Former Employees Reveal Fani Willis’s Extreme DEI Training: Forced to Associate ‘White’ with ‘Bad’, Judges Ranked on Skin Color


by Wendell Husebø

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis subjected her employees to mandatory race training, forcing the entire office to rate “Black” or “White” skin colors as either “Good” or “Bad,” according to training slides and video exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.

“If you didn’t participate in the quiz, you got fired,” a source exclusively told Breitbart News about Willis’s policy.

Sources who shared the race training with Breitbart News wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution due to their direct knowledge of the “corrupt” and “hostile work environment” inside the District Attorney’s Office.

Sources described the race training as a directive straight from Willis, “[who] injected racism [into the office] from the second she got hired.” Willis won election in 2020 and is up for reelection this November. In 2021, she began probing former President Donald Trump.

Dubbed an “implicit bias test,” a Harvard website generated the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” slides that made some sources feel ashamed of being white employees.

“Willis had some guy be live for roughly eight hours,” a source said. “He was a former member of Obama’s White House.”

The training suggested the United States was founded on the sins of white men and the slaughter of native Americans, one source described. “I thought it was so wrong.”

“Willis pulled it off as diversity [training], but it was more so an attack on the race [relations] thing,” a source explained.

One element of the training described by a source was a slide test where users had to choose to move an image of a “white” person to a block that said “bad” in order to complete the program:

It had a word on the left, and it’s a box, a word on the left, a word on the right, and an image. I needed to connect the image to one side, which determines your bias. Until you said that the ‘White’ guy was ‘Bad’ it wouldn’t let you move on.

It said ‘White Bad’ on one side of ‘Black Good’ on the other and an image of a person came up and if you didn’t drag it to the “White Bad” category — the white man pops up in the middle — If you couldn’t pass the test. They put an X in it and it won’t let you move on.

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Screenshot Provided to Breitbart News

Breitbart News also obtained a race training video that ranked the “most racist judges,” as described by a source with knowledge of the training. The video, which played during the race training session, mentioned Florida, not Georgia, and used statistics not based on Fulton County data. It also spoke about judges being partisans, although judges in Georgia run unaffiliated.

The audio of this clip has been muted to protect the identity of the source who provided it.

Video Transcript:

You’re set to appear before a judge, but you don’t know who. Your best bet would be for the judge to be black and and male. Black male judges sentenced black defendants ten percent less time in lockup than whites, according to 12 years of criminal data compiled by court clerks.

But if that black male judge is Republican, that thinking shifts. No groups sentenced blacks to more time, compared to whites, than black Republican judges. Sixty-nine percent more time, to be exact.

Black female judges are the fairest. They sentence blacks and whites to the same amount of time. But black female judges are also the harshest. They send away both black and whites for far longer than any other member group.

But what are the odds of getting a black judge? They’re not in your favor. Only 28 of the more than 450 judges who preside over serious criminal cases in Florida are black. So the judge would probably be white. If it’s a white male, you can expect 20 percent more time in lockup than a white defendant. If it’s a white female, you can expect ten percent more time.

Politics also come into play. Republican judges sentence blacks 21 percent more time in lockup than whites. Democratic judges sentence blacks to 70 percent more time.

The allegations of extremist training on racial issues are the latest revelation in the DA Willis scandal. Multiple sources exclusively told Breitbart News that Nathan Wade, Willis’s one-time lover and fellow Trump prosecutor, was a key decision-maker on which employees to hire or fire in the DA’s office following her election victory in November 2020.

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Racism is imbedded in the DNC and all prominent Democrats. Racism is policy, just like it was for southern Democrats after the Civil War. If you aren’t racist or won’t be racist, you have no place in the Democrat family.

They had to imbed a WH lawyer on her team because she is a stupid as we all saw when she was on the stand.
How did someone that stupid graduate from law school? Maybe it was a gimme because she is fat and black.

Affirmative action. She’s an entitled idoit.

Sue her and all involved for creating a hostile work environment.

As is usually the case when accusing Democrats, it seems most fear for their lives and won’t come forward.