FBI Whistleblower Says U.S. Gov’t Sees Americans as ‘Primary Enemy’



FBI whistleblower Steve Friend has a warning for Americans: our bloated bureaucracy sees We the People as its “primary enemy.”

Friend is a former FBI agent, a fellow at the Center for Renewing America, and co-host of “American Radicals” podcast. He speaks truths the government would prefer to keep hidden on many platforms, including on Twitter/X.

His internal knowledge of the FBI and government bureaucracy led him to make a chilling comparison on Dec. 3. Hydra Host co-founder Aaron Ginn had noted, “The FBI went to great lengths to track down every grandma and grandpa associated with Jan 6th. In the last two months, we have terrorist sympathizers waving the Palestinian flag and wearing a keffiyeh in our streets and they do nothing.”

Why would that be? Friend had an answer. “The @FBI is wholly focused on targeting political conservatives and Christians for engaging in 1st Amendment protected activities. It is an intelligence gathering agency willing and able to inflict violence to deprive people of their freedom. The FBI is the KGB,” he said, referring to the former Soviet secret police/intelligence.

Friend also responded to a clip of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) supporting ridiculous legislation that would allow illegal aliens to serve in the U.S. military. Because apparently our military isn’t in enough of a crisis — we need individuals who have demonstrated open disregard for our most basic laws to serve too! Friend commented, “Communists inside our government are not destroying the military. They are building one willing to target their primary enemy- Americans. Same goes for the FBI, DOJ, and every other 3-letter agency.”

Another post on Dec. 4 from the Department of Justice (DOJ) featured remarks from Attorney General Merrick Garland at the Convening of the Reproductive Rights Task Force. In the remarks, Garland mourned the Supreme Court decision that overturned the anti-Constitutional Roe v. Wade. Ironically, Garland specifically appealed to “bedrock constitutional principles,” even though the Constitution guarantees a right to life unless deprived by due process of law (which is impossible for unborn babies). Friend pointed out the bloody reality behind Garland’s soapbox grandiloquence, “The DOJ absolutely LOVES murdering babies.” Yes, Democrats are obsessed with depopulation.

One of Friend’s most disturbing revelations was how the FBI persecuted whistleblowers to ensure that it can hide its flagrant abuses from the American people.

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FBI Targeted and Interrogated Catholics Including at least One Priest and a Choir Director – Singled Out Traditional Catholics with Pro-Life, Pro-Family Views as Potential Domestic Terrorists (Video)

The FBI needs to be structurally reformed. Most of the field agents are true to their oath. It is the upper level management that is the main source of the problem.

The FBI won’t pursue BLM/ANTIFA or Hamas supporting thugs because they are Democrat constituents. Only those who are patriotic and support the Constitution (and thus pose a threat to the totalitarian police state) are targeted.