Friday Night Shenanigans: Jack Smith’s Bid to Muzzle Trump Unraveled


Xitter thread by Julie Kelly:

In a late Fri night/holiday weekend part damage control, part clickbait motion, Jack Smith wants Judge Cannon to prohibit Donald Trump from making “statements that pose a significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger to law enforcement agents participating in the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

His motion, predictably, is filled with distortions, omissions, and misrepresentations.

Smith gave short shrift to how 30 FBI agents were instructed to prepare for the 9-hour raid.

This is how Smith described the FBI op order:

Smith purposely omitted key details of the order–which, of course, Judge Cannon has.

Smith omitted that agents were instructed to bring “Standard Issue Weapon, Ammo, Handcuffs.”

He also omitted that the order instructed agents to have their “Badge and Credentials (concealed).”

Smith left out that agents brought “medium and large sized bolt cutters.”

Smith crucially omitted instructions related to how agents should handle Secret Service.

Screenshot shows how Smith described it.

But this is from the FBI op order: Should USSS provide resistance or interfere with FBI timeline or accesses, FBI…will engage with USSS [point of contact.]

And as far as Mar-a-Lago staff, here is what FBI op order included:

“Should MAL Guest Reception be unwilling to provide a list of occupied guest rooms, FBI Search Team will knock on each guest room door to determine occupation status. FBI will request a map, list of rooms and skeleton key/card for all rooms from MAL staff. An FBI [investigator] with lock-picking equipment will be on scene.”

Defense now can file responses that not only call out Smith’s distortions in the motion but perhaps compel more discovery related to the raid. And Cannon could very well schedule a hearing on the quasi-gag order request that will backfire on Smith. Really stupid move.

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How shining a little light on this corrupt enterprise reveals a mountain of corruption is nothing but amazing.

All of this raid was nothing more than an attempt to sway two Trump employees, a valet and another man, to “turn on Trump,” and give Jack smith something, anything to “get Trump,” with.
They knew they had nothing because there were copies of EVERYTHING Trump took on the hands of the feds already.
They were looking to threaten these two men with lawfare, to bankrupt them, if they didn’t give Smith something ELSE, something they didn’t have and doesn’t exist.
It didn’t work.
So, now what?
All these machinations to run down the clock, hoping Trump couldn’t “walk and chew gum,” at the same time (fight them all in court AND campaign.)
It all backfired as now Trump seems to be winning in deep blue states as well as in purple states on top of keeping his growing lead in red states.

And Trump doesn’t even have to campaign that much. Every subsequent day of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s disastrous, ruinous, damaging failure of a tenure is a campaign ad for Trump.

Gag orders on defendants in criminal cases are unconstitutional. The defendant has a right to challenge his prosecution. The gag order by the corrupt judge in NY is unconstitutional. A gag order here would also be unconstitutional.

It appears the August 8, 2022 raid on Mar A Lago was completely unnecessary. So the entire stunt was politically motivated to smear President Trump.

America First Legal’s (AFL) Stephen Miller just dropped a massive bomb on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of President Trump.

On Thursday, Miller first teased that the conservative legal organization had “obtained a secret document via litigation against DOD that blows Jack Smith’s bogus ‘case’ against President Trump apart.”

Minutes later, AFL posted a lengthy thread on X, detailing a “secret Obama memo on presidential records which shows that Jack Smith is the one subverting the law.” According to AFL, Obama’s directive, “which legally binds DOJ, vests POTUS with sole authority to determine which records are his.”

While Obama’s executive order was released to the public, AFL wrote that “it doesn’t tell the whole story.”

Seven posts into the thread, the legal organization wrote that it was releasing “a never-before-public memo from the White House confirming the DOD has been ‘operating and maintaining the information resources and information systems provided to the President, Vice President, and Executive Office of the President (EOP).’”

AFL wrote that the purpose of the system, called the Presidential Information Technology Community (PITC), was “to ensure that presidents could store their records on DOD servers without losing control.” AFL believes that the federal government “likely possesses a substantial amount, if not all, of President Trump’s classified documents.”

They tampered with evidence. A felony. It happened in the state of Florida against a Florida resident. Everyone involved, including commie POS Smith, should be arrested and charged by Florida authorities. Would it get thrown out because it was a federal case? Maybe, maybe not. The states need to start holding the feds accountable for their lawlessness since there is no longer a federal justice system in this country only a system designed to harass and jail those who oppose the Party. Arresting and prosecuting them for crimes committed against their residents would be a good place to start.

Submit fake evidence tamper with the evidence? Don’t put it past them these lowlife Snakes in a Wagon Rut

Judge Cannon a giant FU to smith, ouch

Jack Smith’s Proposed Gag Order and Nasty Email Exchange with Trump Attorney Todd Blanche Backfires as Judge Cannon Warns Sanctions Could be Next

Jack Smith’s prosecutors are lawless goons. Thankfully Judge Canon has integrity.

Judge Cannon Responds to Jack Smith’s Second Request For Gag Order Against Trump

Judge Aileen Cannon on Sunday responded to Jack Smith’s second request for a gag order against President Trump.

Cannon ordered Trump to respond to Jack Smith’s second motion seeking a gag order by June 14.

Jack Smith has to reply to Trump by June 21.

In another blow to Jack Smith, Judge Cannon won’t likely rule on his second gag order until late June.

Jack Smith on Friday filed a motion seeking another gag order on Trump related to his statements on law enforcement over the Biden DOJ’s deadly force policy during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Armed FBI agents were prepared to confront Trump at Mar-a-Lago according to previously unsealed documents.

The FBI had a medic on the scene and identified a local trauma center for anyone “injured” during the FBI raid.

Trump exercised his First Amendment right on Saturday and doubled down on his assertion that Biden’s DOJ authorized the use of deadly force against him.

comment image

Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump is indefinitely postponed.

The truth is a dangerous thing when all your power rests on lies.

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Judge shoots down effort to take Trump-appointed judge off documents case | Fox News

An organized campaign to remove the Federal Judge overseeing the classified documents case points to a clear nexus of corruption and attempt to defraud, undermine our Republic, disenfranchise and deny millions of Americans their right to vote for whoever they choose. Who is responsible for organizing these efforts? Funding? Are foreign actors involved? What connections exist between the efforts to remove the Federal Judge overseeing the documents case the other court cases waged against Trump? How is the Federal government involved? Why is the Press looking the other way? Follow the breadcrumbs and they all lead to Biden. Congress needs to get to the bottom of this mess before it is too late. Accountability is needed or the Republic will end and freedom will disappear.

Obviously, the left expects every court case against Trump to be run like they are in New York, where there is a judge that allows a prosecutor to do anything they want, violate any rule, right, process or law in order to “GET BAD ORANGE MAN.” When a normal judge, one that sets asides their own opinions and applies the LAW as it is written, they absolutely hate it.

The media is totally complicit with the left’s fascist lawfare campaign. The media is the primary culprit in all of this for if they did their job honestly, no one could get away with what the left is trying to do.