Flashback: Obama: We can absorb another 9-11 attack


Washington is reveling this week in one of its oldest traditions – dissecting a Bob Woodward book that analyzes the sitting president. While much focus will be given to what one senior official said about another senior official, there is real news that deserves the bulk of the attention. Specifically, President Barack Obama’s shocking statement to Woodward that “we [America] can absorb another terrorist attack.”

He goes on to say: “We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever…we absorbed it and we are stronger.”

This statement demonstrates our Commander-in-Chief’s cavalier and frightening approach to national security, which apparently is based in the notion our country will ultimately “absorb” terrorist attacks, rather than prevent them.

Of course, America is a strong and vibrant nation that has proven it can recover from our darkest hours and valiantly defend our freedom. But there is no excuse to accept a situation where we put the lives of innocent Americans at risk. What city or state is the president willing to let “absorb” another attack? Los Angeles? New York? Washington?

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