FRENCH LEFTISTS PROTEST TRUMP After ISIS Supporting Terrorist Attacks Soldiers on Louvre


Jim Hoft:

On Friday an ISIS-supporting Islamist attacked French soldiers at the Lourve in Paris with a machete.
The terrorist was identified as a 29-year-old Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy, an Egyptian immigrant who just entered the country last month.

Abdullah Reda al-Hamamy was screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he knifed an officer on his way inside the historic art museum.
He arrived in Paris late last month.

The Islamic terrorist was carrying a satchel full of paint bombs to destroy historic paintings in the Louvre.

On Saturday French leftists and Muslims protested — DONALD TRUMP!
They were angry at the US president for temporarily banning travel from terror regimes.

Western liberals are living in their own make believe world.

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Whats the french words for Liberal and Useful Idiots?

Just think if he’d been able to pass himself off as a tourist.
He could have destroyed priceless works of art.
Is that what it will take?
How about a newsroom invaded and reporters murdered?
No, wait, Charlie Hebdo was close to that and it didn’t phase them.
Remember Belsan?
The Russians lost about 150 CHILDREN.
They won’t be forgetting that soon.
Is that what it will take?