Fewer Americans describe themselves as Democrats


A new Gallup Poll finds fewer Americans self-identify as Democrats today than did in 2008. That’s potentially bad news for President Obama’s 2012 re-election bid, as many of the declines occurred in states he carried in 2008.

According to Gallup, in 2010 every state and the District of Columbia had fewer residents describing themselves as Democrats or identifying as independent voters who leaned Democratic. Some of the biggest declines occurred in swing states that helped Obama claim the presidency in 2008, including Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Colorado and Indiana.

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What is happening is people (voters) are realizing the kind of “change” (socialist) that Obama had in mind while he was campaigning. Democrats’ philosophy is nowadays not even the kind that was evident when JFK was president. Today’s brand of Obama Democrats are outright left-wing Socialists. Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father”, mentions his mentor, as a young man, named Frank Marshall (a member of the Communist party).

All of a sudden people read, hear and experience what Obama really is; and Obama has no way to bring these voters back once they find out about Obama because as youngsters and young adults WE learned that both Socialism and Communism was bad all during the Cold War and afterward. American’s have a great disdain for all things Socialist and Communist — and therefore a great disdain for Obama.

Indeed, if you want to learn from a true American patriot, read about President Ronald Reagan. I think most Americans agree that this is the ideal of a man embodied in the U.S. Constitution. And, remember that Reagan WAS a Democrat who changed and became a Republican.

If I were a Democrat, I would change, too; or at least I would not say that I was a Democrat (Socialist).

To put the Democrats in a whole different perspective.

Instead of bringing themselves up to a higher level, they instead try to bring everyone else down to their low life level. Success/Upstanding is now “demonized” and Failured/Immoral is now somehow “Worthy”.

I feel bad for the ‘party of old’ those who belonged to the party when they were at least fiscally conservative. And still a decent party. The old timer Democrat’s heads must be spinning at what their party has become… self serving, violent, radical and hypocritical…

I left a long time ago and am very opposed to their Agenda. They are literally destroying the American Republic, American Dream, and the Economy. I wonder what will make their frustration with themselves subside?