Exposing the Inconsistency in AOC’s Recusal Rants against Justice Thomas


Thread by Mark Paoletta

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should focus on not committing her own ethics violations & not abusing small businesses by stiffing them on fees owed. She should learn law on recusal. For some disturbing reason, she thinks Justice Thomas is too influenced by his wife’s opinions.

The Left had no problem when the liberal judge’s spouse (ACLU chapter head) joined 2 briefs in court below on same-sex marriage ban that came before the husband on appeal. ACLU wanted to strike down ban. Judge didn’t recuse. @AOC, here’s Judge’s explanation.

“[M]y wife and I share many fundamental interests by virtue of our marriage, but her views regarding issues of public significance are her own, and cannot be imputed to me, no matter how prominently she expresses them.”

…“My wife has no ‘interest’ in the outcome of this case that might be substantially affected by its outcome, over and beyond the interest of any American with a strong view concerning the social issues that confront this nation.”

Liberal judicial ethics professor Gillers defended judge:

“[A] spouse’s views and actions, however passionately held and discharged, are not imputed to her spouse, and Judge Reinhardt is not presumed to be the reservoir and carrier of his wife’s beliefs.”

More Professor Stephen Gillers: Judge Reinhardt’s spouse’s

“opinions, views, and public pronouncements of support for the district court decision below do not trigger any reasonable basis to question Judge Reinhardt’s ability to honor his oath of office.”

As this opinion & brief make clear, Ginni Thomas is allowed to express opinions & engage on political matters, including 2020 elections. This does not constitute an “interest” in the case nor basis to require Justice Thomas to recuse on any case re Trump & 2020 elections.

RBG never recused from any case in which her husband’s law firm appeared as counsel for a party or amici. She voted in favor of husband’s firm. No one claimed this created appearance her “impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

Ginni Thomas wasn’t mentioned once in 100% Democrat-appointed J6 Committee 845-page final report, chaired by @BennieGThompson. Her involvement was so minimal & non-objectionable that she was not mentioned in report nor any of the many hearings.

Spare me baseless outrage on made up recusal standard. Ginni Thomas not even involved enough in Jan 6th to be mentioned in J6 report, not a party, not a lawyer, does not have “interest” in case, and no reason to question J. Thomas impartiality. No reason to recuse. The End.

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How about Engoron recusing himself because of his wife’s leftist stupidity?

A Supreme Court Justice should not be accepting gifts worth tens-of-thousands from a billionaire affected by the rulings he makes.

America should not be governed by Trump World rules.

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You mean Sotomayor, right?

AOC, a very dim light bulb. She may have a good rack but her horse teeth are a non starter.