Forget the Vaccine – Let’s Blame Teens’ Colorectal Cancers on Video Games and Avocado Toast!


by Jeff Childers

Fortune confirmed a tragic trend in a woefully unsurprising article headlined, “Why have colorectal cancers tripled in teens and jumped by 500% in kids?” Haha, of course the article never answers that headline question

First it came for the young adults. Back in January, young adults reeled from a surge in colorectal cancers, as the horrifying disease topped causes of death for men under 50, and surged to second place in working-age women. Now don’t laugh, but scientists blame the sudden metastatic spike on obesity and alcohol consumption. Headline from Fortune, in January:

Most doctors nowadays couldn’t find their colorectums using both hands and a flashlight. Take a look at this paragraph from the article headlined above. Note the unexpectedly honest date range:

image 5.png

Gosh. A trend researchers first noted in 2021? What could have happened to working age adults in 2021? According to Fortune, they suddenly got fatter and started drinking more, that’s what. And more than any other cohort. (And, somebody tell San Fransisco know, sinceright now overpaid nurses dressed as waitresses are pouring free beers for bums. I bet they don’t tip well.)

If drinking too much is somehow causing colorectal cancers in young adults, what will doctors claim now about the new under-18 group? The younger kids are drinking too much? Fortune explained that adolescent colorectal cancer rates (kids between 10 and 14 and teens from 15 to 19) have skyrocketed by five times and three times, respectively.

As usual, the study authors were paralyzed at the 2020 data cutoff, for some reason, and only analyzed cancer rates between 1999 to 2020. But we all know why the article is appearing now.

We can observe some interesting things about the proffered theories of cancer causation. All the theories — obesity, lifestyle, drunkenness — they all blame cancer victims for making bad choices. It’s not pharma! Or government! Or big food! You did it to yourselves.

Surmounting Everest-high peaks of hypocrisy, the very same public health professionals who always instantly squeal “correlation doesn’t equal causation” like hungry pigs whose trough just got bumped over whenever someone tries to attribute a new adverse event to a vaccine, turned around and did that exact same thing when blaming kids for getting cancer more often. It’s downright vexing.

It feels worse than hypocrisy. Through repeated overuse defending mega-profitable vaccines, public health professionals showed they clearly understand the correlation-causation fallacy. They’re the first ones to arrogantly invoke logic, whenever it’s needed to dismiss a painful new adverse event cropping up right after introducing a profitable new drug. But then they turn right around and wield the correlation-causation fallacy like a club, battering unsuspecting cancer victims with wholly unproven causative-agent theories.

The current public health establishment is critically underqualified. Maybe we should fire them all and start over.

Remember, the jabs were definitely not gene therapies; that’s misinformation. But another new study poking a hole in that exhausted refrain appeared this month in the journal Methods and Protocols, titled “Methodological Considerations Regarding the Quantification of DNA Impurities in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Comirnaty®.

image 6.png

According to the researchers, it turns out that Pfizer may have slightly under-reported the amounts of DNA contamination in its magic spike protein elixirs. Behold my shocked face: . And by slightly under-reported, I mean by orders of magnitude. Their conclusion included the alarming determination that contaminant DNA enters patients’ cells. In the study authors’ own words:

The available information and data indicate that the ready-to-use mRNA vaccine Comirnaty contains DNA impurities that exceed the permitted limit value by several hundred times and, in some cases, even more than 500 times, and that this went unnoticed because the DNA quantification carried out as part of batch testing only at the active substance level appears to be methodologically inadequate when using qPCR.

Further, DNA impurities in Comirnaty® are apparently integrated into the lipid nanoparticles and are thus transported directly into the cells of a vaccinated person, just like the mRNA active ingredient. What this means for the safety risks, particularly the possible integration of this DNA into the human genome, i.e., the risk of insertional mutagenesis, should be a secondary focus of the discussion required, which must go far beyond what could have been considered years before the so unexpected introduction of mRNA pharmaceuticals into the global market.

Haha, “unexpected introduction of mRNA” into the global market. Nice one. Unexpected is one way of putting it.

See, what you really don’t want in a vaccine is a cellular delivery system for random bacterial DNA. What could go wrong? One thing that could go wrong is cancer, or ‘oncogenesis’ in public health’s dialect.

But forget about contamination! Follow the science. Let’s keep looking at obesity and alcohol consumption instead. Except in downtown San Fransisco, that is, where the government-funded booze train must keep trundling down the addiction tracks.

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Deaths fort he Vaccine?! How else will they reduce the Human Population over Ehrlich and his shoddy Science

“…Microplastics (which result from the breakdown of plastics), for example, have been shown to cause physiological changes in the gut that can increase the risk of CRC, especially in those under 50. Several research studies have shown that microplastics can reduce the thickness of the mucus lining in our intestine, thereby reducing its barrier function. This could increase access of pathogenic bacteria and toxins to the inner layer of the colonic mucus, potentially increasing the risk of CRC. Interestingly, the authors point out an association between the time when plastic use infiltrated our daily lives, and the risk of CRC.

“In the U.S., adults have been estimated to ingest between 39,000 and 52,000 particles of microplastics annually, and an additional 90,000 particles if they drink bottled water. 

“While plastics are biochemically inert, plasticizers used in their processing may be the source of the biological impact. Their resilience and stability has led to the environmental accumulation of plastics across our planet and they are now a part of the human food chain…”

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

VIDEO: Biden Slurs Incoherently While Speaking About Electric Car Charging Stations

You do realize MRNA vaccine resulted from a Trump administration crash development program, right? Mass COVID vaccination was their baby.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

Vote to force Israel arms shipments scares the hell out of democrats.

Last edited 11 days ago by TrumpWon

Israel-Hamas war would ‘probably already been over’ if Trump were president, Sen. Tom Cotton says

…”President Trump said just last night that he would absolutely provide Israel with the weapons they need to finish the job,” Cotton said. “This would have never happened on President Trump. Trump’s watch. It didn’t happen on his watch. And if he were president, this war would have probably already been over with much less civilian suffering in Gaza because he would have backed Israel to the hilt from the beginning.”…

What would “finishing the job” look like, Tom? The body count in Gaza is presently around 35,000.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

BIDEN BORDER BLOODBATH: Illegal Alien From El Salvador Murders West Virginia Woman by Lighting Her on Fire

Nothing but blood on Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s hands. What a scumbag.


Biden didn’t take office until January 20, 2021.

“…As of January 2021, five of the six OWS vaccine companies had started commercial scale manufacturing. OWS officials reported that as of January 31, 2021, companies had released 63.7 million doses—about 32 percent of the 200 million doses that, according to OWS, companies with EUAs have been contracted to provide by March 31, 2021. Vaccine companies face a number of challenges in scaling up manufacturing to produce hundreds of millions of doses under OWS’s accelerated timelines…” 

Mass vaccination was the Trump Administration’s creation.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

Not for healthy, young people, all the way down to kindergarten.

Yes, it was and the first doses had to be kept very cold, Trump as President pulled every string for what he was made to believe needed to get the cure out, masks, PPE, extra bed space, ventilators. NASA was even tasked.
You wanted to deny healthcare for those that were not jabbed.
Many were taken in by the Scarf lady, Fauchi and the VP who was in charge Mike Pence.
Dont think we have forgot, Fauchis evil, the gain of function, the beagles, the death protocol. The 5 democrat Governors that put infected in with our elderly most likely to die from the weapon they developed.
Dont think we will forgive.

It never would have happened if Trump had been President. This is just another of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s contributions to the world.

Hamas just readjusted those numbers, greg.

Almost all of those killed were hamas fighters.
Their human shields account for 7,700 children and 4,900 women.
Those are the women and “children.”
Since we count as children any male under the age of 18 and Hamas includes as soldiers males from age 15 up, there’s a huge dispute as to whether any actual non-combatant children have died at all.
Also this death total makes no distinction between those killed by their own bombs falling short vs IDF’s attacks.

Yes but held until Biden got elected, the clot shot. Biden fired 7K troops for refusing the experimental gene therapy kill shot.
I dont know if the length if shut down would have been the same economy killer.

Last edited 11 days ago by kitt

Mass COVID vaccination was their baby.

So says the fuckwit that wanted to end all Constitutional rights for those of us who refused the jab. Humanity, don’t you know?

Of course, Comrade Greggie will deny that was the case, the the internet has a long, LONG memory.

It was biden, the pedophile who showered with his daughter who mandated the jab, not Trump.

Trump had his COVID and booster shot.


And Biden stopped monoclonal antibody the stuff A famous quarterback used and never got the covid.

This treatment is now being developed to cure cancer.

Last edited 11 days ago by kitt

Trump got covid, which told many the shots were not worth the risk.

YOU do realize it wasn’t intended for health people without risk factors, right? It was FORCED upon young, healhy people that had NO reason to take it to plump up Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s kickbacks..


…What we probably do not see on our timelines is that infertility is a real and growing issue which affects approximately 1 in every 6 couples who hope to conceive. In fact, the worldwide fertility rate has been decreasing at a rate of nearly 1% per year from 1960 through 2018. 

Recent studies have revealed a hidden and often tiny villain behind this infertility crisis: plastics. Specifically, micro and nanoplastics, which range from a little larger than a sesame seed to the size of a virus in your body. These plastic particles alone are not the only issue, as their toxicity is amplified by the hormone disrupting chemical additives, such as phthalates or bisphenol A (BPAs), which leach out of them… 

(99% of all plastics are made from fossil fuels. An industry-funded disinformation campaign will soon be underway.)

Joe Biden Announces Tariffs on Non-Existent Products from Non-Existent Origination Country – Here’s Why

Why the fake recycling programs sending it to Asia to end up in the ocean?

Much of the cancers are highly processed foods that the FDA allows.

Get a life you Moron

Sure, it could be all the sedentary lifestyles, all the low fiber diets, all the microplastics, and all the covid shots filled with spike proteins.
But I’m going to add all the newly accepted/encouraged anal sex to that mix.
The younger the population, the higher is their collective acceptance of all manner of sexual perversions.
I think this might really be a confluence of bad habits that, put together, do lower our population birth rate, just as planned by our elite/globalists.

Over vaccination, seed oils developed to be lubricants and fuel, lies about of eggs whole milk and meat and lard.

Last edited 11 days ago by kitt

They better get used to it if they are going to support Democrats. That’s all they’ll be getting from the government.