-paid lawyers who go to the mat for their clients against government overreach and are “true believers.”

Hogan has handled at least 24 J6 cases. He sent 10 J6ers convicted of misdemeanors to jail and another 5 convicted of felonies to prison.

He might be on “inactive status” but his cases still linger on including 2 1512c2 obstruction convictions. (I will separate out those comments in a different post.)

Trump, Hogan claims, is the biggest offender of attacking judges and threatening an “independent” judiciary LOLOL.

He suggests judges are the only thing standing between Trump and the end of democracy.

Hogan again expresses alarm that J6ers and 40 million Americans still believe the 2020 election was stolen.

This now makes at least 3 DC judges–Hogan, Reggie Walton, and Beryl Howell–who have made public statements directly aimed at Donald Trump.

Another reason among many why the DC federal court system should be shut down.

More Judge Tom Hogan, a DC district court judge who recently went on inactive status but handled at least 2 dozen J6 cases over the past few years.

Here he is explaining how hard it is recently to get an impartial jury in Washington.

I hope Trump’s lawyers–and all J6 defendants–add this to venue change motions.

At first, Hogan explained, DOJ was asking for probation sentences for most offenders.

Then about “6 months in” DOJ started asking for jail time–around the same time Biden appointed Matthew Graves to take over DC US Attys office.

BTW the DC appellate court recently reversed the district court’s unlawful “dual sentence”–prison and probation–for the petty offense of “parading in the Capitol.”

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The Judge needs to be removed from the Case and removed from the Bench Period

Since the Democrats have even MORE election fraud in mind for 2024 (what choice do they have? Either total defeat or cheat their asses off), it is very important to establish the specter of harsh punishment for pointing out the election fraud. Now, occupying they Capital, hallways or cafeterias to support infanticide, racial violence or anti-Semitic terrorism is totally acceptable; you might get arrested, but you are out in minutes and free to do the same thing the next day, rinse, repeat.

Jerk Smith seems to still want to maintain the lie that they are prosecuting over nucleal launch codes and Iran attack plans instead of documents about government abuses.