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America is being destroyed intentionally.

The left desires to redefine everything and control everything. They want to make racism, hate, violence, laziness, perversions and pedophilia mainstream while making patriotism, law enforcement, and work ethic denigrated. When they have succeeded, this nation will be done.

City slickers ruin everything.There are reasons for that.

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Yet another in a long line of foreign policy blunders on the part of the biden regime.

Russian military trainers arrive in Niger as African country pulls away from US

Russian military trainers have arrived to reinforce Niger’s air defenses as the west African country pulls away from close cooperation with the US in counterterrorism efforts, turning instead to Moscow for help as it fights Islamist insurgents.

ANOTHER MAJOR BIDEN DISASTER: Niger’s Russian-Backed Military Junta Agrees to Release 1,000 US Soldiers After Biden Promises to Abandon the $100 Million US Airbase in the Country

Another one of Biden’s successes, where he demonstrates his 50 years experience in foreign diplomacy. Hopefully the troops can get out before they meet the fate of Biden’s poor old Uncle Bosey.

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Priorities tell all…you are the tax slave.
We have 8 times as many IRS agents as border guards.
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Nearly 700 Migrants from China Apprehended for Illegally Crossing California Border — in Just One Week

The southern border is not as important as the Ukraine border according to our sociopathic overlords.

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This one is over the top.

Biden Regime Sues Sheetz Convenience Stores for Discrimination ONE DAY After Old Joe’s Embarrassing Botched Photo Op at a Sheetz Gas Station

President Trump is swarmed by supporters at fast food restaurants and bodegas where he spends a long time talking to them and reporters, as happened last Tuesday evening in Harlem.

In contrast, 81 million vote getter Joe Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by total silence, save for one supporter who met him at the door with a hug. Video of Biden’s entrance shows two children and their mother seated, silently watching Biden, with the sound of the in-store music heard quite clearly over the small talk by Biden and the supporter.

There were no cheers, no chants of “Four more years!” Just muzak.

With few supporters to talk to, Biden was in and out in just two minutes according to the pool report.

The very next day the Biden regime sued Sheetz, Inc. for racial discrimination because the company WON’T HIRE FELONS!
That sounds racist?

The Biden administration used the chain for a photo op fail on April 17th – Then sued the company on April

According to the lawsuit, Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.

Biden Regime Sues Sheetz Convenience Stores for Discrimination ONE DAY After Old Joe’s Embarrassing Botched Photo Op at a Sheetz Gas Station

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So, hiring practices that are designed to keep the workplace safe for employees and the overall environment safe for customers should not be a consideration for employment by Sheetz.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is the sheetz.

This is what happens when a dictator takes revenge against any opponent. This action is no different than what murderous dictatorships have done around the world throughout history.

The obama regime was famous for frivolous lawsuits against their political enemies