Energy Crisis A Predictable Outcome Of Demonizing The Oil and Gas Industry


by Rex Murphy

Joe Biden the Wise, as history must record him, has recently brought his fabled wit’s lacerating whip to “big oil.”
Thank you, Joseph.
Naturally, the sage of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is enraged beyond simple anger that the price of oil and gas has risen staggeringly, that half of Europe is in a dictator’s energy hammerlock, and that his so-called Middle East allies are rebuking his teary-eyed pleas to increase oil production. [bold, links added]
He is, as the paradoxical idiom has it, “beside himself.”
How little all of this squares with the Aristotle of our time’s first executive decision, his signature move as president, made on his first day in office, to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.
That was the sign and emblem that he was green, and that green was the direction of his incumbency.
Recall in consideration. He was fighting Donald Trump, so not only was not all permitted, all was necessary. “Sauron” Trump was for drilling. So it had to be stopped.
Consider Biden’s nine-point Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution released during his campaign, wherein he promised that:

Day 1 of the Biden Administration is going to be very busy! To immediately make progress on his climate agenda, (I) will take actions including requiring aggressive methane pollution limits for new and existing oil and gas operations; developing rigorous new fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100 percent of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be zero emissions and annual improvements for heavy-duty vehicles; protecting America’s natural treasures by permanently protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other areas impacted by President Trump’s attack on federal lands and waters; and banning new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters. (Italics, mine.)

It is only naysayers and partisan nitpickers who, to use an Al Gore word, bring up this “inconvenient” Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and I am certainly not one of them.
Two years later it should result in the emaciation of the United State’s energy independence and have vastly empowered imperious Vladimir Putin, putting Europe hostage to an autocrat, well, let’s go with the flow — them’s just the breaks.
So here we are. When wise, calm Biden pleads to OPEC and gets shunned, briskly turned down during an inflation-and-energy crisis, and presents to the globe the picture of an American president pleading to autocrats for relief and being rejected, it should charitably be seen not as his lack of foresight, but the cruelty of fate, and perhaps only secondarily the operation of the laws of supply and demand.
Or just maybe the outcome of policies built on air and virtue-signaling, without thought of the realities of societies built on real and secure energy, of which there are some examples here at home.
So the decision to reduce the production of the oil and gas America has, and cancel a source from a secure and neighboring state — that would (sorry, used to) be Canada — is it possible the gods of common sense have taken an unhappy view of it?
Give a dictator reign over the only proven and present source of supply, while subsidizing its fantastical replacements in search of net zero? I offer an axiom: windmills are a dictator’s best friend.
How could any of these policies possibly go wrong?
However, now that the dynamic has changed, the Biden administration — like another government I will shortly come to — has taken a different stance.
Having amputated America’s energy leadership, he is now hurling thunderbolts at the industry he just two years ago deplored, denigrated, and denounced.
Now the same is “profiteers.” Says the sage now, the oil industry “has not met its commitment to invest in America and support the American people.”
They’re not just making a “fair return,” he says, they’re making “profits so high it’s hard to believe.”
Does this square, at all, with the “nine points” plan?
Dear Adam Smith, how did this happen? For is it now an iron law of economics and reality that when stuff is plentiful it costs less, and when it is scarce it costs more.

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Some people think Fossil Fuels are a threat to the Planet Hollywood Pinhead Robert Redford has claimed Fossil Fuels are Cooking the Earth and from someone who did ads for United Airlines(Its Time to Fly)The Anti-Fossil Fuels the Keep it in the Ground idiots should learn to live in a Grass Hut or Cave without Heat of any kind

Every policy of the ignorant left has the same characteristics. The detrimental results are obvious, the leftists are forewarned, but they go right ahead and pursue the stupidity and, Lo! and behold, the predictions of disaster come true.

I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way.
This election we will have the last blood moon for the next 3 years. Shortly thereafter we run out of diesel. Diesel vehicles deliver gas, and every damn thing else. Trains run on diesel, farm equipment runs on diesel. We can take over congress and the senate, its the executive branch that runs the vast leviathan of our bloated lazy government. The head of that branch belongs in a care facility or prison. While China and Europe open coal fire electric plants Dingbat brags about closing them. We had our little tragedy in Texas with failing wind powered systems.

Now joe is distributing $4.5 billion in federal assistance to help lower many Americans’ heating bills this winter!
But joe handing out free heating oil is a cheap Band-aid solution and won’t do a thing to fix inflation caused by joe’s policies.
What joe “forgot,” (OK, he’s brain dead and his puppet master is behind everything) is that, with drop box and mail-in ballots, many votes were already cast so that this gimmicrat act is too-little-too-late.

Eventually, we’ll run out of energy and money… then what?

Maybe we could have 24/7 sunshine and constant gusts of wind @+15mph. That’ll do it

Last weekend, we went to Lubbock for my grandson’s last “Family Day” at Texas Tech. We past miles and miles of windmills… the vast majority of which were idle, with massive oil stains running down from the head. Likewise, most of the pump jacks were idle. Not impressive at all.

24/7 sunshine exists, and the technology to take advantage of it exists, as well.

Sure it does but how exactly do you get the extension cord from the moon?

Hey I’ve got Google earth, so where is this 24/7 sunshine and how do we get it to where it’s needed at reasonable cost? If it’s not also 365 then I doubt you’ll get many investors. With all that education you have this should be an easy one?
Is it left at Utopia and then a right at unobtainium?

Last edited 1 year ago by Mully

joe’s got that covered.
Print more money
people should buy the generic versions.

The top four US petroleum corporations raked in profits totaling $190 Billion in 2022. But they shared your pump-price pain…

You must add up the profits of 4 different companies to demonize them?
In the UK they break into peoples homes to put in prepay meters for heat, wants to fine those burning wood to keep from freezing. Its more expensive to charge an electric car than to buy fuel. How are those sanctions working out for Europe?
Off shore windmills are killing Whales.
Dude you are just stupid.
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Uh, yeah. They were selling to Europe after Russian fossil fuels went offline.

As was planned by both the regime and the companies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Where is all the cheap renewable energy? That should put those greedy bastards out of business. What not enough so lets invest in a losing hopeless war, damn genius!

Where is that promise of idiot Biden to “buy American” when all the solar panels come from China?

So shut up and smile as you bend over at the pump, instead of whining about how terrible it is, and how it’s all Biden’s fault.

Corporate propaganda isn’t education, fool. What you people need is deprograming, and to learn how to educate yourselves.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Tell us, Comrade Greggie, exactly what kind of “green” energy are you using to power your computer with?

What you people need is deprograming

Judas Priest, can you get any more absurd? You just have to show what an idiot you are, don’t you? Buddy, you really need to get some mental health counseling.

That depends. My location is part of the Reliabilty First grid map, which includes coal-fired power stations, wind turbines, and nuclear generating plants up in Michigan. All of these power the RF grid. Energy can also be shifted between grids, when necessary.

It’s not like you can examine a test tube full of electricity and determine where it came from, is it? It isn’t physical stuff that travels from point A to point B.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Spy balloon from China
“Instances of this kind of balloon activity have been observed previously over the past several years. Once the balloon was detected, the US government acted immediately to protect against the collection of sensitive information.”
They shut Joes garage door?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Maybe we should throw spears and shoot arrows at it…

Maybe use a drone to drag it down, vaxx brain.

Not likely. It’s over 6 miles up. Not worth the cost of a rocket. Just give the sky the finger, and you’ve done your patriotic duty.

Rocket? When are drones launched by rocket, peabrain? Is Miley out there pointing to the Chinese where the good stuff is?
Apr 27, 2022 If a military drone were to reach an altitude at or above 50,000 ft (15 km) reaching suborbital altitudes 

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Drones launch rockets.

Ok Sherlock, why not capture the balloon? or put a big ol pin on a drone and pop the balloon, why is our military allowing it to gather information above nuclear facilities? Millley was going to give China a heads up he cant be trusted he is treasonous.
Are they all sitting polishing their nails saying in their best Scarlet voices “Well girls theres a big ol spy balloon floating above a sensitive air base, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”
“This war talk is spoiling the fun at every party this spring.”

It’s a balloon. They’ve got better views of the United States from their low-earth-orbit spy satellites. They’re probably conducting atmospheric studies. Scientists of many nations are concerned about changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists being the smarter people.

Scientists are thinking farther ahead than politicians or profit-oriented CEOs. They’re looking 30, 40, 50, or 100 years ahead, rather than to the next quarterly report, or next election cycle.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

It wasnt reported as a weatherballoon moron they have done this before its a spyballoon and the fags at the pentagon are confused how to get it out of our airspace.

They cant predict a 5 day forecast correctly. Their climate crises hoax is over, looks like Mexico isnt letting them geoengineer any weather there.
You are really spinning on the latest news poor thing you must be so dizzy.
comment image

China is a backwards, thirdworld nation. They do not lead in engineering and science. They cannot innovate, and they are simply a laber-pool for Western Nations.

The chip sector is a good example, as we’ve pulled our techs, machines, and expertise.

As a result, the Chinese chip manufacturing industry is going away.

Scientists being the smarter people.

Thankfully that myth has been dispelled as we watched millions die due to preventable disease, released and made worse by truly STUPID scientists…scientists who don’t seem to understand science.

Last year, a robotic Chinese space vehicle landed on the dark side of the Moon, collected mineral samples, and returned them to the Earth, making a safe landing in Mongolia. They’re on track for a manned lunar landings before 2030, and intend to establish a permanent lunar research station.

Not worth the cost of a rocket. Just give the sky the finger, and you’ve done your patriotic duty.

Showing China that they can’t arbitrarily send spy balloons over our county, which also endangers air travel, is not worth the cost to shoot it down? (how would you target it with a rocket?)

No, I’m sure Milley got on his hot-line with the CCP and asked them what he should do and they told him to just sit there and look stupid.

What bullshit.

It’s a freaking BALLOON.

It’s a freaking BALLOON.

It’s an intrusion into our territory and it’s spying on us. It is an insult, it shows our stupidity and weakness and it invites more aggression (like idiot Biden’s incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal did). Of course, you can look at our southern border or idiot Biden stealing Top Secret documents and handing them over to Hunter to see what the market will bear shows us what idiot Biden thinks about national security.

Idiot Biden is an incompetent moron that puts the nation in more danger every day.

Russia and China DIDN’T “scale back their aggression under Trump.” China rapidly expanded its reach and military capabilities during Trump’s term, while Russia worked incessantly to destabilize Ukraine, providing direct military support to warring separatist factions inside the country. The moron unilaterally overturned the nuclear accord with Iran, without any coherent policy or strategy to fill the vacuum, driving them into closer alliance with Putin. Meanwhile, while Russia expanded military operations in Syria, and positioned itself to control access the Persian Gulf. On his way out the door, Trump set up a potential disaster in Afghanistan, which he left like a ticking bomb on Biden’s desk. He convinced his base that HUGE progress was being made to contain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, while, in fact, they perfected their fusion and fission warheads and developed effective intercontinental delivery systems.

All while widening every division in his own nation, and running up debt more rapidly than any president in US history.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

An insult? You think a US President should take executive action in response to an insult?

We no longer have man who behaves like a angry ten-year-old in the Oval Office. Trump is out and Biden is in because we wanted an adult in the room.

Biden is in because we wanted an adult in the room.

Instead, you got someone who doesn’t know what room he’s in.

An insult? You think a US President should take executive action in response to an insult?

They didn’t insult idiot Biden; hell, he IS an insult. They insulted and disrespected the entire nation, but of course, no leftists care about that because they think even LESS of the United States than they do.

The insult is they will do whatever they want to do and that goes far beyond a spy balloon. This shows the entire world how weak, incompetent, frightened and unreliable we are. China just showed the entire world they can drift across the entire Untied States collecting intelligence and the US will do nothing about it. China is showing they are strong and capable and the US is showing we are weak and incompetent.

Idiot Biden is the criminal in the room, the moron that worries about everything else but national security and the safety of the citizens. Trump, in stark contrast, is a leader.

You got your adulterous pedophile, along with his crackhead spawn, stealing classified information. Everything he touched turned to sh!t, now cant even secure our airspace above nuclear facilities.
comment image

My location is part of the Reliabilty First grid map, which includes coal-fired power stations, wind turbines, and nuclear generating plants up in Michigan. 

How horrible that you have to degrade yourself to the point that you’re willing to use coal generated power for your computer although degrading yourself seems to be your forte. And I’m surprised that you not railing on Joey Biden over his increased use of coal fired power stations in order to provide your electricity.

  • “The U.S. electric power sector has been generating more electricity from coal-fired power plants this year as a result of significantly higher natural gas prices and relatively stable coal prices. This year, 2021, will yield the first year-over-year increase in coal generation in the United States since 2014.”

Bet it hurts you to the core to know that it is coal giving you the electricity to power up your EV, right?

You really have problems with direct answers to stupid questions, don’t you? If you don’t want one, you shouldn’t ask.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I have problems with liars and hypocrites and you check both those boxes.

I asked a question. You answered it but did not realize you were exposing your own hypocrisy.

You’re such an idiot.

Yep. No lies or hypocrisy in the MAGA movement. There’s none among those who control it, and none among those who go along for the ride. There’s certainly none bouncing around inside the “conservative” echo chamber, which provides them with direct access to the truth.

McCarthy has blown an entire month, accomplishing absolutely nothing, while the right-wing extremists he must pander to threaten a default that would directly or indirectly harm every person who’s part of the US national economy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Yep. No lies or hypocrisy in the MAGA movement. 

Did idiot Biden lie when he said:
… the Afghanistan withdrawal went perfectly?
… the southern border is secure?
… Border Patrol mounted agents whipped illegal immigrants?
… inflation is transient?
… gas was $5 a gallon when he took office?
… Putin caused all the inflation?
… there was no vaccine when he took office?
… he has traveled 17,000 miles with Xi?
… that there are no background checks at gun shows?
… that the Georgia election law suppresses the ability to vote?
… the “surge” of illegal immigrants he caused happens every year?
… that he would only serve one term?
… that the disaster at the border is Trump’s fault?
… that the information on Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”?
… that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals?
… the Supreme Court had decided election fraud cases?
… that he hasn’t taken lobbyist money?
… that he vaccinated (at the time) 70% of the population?
… he has driven an 18-wheeler?
… that the Georgia election integrity law would suppress votes?
… that he was a coal miner?
… he was a civil rights activist?
… he was arrested in the Capital?
… he was arrested in S. Africa?
… 350 million Americans had been vaccinated?
… no foreign leaders had criticized him?
… about nation building and putting soldiers in Afghanistan?
… about not leaving Afghanistan until all Americans were removed?
… that the collapse in Afghanistan “caught him by surprise”?
… he visited the Tree of Life synagogue after an attack on it?
… that he was going to end COVID?
… he was working “around the clock”?
… he had an opportunity to go to Annapolis and play football?
… that the 2nd Amendment banned weapons?
… the .223 and 9mm round were the most powerful rounds?
… told union members that since he took office, they have more money, more savings?
… that he was responsible for a planned Social Security cost of living increase?
… he would fire anyone on his staff that showed disrespect to anyone?
… there was no action on COVID19 “for months” under Trump?
… Officer Sicknick was murdered at the Capital?
… Republicans were defunding police, not Democrats?
… the economy was “in a tailspin” when he took office?
… the Capital riot was the worst incident of violence since the Civil War?
… the trillions of dollars Democrats were spending would cause inflation?
… Trump said white supremacists were “fine people”?
… there were Russian bounties?
… Democrat spending would not increase the deficit?
… no one making less that $400,000 would see tax increases?
… his infrastructure bill was “paid for”?
… the majority of illegal immigrant families are sent back?
… no family members of his or staff would get government jobs?
… the government was going to “buy American”?
… that he was a member of Ukraine and Polish secret service?
,,, that he didn’t know what Top Secret documents were illegally kept in his private office or how they got there?

517 thousand jobs were added to the US economy during January 2023.

Unemployment dropped to 3.4%.

The US rate of inflation has declined for the 6th consecutive month.

Of course McCarthy’s Morons could quickly turn all of this around by triggering a debt default. They may decide doing so is a political necessity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Former Aide Doug Schoen on Bill Clinton: Distracted by Lewinsky Scandal, He Took His Eye Off Bin Laden

biden also has the accomplishment of 25 consecutive months of declining wages.

Thanks joe

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

The GDP growth rate declined by 0.63% during 2019, the year BEFORE covid, and by 5.69% in 2020. 2020 was the most rapid GDP decline in US history.

Debt rose faster during Trump’s 4 years that at any other time in US history.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

“No! It Was Already There When I Got Here, Man!” – Biden When Asked if He Takes Any Blame For Inflation (VIDEO)

Debt rose faster during Trump’s 4 years that at any other time in US history.

Incorrect. Obama and now Biden have run up debt with bills and pork.

Trump leveraged debt, successfully for the benefit of America.

Because he actually had leadership and executive management skills coming in, as opposed to puppets Obama and Biden.

No one expects Trump’s followers to have sudden insight into what he really is at this late date. Anyone who hasn’t figured it out by now probably never will.

Many of Biden’s voters voted for Joe Biden. Many of Biden’s voters voted against Donald Trump. That’s how 2020 became a Biden landslide. It wasn’t because of “massive voter fraud,” or because Joe Biden had some sort of cult following.

You seem to be determined to give the next Democratic presidential candidate the same advantage in 2024, and to wreck the Republican Party on the way there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Many of Biden’s voters voted for Joe Biden. Many of Biden’s voters voted against Donald Trump. That’s how 2020 became a Biden landslide. 

It was no landslide. Copy machines voted for idiot Biden. The dead voted for idiot Biden. Ballots that went to empty addresses voted for idiot Biden. Stupid idiots voted for idiot Biden. The results are clear and predictable: utter, total disaster that is causing massive harm to the nation. We could SHIT a better President than idiot Biden and the differences would barely be perceptible.

No one expects Trump’s followers to have sudden insight into what he really is at this late date. Anyone who hasn’t figured it out by now probably never will.

Hmmm…. let’s see. Idiot Biden lost numerous bids for President for lying and plagiarism. There are numerous examples of his unrestrained racism. His stupidity has been legendary. As Vice President, he was totally inept. He was supposed to be the “sheriff” to make sure the “stimulus” money wasn’t wasted; how’d THAT work out? He extorted Ukraine so his son could keep taking in $83,000 a month to do nothing (and kick back 50% to Pops). Before the 2020 election we were made aware he and Hunter were influence peddling. We’ve found out he’s stolen classified documents, some Top Secret, left them where they could be accessed by the CCP and used by Hunter.

You’re totally OK with all that. But you claim OTHERS don’t “learn”. Give me a break, scooter.

Many of Biden’s voters voted for Joe Biden.

Hardly. Most voted against Trump (those far-less-than 81 million vote which weren’t fraudulent, that is), because of mass hysteria and propaganda.

Biden IS the image of the bumbling unqualified, installed moron that you people tried to cast Trump as.

No on is fooled, and we’re just waiting to see what happens.

Biden is not our president and never will be.




Have you wondered why turkey products have disappeared from all of the grocery stores, or why eggs are suddenly so pricey?

We might want to keep the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson numbers on speed-dial, given the fact that avian influenza has begun jumping species to mammals.

Maybe MAGA republicans could head disaster off by defunding the CDC.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The myth of the avian flu scare has been debunked, son.

Maybe MAGA republicans could head disaster off by defunding the CDC.

Well, a few million people would still be alive if they were defunded during the pandemic, so…another win for Trump and pro-reason Americans.

You should check the news. Poultry producers are currently fighting the most serious and widespread avian flu epidemic in US history.

They are using PCR testing, fake tests. No sick birds.
See agenda 2030 for reference.

comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

I see nothing in the 2030 Agenda that doesn’t seem like an entirely rational and worthy objective.

comment image

Your cute 17 point picture doesnt have the detail.
You know it used to be called agenda 2020 which of all the goals have been reached, vaxx boy you are batting zero.

They’re goals. Setting your goals comes first. Then you work out how to get there, step-by-steep, a little bit at a time. No one has ever achieved anything worthwhile in any other way.

The left’s goal is to weaken the United States, destroy our republic and replace the Constitution with a totalitarian police state.

Decades they have been planning, unfortunately we dont want to eat bugs own nothing, live in 500 sq feet and have them own everything.

Except that it’s not the Will of the People.

We didn’t vote for these “goals.”

Incorrect. The “news”, i.e., regime propaganda, has already been caught using the lie of an avian flu to cover up the issues in the chicken industry. (funny you are now adding/shifting to turkey).

There was no shortage of Turkey for thanksgiving or Christmas, using PCR test as it is well known they are not useful in diagnosing anything. They murdered 43 million laying hens, for nothing but their planned shortages.
Your precious big pharma just busted by Veritas, part 2 mentions messing with menstral cycles and fertility.
Stay better tuned in.
We still have baby formula shortages.

Record-breaking egg profits prompt accusation of price gouging

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Debt rose faster during Trump’s 4 years that at any other time in US history.

Ummm, not so fast there, Comrade.

The national debt to GDP under Trump rose 24%. In the first four years of Obama, whose a$$ you would lick, it rose 31%. And Obama did not deal with the worst pandemic to ever hit our shores.

So you can start being honest or you can stop showing what an idiot you are. Your choice.

Yeah, but sometimes Trump tweeted something mean, to the exorbitantly high costs and shortages are well worth it! Aren’t they?

Still mostly people going BACK to work, to jobs TRUMP created. Unemployment, like under Obama, down due to people giving up looking. The labor participation still sucks.

Gas prices down from WHERE HE INCREASED THEM. Inflation down from WHERE HE INCREASED IT. Not an accomplishment at all. When will he have costs the same or below where Trump had them?

Idiot Biden has done NOTHING for the economy but make prices go up and items scarce.

If Trump had been reelected, there never would have been a Chinese balloon crisis…

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

That’s what you do to an enemy. Stop it. Not let it go while you launder billions in a country being invaded because you invited the invasion, like Dictator Biden did.

A lot of Ukrainians would be alive today if the Democrats/Deep State hadn’t rigged the election.

If Trump had been reelected, there never would have been a Chinese balloon crisis…


We know.

There would have been no Chinese spy crisis, Putin crisis, or border crisis.

Nice self-own, dipsh*t.

If Trump had been reelected, there never would have been a Chinese balloon crisis…

First, Trump WAS reelected. Second, right, the Chinese would not be probing to see if the regime is as weak, incompetent, and stupid as this one appears to be.

It’s a balloon. Maybe they’re testing to see how crazy we actually are.

It’s a balloon. Maybe they’re testing to see how crazy we actually are.

They are testing how incompetent we are and we are acting as though we are proud of our incompetence.

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls on Biden to shoot down Chinese spy balloon, says Trump would have done it already
With Trump, we’d probably be at DEFCON 3 already. He’d be handling this dire national emergency with a televised prime-time address to the nation. The threat would be neutralized, and a victory parade would follow.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I dont remember Putin making nuclear threats, Rocket man stopped shooting missiles over towards Japan 4 peace treatys in the middle east.
Biden turned everything to shit.

Oh my God! What if they send MORE balloons, when our military can’t even deal with ONE balloon?

Why are there suddenly so many idiots?

Why are there suddenly so many idiots?

Because the leftist propaganda mill media cultivates them.

It goes without saying that Putin never would have invaded if Trump were president.

It’s not a theory. It’s historical fact.

The plague on our country that is the unelected installed Biden dictatorship seems to be flailing.

God help every American and every global citizen as we resist these illegal and tyrannical regimes.

I mean, really, what’s the big deal? It’s just a surveillance aircraft (at best) sent from a hostile foreign nation that has already unleased a deadly virus upon the entire world. What’s to worry about? Just left the Chinese do whatever they want over our country.

Certainly the best action is to roll over on our backs with our tail between our legs and show the world we are totally gutless and incompetent. Then everyone will just leave us alone, right?

There would BE no intrusion of our airspace under Trump. This only happens to hapless, incompetent fools on the CCP payroll.

Open borders, human trafficking, CCP balloons over USA, perpetual warmongering and funding in eastern Europe with USA resources….how is the current president and admin not committing treason?

Disconnected From Reality – BLS Employment Report Showing 517,000 Jobs Gained in January is Laughable

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published a jobs report yesterday [DATA LINK] that has stunned the professional financial class.  However, those who have followed the BLS data assemblies were laughing – not surprised. Eventually, if this continues, the BLS pretzel logic will start using terms like “eleventy.”

Throughout 2022, the BLS modified the underlying data they used to assemble their jobs reporting. The latest release shows that 517,000 jobs were gained in the labor market, despite every other economic indicator showing we are in an economy of contraction. The question becomes, why the disconnect?

There are two surveys that make up the BLS reporting. The Household survey is conducted by calling people and just asking if they are employed. The Payroll survey is conducted by reviewing large and medium businesses, no small businesses are included, and that plays a role in the disconnect.

comment image

Since the spring of last year, the two surveys have completely disconnected from each other.  The household survey finds a net gain of 12,000 jobs in the last three quarters; the Payroll survey shows gains of 2.7 million jobs during the same time.

ZeroHedge did a good dive on the issue (SEE HERE), and their analysis reports, “[…] the number of full-time workers in March 2022 was 132.587 million. Fast forward to January 2023 when it was 132.577: that’s right: total US full-time workers declined by 10K over a period of 10 months. Meanwhile, part-time workers soared from 25.908 million to 27.400 million, an increase of 1.492 million! So at least we know where the bulk of the increase in US labor came from in the past year: virtually no full-time jobs, and all part-time.

Additionally, Forbes dove into the data (SEE HERE) and reached a similar conclusion, the BLS data is all nonsense covered in statistical noise.

Forbes – […] “The Payroll Survey shows employment growth of nearly 2.7 million jobs between March and November. The Household Survey, over the same period, shows 12,000. Something is seriously wrong! The headline number that is broadcast in the media is the Payroll Survey, so if it is incorrect and the Household Survey is accurate, then the “hot” jobs market, which the Fed uses to justify its rate increases, is really a “cold” jobs market.

Looking at the recent past, the two surveys were in sync until March, when the Payroll Survey took off. Some of the issue could revolve around the small business birth/death assumptions. Since the Payroll Survey doesn’t sample small businesses, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) adds a number based on a time trend, and they even seasonally adjust this data. Over that March to November period, the Birth/Death model added 1.3 million jobs. This appears strange to any observer of economic trends, which tells us that business is contracting, not expanding. Even if the Birth/Death add-on is eliminated, the discrepancy is still 1.36 million jobs between the two surveys.” (read more)

Housing is collapsing (already collapsed in the predictable epicenters), housing starts have dropped, contracts are abandoned, businesses are contracting, companies did not hire for the holiday season, shopping and consumer purchases were nonexistent (Nov/Dec), inventories have climbed, manufacturing has contracted, thousands laid-off in the tech sector (including Amazon), and yet the BLS data shows jobs growth.  These Main Street economic inconsistencies are not reconcilable unless the BLS data, models and underlying assumptions are wrong.

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Shades of the obama admin when part time jobs outnumbered full time jobs by multiples of numbers. Many had 2-3 part time jobs to get by each counted as new jobs yet all held by one employed person.

Some people are going to be in for a really nasty surprise when economic reality hits them. This reflects people having to go out and get part time jobs in order to be able to afford idiot Biden’s inflation. Like under Obama, nothing but part time jobs are being created because when the economy crashes, companies don’t want to be paying a lot of severance packages for the temporary workers they needed to get caught up after the shut-downs.

Anyone that has paid any attention to the Obama regime and its clone, the idiot Biden regime, you know that they won’t hesitate to lie about statistics and conditions. All idiot Biden does is lie his way through bad situations hoping some miracle will occur to get his ass out of it. The miracles don’t arrive and he covers on failure after another with lies, lies and more lies.

NO ONE has lied like the corrupt, incompetent traitor, idiot Biden.

By the way, even 2,000,000 new jobs is not enough to employ the 3 to 4 million illegal immigrants he has added to our population.

They didnt come here for jobs, they are after tax payer funded giveaways. Theres an APP for that now.

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They can always find work moving idiot Biden’s classified documents from place to place. They can be counted on to be quiet about it and idiot Biden can always use his cartel partners to “make them disappear” if they get too nosey.

Immigrant families face great hardship and danger to come here, because they have faith in the future of America that you seem to have lost. They have strong family values, a strong work ethic, and the ambition and courage to make such a journey. They’re an asset to the nation, not a burden. The don’t take freedom for granted. They’re the sort of people who MADE this nation.

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Immigrant Ingrates
Demanding illegal migrants protest their accommodations

n Biden’s America, uninvited trespassers have become the loud and demanding immigrant ingrates, fully supported in their rudeness and lawlessness by the globalists that dominate this administration, as well as its “amen corner” in the legacy media.

In a properly functioning society, even welcome guests in someone’s home know to operate with grace and appreciation of the hospitality provided. Any conscientious person refrains from demanding requests or assumptive behaviors as a guest in someone else’s home, business, or – yes – country.

But how about uninvited guests?

If they have the temerity and gall to knowingly remain as unwelcome squatters, then the onus on such interlopers should compel even more assiduously courteous comportment.

Right now, America deals with a torrent of such uninvited migrants.

So far, over 6 million illegal migrants have broken into our country under the watch of Joe Biden, using the combined totals tabulated by the Daily Mail as well as more recent updated Customs and Border Protection data. Of course, these economic migrants respond to the clear incentives of Biden, Mayorkas, and other national authorities to pour into our nation under the bogus guise of asylum.

Once here, what happens to these trespassers?

Well, for many, they are gifted with bus and air travel across our land, either by their request or at the direction of border states, effectively making every area of America a border town. Many, if not most, of these migrants are illiterate and unskilled. Some are dangerous. Almost all enter America with only the most cursory of background checks, at best. They tax local resources, overwhelm American schools, and show little willingness or ability to assimilate.

In the case of some of the migrants, especially listless young men, they become demanding rabble rousers. Instead of showing gratitude toward America, one particular group of migrants engages in boisterous, persistent protests because the city of New York moved a group of healthy, working-age men from an expensive Manhattan hotel to a migrant shelter in Brooklyn.

Unhappy with their new paid accommodations, which include comfortable shelter and catered food, these migrants returned to Manhattan to loudly protest outside the Watson Hotel, demanding a return to luxury city life. These illegal migrants apparently fancy themselves as some sort of twisted versions of Eva Gabor in a latter-day Green Acres, effectively declaring to Mayor Adams: ‘darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.’

The Watson Hotel
They do not belong here in the first place.

A porous border is always an awfully idea, but particularly so in an era of crashing real wages for American citizens. At present, American laborers endure 21 straight months of declining real incomes, meaning pay adjusted for the costs of living.

Given this plunge in prosperity, Americans work harder to become poorer everyday thanks to the economic policy malfeasance of Permanent Washington hacks, from Joe Biden to Mitch McConnell to Tom Cotton. This financial vise inflicts particularly acute pain upon middle- and lower-income citizens, many of whom happen to be Hispanic and black.

Amid such a crisis, the last thing working class Americans can sustain is competing in the labor markets against illegal alien workers or, even worse, picking up the tab for the comfort of rude and ungrateful foreigner lay abouts.

Near the Watson Hotel, another appalling and similar scene of unconscionable behavior unfolds at the upscale Row Hotel. Fox News reported on the fraternity-like antics of the residents there enjoying the largesse of American taxpayers. A whistleblower employee of the hotel, Felipe Rodriguez, described the misbehavior and trashing of hotel rooms as “chaos, total chaos.” He also detailed the disrespect for the American workers there who “endure a lot of disrespect from the migrants…there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs, and too much violence.”…

They do not belong here. They should be rounded up and sent back to what ever hell hole they came from.

Mayorkas will be impeached soon.

But how about uninvited guests?

aka “burglars” or “invaders”

there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs, and too much violence.”…

Question: where do poor, downtrodden, asylum-seeking immigrants get the money for liquor and drugs?

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The sort of people who made America came here legally, never got a dime of taxpayer cash, hard men and women who cleared land built their own homes, farmed ranched, without government handouts so FO my great-Grandparents were they type, you slithered in from PR after the entire infrastructure was built, and revel at its destruction.

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Your great grandparents? I guess that makes your family relatively recent arrivals.

Irrelevant. Kitt has a point.

One side the patron side came in the very late 1800s, they got nothing from the government no free ride to central Wisconsin, no food stamps, they bought acreage and cleared it, no power tools back then, built their own house. They were not put up in a luxury hotel and fed. I have no relatives that came over with the pilgrims.
So what is your point about only about 125 years?
You allegedly come from an island that corruption has ruined so you want it for the mainland, cheer for it ignoramus.

Your supervisor was posting on your account again.

Since you’re pretending you missed it, my response:

Failing that, you might get what you want, but you won’t like the results if you do.

I think you, whoever you are (you’re not the normal “greg” poster…) needs to understand that WE are not looking for results.
YOU people most certainly are, and are currently engaged in the replacement of our democratic Constitutional Republic with a form of tyranny you don’t understand yourself.

I hope the legal system is successfully used to defend the Constitution and rule of law from the dangerous assholes who tried to destroy, it in the name of “protecting the Constitution.”

And you yourself and the other traitors who don’t understand you’ve become the authoritarian swine you struggle to cast Trump and other normal Americans as. YOU attacked our government. WE did not.
You people have eroded the rule of Law, used our systems to attack political opposition while not holding your own to the same standard, become fascistic while you collude with media and tech, and overall have become the bad guys that we good guys are ALWAYS watching out for.

That’s what happened on January 6.

J6th was a scripted way of flipping the truth: the Left had just attacked local, state, and Federal governments for a year or so. They needed to quell the connection between the Right and supporting law-enforcement/rule of law. They also rigged an election, and everyone knew it.
It was a classic, and shoddy, false-flag that installed an unelected Joe Biden while surrounding him with 21,000 troops, banana republic style.
You know this.
There has been no courtroom justice: just traitors who have pledged allegiance to a dictatorship who gives them identity.
Ever has it been so, historically.
The Founders’ dream of making sure we citizens are armed and can resist tyrannical vermin like you really is a problem for you, and one you people are facing head on.
You’re the aggressor. You’re the destroyer. You’re the enemy.
The mantra of “accuse them of what we are doing publicly” has played itself out, son.
The situation is much more complex than you understand, even given your job, and honestly…we free Americans don’t have anything to fear from you.
So install you Bidens and Fettermans. Lie about things we watched you do. Start wars and launder money. Just stay out of our houses.
WE are too busy getting on with working, raising healthy, non-LGBT families, and overall making the world a better place. Your paycheck is a paid by us, and while we know you are a parasite, we have a heart and care about you.
We don’t need to convince you that the alternate, virtual reality you embrace isn’t real. You’ll learn it yourself.
WE the People are this country. And that won’t change.
Siezing our Federal Government wasn’t quite the big “win” you thought it would be, is it?
Make better decisions. We’ll be watching.

They’re the sort of people who MADE this nation.

Tell that to a friend of mine who had both his son, and his daughter-in-law, murdered by an illegal Mexican who was driving drunk and ran over their motorcycle dragging the son the lenght of a football field with the illegal’s car. An illegal who had been deported at least three previous times and was released for “time served” by a liberal Austin judge for a previous drunk driving charge (the “time served was a night in jail).

Tell my friend that these are the kind of people who MADE this nation. Tell that to the parents of two teen aged Hispanic girls in Houston who were murdered by illegals, one being strangled with her own shoe strings. Tell that to the parents, sons, daughters, husband, wives and family of all the Americans who have been harmed by illegals. Tell that to the families of the victims of Angel Resendiz (yeah, go ahead and look him up because you damn sure don’t know who he was).

And prove what a damn idiot you are.

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If they were so wonderful why didnt they improve their home countries? Leeches, costing hundreds of billions.

Immigrant families face great hardship and danger to come here, because they have faith in the future of America that you seem to have lost.

Yeah, when I see this nation dragged down by far left socialists, controlled by foreign governments, I lose a little hope in the future. But, unlike you and your ilk, I don’t and have never hated this country to the point of putting people in power that would turn it into a fascist totalitarian police state.

The United States welcomes immigrants. We do have a requirement: they immigrate legally. Idiot Biden has opened the flood gates and invited in over 6 million so far in his term. Those who get through are lost; we don’t track them and have no idea where they go after they are released and scattered around the country. We don’t even really know how many illegal immigrants we now have. It’s a disgusting state of incompetent danger idiot Biden and his regime have put this nation in.

There are very few actual “asylum” seekers in that hoard. Sure, they are looking for better conditions; they come from countries that are where the left wants to take this country: socialism, corruption, bankruptcy, chaos, crime and failure.

Stop pretending you admire these people. The thin facade of humanity of liberals has been exposed when a load of illegal immigrants shows up in THEIR neighborhood. You’d be the same, reacting in disgust and rage at the mere sight of them, demanding they be taken somewhere… ANYWHERE else so you can continue your theatrical behavior of caring about them without the distraction of actually having to subsidize them.

Now, how about addressing the Top Secret documents idiot Biden stole and let Hunter peddle?

Marthas Vinyard isnt taking their “fair share” of invaders. You know to mow the lawn, pick the fruit and clean toilets.
No low income housing allowed near their ocean front, soon to be under water mansions.
Lord knows Jill could use a house keeper and cook, maybe take one of the 42 that are on the terrorist watch list caught at the border.

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I bet she’d appreciate someone to change idiot Biden’s poopy diapers, though IB would demand it be a 15 year old girl.

What you people need is deprograming, and to learn how to educate yourselves.

Leftist gaslighting is real, folks.

Trump and Musk have been deprogramming people quite nicely, and we keep your dumbass in a box at FA, a clown to laugh at.

You got nothing.

So shut up and smile as you bend over at the pump, instead of whining about how terrible it is, and how it’s all Biden’s fault.

Well, let’s see… under Trump, gas was $1.89 here. Idiot Biden steals an election, ends energy production on federal land and cuts off the Keystone pipeline, thus cutting production, and prices jack up to $5.

Yep, it’s all idiot Biden’s fault, alright.

Biden is the guy who ran on no more drilling. We are getting rid of petroleum. So if you are an oil company and the government is going to put you out of business what incentive do you have to expand exploration, drilling and production? Now they want to get rid of natural gas as well. I can’t find the words for how stupid this is. Around 6000 products are made using petroleum. What is the replacement for it and at what cost? Go ask Biden. Get back to me.
By the way the major US oil companies actually make more money from outside of the US than in it. We in the US benefit from those profits. Hard for you to understand I know.
When covid hit and gas and diesel consumption dropped oil companies didn’t make BIG profits, the kind you hate. They were losing money. The petroleum industry is a capital intensive industry. Yet no one was worried about oil companies. I’ve dealt with morons like you who complain when gasoline is 4 dollars a gallon that oil companies are just jacking up the prices to make big profits. Then when it drops to 2 dollars a gallon they say nothing. So why let it drop, why not keep it at 4 dollars? I usually get a knee jerk no fact answer which is no surprise at all. Exxon and Chevron, the two biggest, are well run and make the most of of a barrel of oil. Not like the state run ones in say Venezuela.
Profits are not guaranteed. If you are an owner of stock in any of these companies they share those with you in the form of dividends. It can be in a mutual fund or direct ownership. I like dividends myself. I ‘d guess you hate them, as they come from profits.
By the way here’s a list the 10 most profitable industries in the US. I guess it’s a hate list for you.

Idiot Biden ended energy independence, caused shortages which drove the costs of fuel up and enabled Putin to invade Ukraine. Under Trump, none of this would have happened, mainly because idiot Biden is a stupid, incompetent tool of the far left and Trump is a leader.

Why is it you avoid all the posts about idiot Biden stealing Top Secret documents and letting Hunter peddle them for profit? Why do you keep hiding in posts that are months old?

One-quarter of the entire national debt was run up during the four years of the Trump Administration.

One-quarter of the entire national debt was run up during the four years of the Trump Administration.

Debt under Trump in 4 years (in billions): $92.228

Debt under Biden in 2 years (in billions): $60.441

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The national debt increased by nearly $7.8 Trillion during the four years of the Trump administration. Your numbers are total nonsense.

You would lick Obama’s a$$ if given the chance yet he increased the debt more than any modern president. Where were you then with your complaints? Obama made Trump look like a piker when it came to spending and Obama didn’t have a pandemic to deal with.

Your numbers are nonsense.

You forgot to list Trump’s revenue.

God, I hate idiots who spit numbers yet have education in economics and finance.

It’s what dictatorships rely on.

Dumb people like you.

Trump didn’t run up our debt. That’s a fact.

Trump didn’t run up our debt. That’s a fact.

The national debt was $7.8 Trillion higher when Trump left than it was when he arrived.

“I Love Your Earrings!” – Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl Who Can’t Run Away Fast Enough (VIDEO)

Jana Curtis brought her young daughter to the event – and Biden couldn’t keep his paws off of the child.

That should be grounds for child endangerment itself. You KNOW Grampa Grope Pedo Pete Idiot Biden is going to swoop in on her like a vulture and that’s just what he did, even dry-humping her shoulder, the scum.

biden should be required to register as a sex offender.

Such an embarrassment, a real adult in the room. Not

The national debt was $7.8 Trillion higher when Trump left than it was when he arrived.

Remember COVID? Remember Democrats keeping cities and states shut down for 8 months longer that was necessary (if any at all was necessary)? Remember the aid packages, which Pelosi loaded up with pork, waste and theft? Remember Trump having to rebuild the military Obama let go to seed?

Probably not. CNN doesn’t report such truths.

This year isn’t the hill to die on, son. Trump handled finance well.

He actually had credentials. That’s why we voted for him.

2 of those 4 years Nancy had the purse strings. The first 2 Paul Mitts boy Ryan had them.