Fisman’s Fraud Exposed: The Untold Story of the COVID Vaccine Scam


by David Solway

“But wrong as it is to push false narratives that glorify vaccines’ benefits, the concerted and institutionalized effort to conceal their harms is a much greater offense.” 

Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth”

“Science cannot survive in a society that does not value truth and strive to discover it.” 

Martin Kulldorff

In her 2023 blockbuster “Fisman’s Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science,” Dr. R.N. Watteel outed the medical, media, academic, and political proponents of a prodigiously fraudulent Canadian study using the “follow-the-science” meme to justify discrimination and hate against the unvaccinated.

After Justin Trudeau’s Freedom Convoy debacle and his unwarranted invocation of the Emergencies Act, in which he acted like a vicious and unrepentant tyrant, the prime minister, she writes, “was in desperate need of science and justification for his [vaccine] mandates, so in came Fisman and his colleagues… What Fisman does is, he concocts…a model to simulate fake data that show the opposite of what the real data show,” claiming that “it’s the unvaccinated who have higher COVID-19 rates… and should be forbidden their Charter mobility rights.” The study is entirely counterfeit and should be regarded as criminal.

The parody of objective science practiced by our perverse medical “experts” has become the current operating procedure in what we might call the great CoVax scam. According to The Epoch Times on Feb. 23, 2024, Health Canada authorities suppressed vital information about a ”high level of impurity” and “frameshifting” issues in the vaccines that could produce autoimmunity problems, that is, the immune system attacking itself.

The National Human Genome Research Institute explains the phenomenon of frameshifting: “If a mutation disrupts this normal reading frame, then the entire gene sequence following the mutation will be incorrectly read. This can result in the addition of the wrong amino acids to the protein and/or the creation of a codon that stops the protein from growing longer.” Analogically, one can imagine reading a novel only to find the middle chapters missing. The story ceases to make sense.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Kevin McCairn, among the many adverse effects of these so-called vaccines, “mRNA technology used in the COVID jabs is causing the same ‘frame shifting’ that prior research indicates leads to harmful prion production.” To make matters worse, (similarly named) Kevin McKernan, CEO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics, finds that DNA fragments in the vaccines can integrate precariously into the DNA itself, “interrupting the cells genetic stability and integrity, increasing cancer risk,” another form of frameshifting.

Mass-produced DNA is the template for the mRNA vaccine and is packaged into lipid nanoparticles delivered straight into the cells for use in vaccination. “Small errors” and “insufficient clearance” can lead to hazardous results. Molecular virologist David Speicher has shown that the amount of DNA in the mRNA vaccine vials is higher than the FDA’s allowable threshold of 10 nanograms per vaccine dose.

It would seem the practitioners of jazz science and their political overseers have much to answer for. Their actions are frankly repugnant. There may be honor among thieves and solidarity among criminals, but such qualities have nothing to do with candor, forthrightness, strength of character, medical ethics, and civic responsibility. Plainly, it is not only bad science but immoral conduct that brings the scientific project into disrepute.

For example, we have now learned that two scientists who had worked at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg were secretly fired in 2019 for passing classified information to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. As Michael Bonner, a policy consultant at Atlas Advisors, explains, the Winnipeg lab “is a Level-4 virology lab, where some of the world’s most deadly human and animal viruses are stored and studied.” The scandal has just come to light after Trudeau’s Liberals fought for more than four years to prevent the unredacted documents from being released.

In hiding the truth, the prime minister was no less ethically compromised than the two scientists who broke faith with their professed commitment. In effect, there were two leaks that led to everyone’s harm, the leak of classified data in Winnipeg mirrored by the leak of a toxic substance in Wuhan, and the harm, whether medical or political, was enabled by fraud and secrecy.

Meanwhile, no one has been punished or held to account. Neither has any government or medical official been forced to answer for the travesty. Prime Minister Trudeau is still in power after trying to suppress information. David Fisman continues to roister at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto after tampering with the virological evidence to cook a poisoned dish in order to promote a political swindle. “The magnitude of these crimes is enormous” state the editors of the invaluable study of pharmacological fraud and public deception “Turtles All the Way Down.” The culprits “are in way too deep to ever be able to admit any wrongdoing. They will do whatever is necessary to protect the great vaccine hoax.” And themselves.

The pattern at work is clearly evident in the Fisman scandal. As Dr. Watteel writes, Fisman and his colleagues “conducted fraudulent research, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, then proceeded to present the fabricated results as scientific fact in order to inform government policy seeking to defraud millions of Canadians of basic rights and freedoms.”

Fisman engaged in many interviews, podcasts, and social media exchanges “where he continued to exploit the fraudulent study and defame individuals… casting the unvaccinated as casual spreaders of disease who constitute an unacceptable risk to other people.” The attempt was successful as the public bought into the government’s ostensibly science-backed punitive measures against the unvaccinated and accepted the political narrative that the unvaccinated were the drivers of transmission.

The truth, as is increasingly well known, is very much the opposite. The unvaccinated were right all along. Despite disclaimers by the usual interested suspects, vaccinated individuals tend to be shedders. In the words of a peer-reviewed study from the Open Access journal PLOS Pathogens, it seems highly likely that “vaccinated individuals infected with Delta variants are capable of shedding infectious SARS-CoV-2 and could play a role in spreading COVID-19.”

Additionally, the vaccinated are in peril of adverse reactions, ranging along a wide spectrum of grave outcomes and repercussions. A Jan. 11, 2024 report released by Japan’s Vaccine Issues Study Group, which the legacy press will do everything in its power to debunk, has made the reason for vaccine skepticism abundantly clear. The vaccines have caused “unprecedented side effects [including] 201 types of diseases…which affect every organ without exception.”

There is no doubt any longer that “the spike is toxic,” as is the lipid-nanoparticle delivery system. Nonetheless, innumerable tribes of professional liars are busily at work to convince the public that the spike protein released by the vaccines is safe.

What is equally disheartening, Dr. Watteel bemoans, is “the massive demonstration of social obedience in the face of flimsy, rather contrived evidence.” The electorate is no less responsible for its craven indolence and rote obeisance than is the government and the medical profession for their perpetration of outright lies, industrial-level slander, and gross scientific fraud to establish an “infrastructure for exploitation” in concert with their ideological aims. In the words of Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, it was “just blind obedience to lying bureaucrats who were making panic-inducing proclamations based on very little evidence.”

As Dr. Russell Blaylock writes in a must-read chapter-length essay for the National Library of Medicine (NLM), “Throughout this ‘pandemic’ we have been fed an unending series of lies, distortions and disinformation by the media, the public health officials, medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA and WHO) and medical associations.”

The Canadian organs of communication, the government, the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, and the medical and health institutions were and are equally complicit. One would have thought that by this time the citizenry would have become suspicious of their self-proclaimed experts, political representatives, and ruling elites.

They would have wondered why small shops were going out of business in droves while Costco and Walmart were thriving. They would have asked themselves why they were forced to lock down and self-segregate while BLM demonstrators were permitted to aggregate in the thousands. They would have wondered why their medical and political betters were often spotted maskless, traveling to visit relatives or to vacation in country residences, or flouting the regulations compelling social distancing when they themselves did not enjoy the same exemptions. They might have pondered the CDC’s fluidly changing definitions of “vaccine,” “vaccination,” and “fully vaccinated,” and put their thinking caps on. The more savvy would have asked themselves why President Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers did not apply to members of Congress and their staff.

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When cows get too old (about 17 yrs) to produce large amounts of milk daily, they are killed and replaced by young cows.
when LBJ was president he had already been head of the beef growers association.
Someone under his time there got the bright idea of using a power wash to clean off every bit of meat from dead cows’ bones, including the eyes and brains.
This was the “pink slime” that was added into cheap ground beef.
Everything from commercial tacos and burgers to TV dinners, hot dogs, canned chili and ravioli all had “pink slime added into it.
Prion disease got its big leg up during this time.
Only after LBJ was dead did pink slime get removed from our food supply.

Now, they inject people with prions, knowingly.
Trudeau is an grad of the WEF’s young leaders group so he wants depopulation as much as any of them.