From Kyiv to Washington: Zelensky’s Quest for the American Piggy Bank


by Jeff Childers

Let’s bookmark yesterday’s cheerful Financial Times headline, to check and see where we are next year this time: “Jake Sullivan says US military aid will help Ukraine mount counteroffensive in 2025.

Referring to Biden Administration optimistic plans about the war next year, Sullivan said Ukraine intends to “to move forward to recapture the territory that the Russians have taken from them.” Recapture the territory? Does he mean all the parts of Ukraine colored in red on the map below? I can’t wait.

image 7.png

Sure! It could happen. Jake Sullivan said so. I mean, since the last glorious counteroffensive went so well and everything.

Compared to last year’s Glorious Ukraine Counteroffensive, Russia now has even more troops, who are more experienced, more and better weapons, holds more territory, more fortified positions, and has more strategic options. And has a stronger war economy. Meanwhile Ukraine has fewer troops, who are less experienced, fewer and worse weapons, fewer fortifications, and fewer options.

Ukraine has no economy. So it’s not precisely clear how the New Glorious Counteroffensive could possibly improve on the previous one.

Later down the article, the Financial Times accidentally let slip the mask of official deceit:

Any new offensive in 2025 by Ukraine would be dependent on more funding from Congress, and approval by the White House. Zelenskyy said there is a plan for another counteroffensive but that it is contingent on more weapons, including from the US.

Whose war is it again? Ukraine’s? I’m sure the Financial Times meant that “approval by the White House” would modify “more funding,” but unfortunately the sentence reads just as grammatically correct if “approval by the White House” qualifies “any new offensive.”

Anyway, we can all see what’s going on here. Zelensky hasn’t even gotten the current $61 billion in aid and he’s already mounting a rhetorical counteroffensive on next year’s glorious appropriations request.

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Maybe a missile strike on the Kremlin would knock the evil Moscow Homunculus off course.

The dumb little bastard’s invasion united NATO against him.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

When did joe make Ukraine our 51st state?
I’m pretty sure there are a few other places in line in front of Ukraine for that honor.

Ukraine stands between Putin’s war machine and Europe. Trump has thrown in with Putin.

All we need is an actual leader in the White House. When we had one, Putin stayed in place. When a phony, lying, corrupt, pedophile, weak piece of shit usurped the White House through election fraud (aided by Putin), Putin knew he had a green light. Trump backed Putin down, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden gave him a free pass.

It was Trump who double-dated with Jeff and his procurer, NOT Joe Biden.

It’s Trump who had an adulterous affair with a porn star and paid her $130K to hide it from voters before an election, NOT Joe Biden.

It was Trump who tried to steal an election with fraudulent electors and mob violence, NOT Joe Biden.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Comrade Greggie, you’re a f*cking liar. I know it. You know it. Everyone (but your buttbuddy Michael) knows it.

But after over a decade of you coming here pushing your bullshit, you can’t seem to find the decency to go away and you continue to push your bullshit while others rake you over the coals.

You have no morals or self respect.

The old refuted Domino Theory, eh?
Vietnam proved it was wrong as has every war justified by it before or since.

Zelensky had better be careful.
Some of his own top military brass keeps plotting to assassinate him.
One plot might succeed and end this thing before Russia ever does.