From Hailstorms to Collapsing Turbines: The Troublesome Reality of Green Energy


by Buck Throckmorton

If only this green energy nonsense was just a big April Fool’s prank…but it’s not, so let’s check in on what is going on in the world of unreliable solar and wind energy. [With a tip of the hat to Terry, Alan, Brendan, and others who kindly send me links to stories I might otherwise miss.]

The worst aspect of “clean energy” isn’t that it’s not clean, green, or affordable. The greatest problem is that it cannot produce the amount electricity needed, and that it often provides none. The baseline amount of energy that solar and wind can reliably produce is zero kw. Meanwhile, the climate cultists have embraced destroying the planet in order to save the planet.


I’ve heard that the Canadian prairie provinces get a little chilly in the short, dark days of winter. Any reliance on wind and solar seems preposterous, and potentially deadly:

“Zero. Zip. Nada: Wind power in Saskatchewan for over an hour on Friday, March 22 flatlines, again” [Pipeline Online – 3/24/2024]

On March 22, Saskatchewan’s fleet of grid-scale wind power generation produced next to nothing for half the day, and zero power at all for just over an hour.


Speaking of wind power on the western prairies, the header picture up above is from this renewable event that happened recently on the Colorado/Nebraska border.

“Turbine at Colorado wind farm collapses, burns” [CBS – 01/15/2024]

A wind turbine at a northern Colorado wind farm folded in half and caught fire Thursday morning, startling neighbors who heard banging noises prior to the collapse.

Caught fire?

The incident was reported at 8 a.m. No injuries were reported. Oil and grease from the generator caught fire after the tower’s collapse.

I have been reliably informed by Democrats, the WEF, and all the other evangelists of The Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse that wind turbines are a necessary part of a net zero world without petroleum. Yet these giant bird cuisinarts require petroleum products, and lots of it. You know, there just might be a possibility that the hustlers getting rich from the wind energy scam haven’t been completely honest with us.

That said, a turbine collapsing like this must be an extremely rare event, right? Uh, no.

A tower in Fleming, about a dozen miles southwest of Peetz, collapsed in 2022.


A favorite old fishing pier of mine on the Texas coast used to provide little red wagons onto which visitors could load their coolers and fishing gear. Because of the salt air, those wagons rapidly corroded and rusted, and the moving parts didn’t move very well unless the wagons were new.

It is comical to think that we are now putting wind turbines, with all their complicated electrical parts and moving pieces, directly into the ocean where they get washed in salt water spray…

…if the rough seas even allow installation in the first place.

“World’s largest offshore wind farm delayed by bad weather” {Independent – 02/08/2024]

The plant is expected to be powering around six million homes per year by 2026 – but has been hit by bad weather.

Bad weather in the North Sea? What an unexpected event. It must be climate change.


A massive solar farm outside of Houston was destroyed by hail. Not only was that valuable farm and ranch land already diverted from productive agricultural use, but it is now at risk of being poisoned by the chemicals in the solar panels that were destroyed.

Solar Field Destroyed Texas.JPG
“Hail Storm Destroys Thousands of Solar Panels In Texas” [Daily Caller – 2/26/2024]

The solar panels could be made of a chemical compound called cadmium telluride, a toxic substance that if in contact with a human could cause kidney, lung, gastrointestinal, heart and skin problems, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH)’s National Library of Medicine. The substance is listed as an “Irritant” and an “Environmental Hazard” by the NIH.

It must have been a rare “500-year” hailstorm produced by climate change. Or maybe, having glass panels facing the sky in the hail-belt is a really bad idea.


Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the Net Zero / Clean Energy movement is the passion that these “green” zealots now have for despoiling nature, and their religious embrace of sacrificing majestic creatures such as eagles and whales in service to their angry climate God. We all chuckle at the joke that “You are the carbon they wish to eliminate,” but with the climate movement now embracing whale and eagle killing, it is not a stretch to consider just where their zeal for carbon-elimination will lead.

Those of us on the right who understand that Earth and its creatures were provided by God for us to use and to be responsible stewards, are now having to protect the environment from “environmentalists.”

This is heartening news coming out of another Canadian prairie province:

“Alberta to ban renewables on ‘prime’ land and preserve ‘pristine viewscapes’” [Guardian – 02/28/2024]

Alberta will block renewable energy projects on “prime” agricultural land and limit the placement of wind turbines to preserve “pristine viewscapes”, a decision that increasingly pits the western Canadian province against environmental groups pushing green energy – and the companies investing in it.

Ponder the magnitude of that sentence. The “environmental groups pushing green energy” want millions of pounds of concrete poured into prime prairie lands, they want windmills despoiling the vistas, and they wants tens of thousands of migratory birds killed, all to produce zero kw of reliable electricity.

If killing whales in service to energy production is a good thing, maybe we should bring back the whaling boats to Nantucket. Or even better, let’s just stop killing whales – again – and use petroleum products instead.

“Right-wing groups sue US over offshore wind impact on whales” [Reuters – 3/18/2024]

Three right-wing groups sued the Biden administration on Monday over its approval of a wind project off the coast of Virginia, alleging it failed to consider the facility’s impacts on endangered whales.The federal lawsuit filed by the Heartland Institute, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and National Legal and Policy Center seeks to stop the construction of Dominion Energy Inc’ Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project pending a new federal analysis of risks to the North Atlantic right whale by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Protecting forests and planting trees to save the planet is your grandmother’s old-fashioned 20th Century environmentalism. 21st Century environmentalists understand that to save the planet you must destroy the planet first, ideally by razing forests and replacing them with steel and concrete wind farms.

“Fury in Germany as 120k trees in fairytale forest felled to make way for wind farm” [Express – 3/08/2024]

Conservationists in Germany are incensed as 120,000 trees in an ancient forest have started to be felled in order to make way for a wind farm.The forest in Sababurg, Reinhardswald, which is in the central German state of Hesse, is said to be an inspiration for the Brothers Grimm mythical tales, but now it’s being destroyed to facilitate the country’s latest green energy project.

The environmental movement as hijacked by the climate cult is reaching its “Jim Jones in Guyana” phase. We on the right must protect the planet – and life on it – from the death and destruction that these cultists are trying to impose.

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Its all a scam every bit of it a fraud, they arent even seeking new technologies that would work with todays energy demands just telling you to live with less. Ya been there did that, let let the Carter era of sweaters be a reminder.

More stupidity.

8 States Now Say Complete Ban on Gas-Powered New Car Sales Coming

The EV experiment has failed. Like the gender confused, we are being fed more and more propaganda that common sense tells us is foolish.
Green energy will not replace what they refer to a fossil fuels.

Seems there’s a whole lot of policy based on mythology/magical thinking lately.
I just was reading about how many prisons and schools and businesses are going into “lockdown” because of a 2 hour shadow.
The eclipse seems to scare prison guards, school principals, even sales managers.
Why prevent people from going outside to watch?

If those Eco-Freaks were really serious they would oppose Wind Turbines and Solar Panels but their only interested in Big Headlines and being on some fake news program

NO outrage over dead whales or birds. NONE.

All those acres of land covered in Solar Panels no room for the Wildlife Where’s Greenpeace to oppose this?

Corruption Is Treason

comment image

The Western societies should not be worrying about politics, they should be worrying about survival. The globalist elite are not pushing their policies on Middle-Eastern, African or Asian societies, they are focused on the West. The reason, I believe, is that the West has allowed their people to have a say in government and if there is to be a world government, that has to be abolished.

It is much easier to command people than convince them, especially in a world where the truth can be so easily researched as it can now. The globalist/communists have seized upon the idea of climate change for that very purpose. It claims as its biggest threat, a tiny bit of the atmosphere that is colorless and odorless and have conflated that as the end of all mankind if left to grow. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is derived, to some degree, from human activity, though a miniscule amount of it. Most of the CO2 is produced by natural emissions, volcanoes introduce more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of human activity ever has. One eruption is greater than all human activity. Yet, it’s the human contribution that must be eliminated, not volcanoes.

When you look into it, it isn’t because human activity can destroy the planet, but it does coincide quite nicely with the goals of the globalist/communists to maximize control over human activity. The absurdity of their arguments, I thought, would keep them from achieving their goals, but I was mistaken. The absurdity of their arguments only meant they had to enlist the governments and international organizations who rule over the people and buying off politicians and scientists is much easier to accomplish than convincing people that electric vehicles, powered by coal-fired power plants, somehow achieve zero emissions.

The one true clean energy is natural gas, but they are against that, too. Why? That’s the question they are never able to answer. Natural gas produces next to nothing in emissions, but because it can only be obtained by drilling a seven-inch hole in the ground, tens of thousands of feet deep, it must be excluded. Have you ever seen a picture of a lithium mine? It’s strip mining, gouging out hundreds of acres. Or, the lithium has to be leached from brine. This means pumping the brine out into pits and leaching the lithium from it by evaporation. It still requires acres and acres of land to build leach fields and they obtain a small amount of the needed lithium. This compares to a seven-inch hole and makes absolutely no sense.

Even if electric vehicles were powered only by solar or wind power, the required amount of mined lithium to build the batteries would make it more dangerous to the planet in forms of pollution and disposal than anything CO2 could possibly accomplish.

It’s not the issue of electric vehicles or batteries or wind turbines that is at question here, it’s the ability of a government to get behind the ridiculous endeavor and mandate it based on previously passed laws concerning the environment and legislation to prevent pollution. That’s exactly what Biden has done, using the EPA, designating CO2 as a pollutant, which is the same as designating nitrogen as a pollutant, even though the EPA cannot show CO2 is a pollutant, they just designate it as such from information produced by bought-off scientists who can only obtain grants by the government, i.e. the EPA, if they support their claim. It doesn’t matter, the question is, how to legally obtain it, not whether it should be obtained.

MIT published a pro-clean energy piece on mining lithium. If you read between the lines, it’s a classic example and you will understand that the creation of the batteries needed to come even close to the demand, once gas-powered vehicles are outlawed, is much more dangerous to the planet than the current system using oil, gas and coal. They rely on the ability to recycle lithium from used batteries to justify their mining scheme, but they never mention that we can’t even recycle plastic bottles, much less batteries. They also never mention the cost per horse power achieved, electric vs gasoline or diesel or how much more it takes to generate a kilowatt hour that then must be stored in batteries.

They don’t have to worry about any of their predictions coming true, because it’s the oil, gas and coal industries they’re trying to destroy. No one can give me a satisfactory reason for it, except that electric vehicles are a lot more expensive, a lot fewer people would be able to afford it, which drives them into public transportation and depletes their disposable incomes to where they are forced into some form of public housing.

Again, it’s not the issue of clean energy, it’s the issue of control. When you realize the level of stupidity that goes into these decisions, you realize it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. It all simply comes down to corruption of government to control people. That’s why I’ve been fighting so hard to expose government corruption and willing to look at government a new way, a different way, one much different than what we do now. One way is to reduce the sphere of influence by reducing the size of the political unit.

Corruption is treason. The only way to deal with corruption is the same way one might deal with treason. This works, if one is intent on correcting the system, but since no one is interested in correcting the political system of the United States, one is forced to look for new systems where corruption is dealt with as severely as treason.

People are people and will always look to corrupt what they cannot control. The minute the people are in control, there are those who seek to corrupt the system and take it out of their control. That’s the eternal struggle in a free society. Freedom has to be sustained with harsh consequences for corruption.

China produces far more electric cars than everyone else combined. biden has green lighted china dominance by mandating EV over gas powered engines. As little as they care about the environment, they are already freaking out about what to do with those old batteries. They have not come up with a solution. The environmental disaster produced by discarded lithium batteries may eventually be worse than all of the others that mankind has produced combined.

Its all a scam part of the 2030 agenda, they are already forcing elderly in the UK to sell their homes to make room for illegal gimmiegrants. Just evil.

Just amazing the tyranny of the minority.

4000 new hate speech reports have Scotland police very busy, its like real crime isnt important.

Here is a hate crime here in the good ‘ol USA.

Judge Gives Ruling in Missouri Teen Kaylee Gain’s Case; Family Gives Immediate Update Regarding Her Health

comment image
The attacker is the victim you know cause bullying no more sticks and stones.

“Fury in Germany as 120k trees in fairytale forest felled to make way for wind farm” [Express – 3/08/2024]

Now THAT is just the kind of shit you can’t make up. It dawned on me some time back that instead of the fact that there is no way to produce enough materials to produce the number of EV’s to replace the ICE vehicles, the intent is for only a select, elite few are intended to have transportation. Everyone else lives in anthills where you can walk to everything you need, IF you survive the next plague… and then the next.

Now it is dawning on me that the future of the entire planet is only intended to be occupied by the socialist wealthy elite, which will be a paradise once the stench of all the dead, rotting bodies of those that didn’t make the cut subsides. AI robots will produce the goods needed for the elites to survive… until they decide the elites aren’t really needed and the logical thing to do is destroy THEM.

AI like the internet itself had so much potential, then some assholes had to make it commercial and racist.