Elite Heaven or Real Hell on Earth?


By Victor Davis Hanson

Anytime ideology and dogma trump merit, logic, and safety, the result is predictably dangerous. America needs to recalibrate its priorities to protect the lives and aspirations of its citizens.

The horrific murder of Laken Riley by a repeated felony offender and illegal alien Jose Ibarra, 26, a Venezuelan citizen, was preventable—had federal immigration laws simply been enforced by the Biden administration.

When called out in his recent State of the Union address, President Biden referenced the deceased Ms. Riley. But Biden misidentified her as “Lincoln Riley”—the USC football coach!

Biden only accurately noted that she “was killed by an “illegal.””

Biden soon apologized for correctly identifying her killer as an illegal alien—but not for misidentifying the victim.

He left the callous impression that he was more upset about offending his open-borders base than about the savage beating of a young 22-year-old American nursing student.

Biden’s woke open-borders agenda supersedes any worry over the subsequent mounting number of Americans who have fallen victim to foreign gangs and criminals. He seems oblivious to the nearly 100,000 Americans who die from fentanyl imported across open borders.

The same idea of abstract humanity juxtaposed with concrete callousness towards humans characterizes much of the current leftist agenda.

The Biden administration envisions mandating the use of electric vehicles and banning natural gas appliances. These measures will supposedly help “save” the planet—even as they make life far more expensive and dangerous for the middle class and poor in the here and now.

We are told that biologically born males who transition to females have a civil right to compete in female sports.

Such transgender activism may sound compassionate in the abstract. Yet in the concrete, thousands of women are put in danger by competing against the much larger musculoskeletal frames and natural strength of transitioning males.

Moreover, tens of thousands of young female athletes are losing opportunities to excel and set records—thus destroying over a half-century of women’s efforts to reach parity with men’s sports.

In 2021, United Airlines president Scott Kirby bragged that his company was now devoted to ensuring that fifty percent of all trained pilots would be either people of color or women.

The Federal Aviation Administration had similar diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates for hiring air traffic controllers.

In 2023, Boeing bragged that it was using “inclusion” as a criterion for executive compensation. Pay from now on would be calibrated in large part on the success of hiring new employees on the basis of their race, gender, and sexual orientation.

In the abstract, ensuring that air travel “looks like America” is no doubt a noble goal.

But if such subordination of meritocracy is canonized without proper attention to the only criterion that really matters—the safety of the nearly 3 million American airline passengers who take 45,000 flights per day—lives will be needlessly lost.

Some data and recent anecdotal evidence suggest that something has now gone dangerously wrong with the entire airline industry.

In January 2023, thousands of domestic flights were cancelled or delayed because of a series of Federal Aviation Administration computer failures. Over the last ten years, near-crashes and collisions of commercial places have more than doubled.

Even scarier, in the last two weeks alone, United Airlines suffered numerous near-catastrophic events that may have involved crew lapses, air traffic controller errors, or problems with Boeing jet construction or maintenance—or all three. Specific details have mysteriously been kept from the public.

A United flight from San Francisco to Mexico had to make an emergency landing due to failing hydraulics. Another United flight bound for San Francisco from Sydney, Australia, had to return around due to a “maintenance issue.” Yet another flight out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport likewise suffered undisclosed “maintenance issues” and returned home.

At Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, a United plane simply taxied off the runway and got stuck in the grass. Another United flight from San Francisco lost a wheel while taking off!

Yet another United flight from Houston to Florida was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines caught fire. At about the same time, a United flight bound for San Francisco from Hawaii experienced an engine failure in mid-flight.

Dozens were injured on a Boeing jet during a Chilean airline flight from Australia to New Zealand due to what officials called “a technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement.”

Anytime ideology and dogma trump merit, logic, and safety, the result is predictably scary and dangerous.

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*DEI is an elite program to depopulate our planet via incompetence where it matters most; medicine, flight, firefighting, police work, engineering, etc.

*”Green” agenda programs are also another elite program to depopulate the planet.
How many children are you going to have if your future is as bleak as the “green” agenda is making it?

*And, of course, “transgenderism,” is an elite program to depopulate the planet.
Those children will grow up (if they don’t commit suicide first) to never have children and never break free from hormone-replacement drugs.

You’re insane.

For sure, it is designed to lower our quality of life exponentially. Only the ruling elite will have meat, heat, a/c and personal transportation.

This incident is emblematic of lunatic biden.
He could care less about the safety and well being of Americans. What would lunatic Joe do differently if he was not intentionally destroying America?


Joe Biden Issues Statement Mourning Death of Dagny ‘Nex’ Benedict, But Not for Laken Riley

One was murdered by a criminal illegal alien invader let in the country by lunatic biden. The other a mentally disturbed adolescent commits suicide and lunatic joe has more compassion for the suicide adolescent and not Laken Riley who did not have to die. And if not to add insult to injury, lunatic Joe apologized to the criminal illegal alien invader for calling him illegal. Did he apologize for callin Laken Riley Lincoln Riley, no he did not.


Elite heaven behind the walls and personal security forces, not hiring vaxxed pilots. Send a few “newcomers to their area like Marthas garden, and they are removed post haste. Nothing is shut down or cleared out to give them a place, unlike rec centers or hotels in lower income areas.
They dont want us to travel, the DEI hires may be intentional sabotage, they might be more willing to fudge safety inspections to keep the assembly line rolling getting praise for their good work.
Depopulation is mostly aimed at Whites harder to get a job buy a home start a family, to be told more than 2 kids is killing the planet. You cant be racist against a White and white babies are born racist. As a true minority on this planet we really need to stand not comply and lawfare this crap and its ideology into extinction while we still can.

Imagine this: a transitioning maintenance tech with rainbow hair is carrying out a structural inspection of an aircraft and the QA inspector asks where the maintenance manual references are. The maintenance tech replies, “That documentation read like it was created by a white-privileged transphobe, so I used my own feelings and rights to carry out the inspections and ops checks.” The QA inspector, fresh from the mandatory DEI classes, replies, “Well… OK. I guess.”

I made it all up, but does that sound too far fetched to believe?