Election Fraud Made the Looming World War Possible


by Capt. Seth Keshel

appeared on Bannon’s War Room last week, but not in my normal capacity in which I spout off election statistics and ideas for reform.  For once, those who have followed my work pertaining to election integrity had a chance to see me with my intelligence officer “hat” on.  Steve and I discussed the first Chinese spy balloon, and the obvious route it travelled, which just happened to pass over our key missile defense, nuclear, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, and rapid deployment military bases in succession.
The conversation drifted to other topics, such as the war in Ukraine, and the underlying theme remained the same: our nation is ill-prepared to handle real threats to our homeland and our people.  By “real” threats, I mean threats that endanger the safety of our citizenry, whether those threats are in the form of cartels crossing an open border, suitcase nukes finding their way into our ports, or simply good, old-fashioned projection of power by a foreign military to our shores.
President Donald Trump stayed true to his promise to start no new wars, and that royally pissed off the military industrial complex’s vanguard, comprised of bureaucrats on both sides of the mostly imaginary partisan divide, both elected and appointed.  Trump effectively managed and drew down the chaotic, unwinnable conflicts our military had been submerged in for decades, and wielded military might when needed (just ask the family of Qasem Soleimani), but did not escalate global tensions to a breaking point as his illegitimate successor, Joseph R. Biden, has done in just two short years.
Neo-cons gnash their teeth when Trump mentions his diplomacy with Kim Jong-un, because they incorrectly perceive the role of the U.S. Military as a global hammer, and anyone else standing in the way our America’s role of being global police and economic sugar daddies as nails to be hammered.  Most of them would never struggle under the personal worry of having a son or daughter in harm’s way fighting an unjustifiable or unnecessary war of aggression, and consider only the economic benefit of perpetual war as motivating factor in their disgusting, warmongering behavior.
Bannon, in our interview, pointed out that today’s tensions resemble those present in 1914, just before the start of the Great War, later called World War I.  What began as a regional conflict quickly escalated into global war thanks to a series of alliances binding nations to support others coming under declaration of war from a rival nation.  The world and its varying stances toward either Ukraine or Russia, mixed in with the threat of emerging global powers capitalizing on the chaos, threatens to plunge us into the long-feared World War III, which would be fought with technology and weapons that have been restrained thanks to the strange peace brought about by the mutually assured destruction guaranteed by a nuclearized world.

Just this morning, my attention was directed to a sobering SubStack article written by Sam Faddis, a frequent War Room contributor and retired CIA Operations Officer.  It is titled “You Will be Lucky to Live Through the Biden Presidency,” and is a must-read if you want to see just how poorly postured the United States is to function amidst a global catastrophe like another World War.  If you read it, you may not be so sure that the article’s title is embellishing.
In describing Russia’s current actions regarding Ukraine, Faddis writes:

Our response to all this has been for Biden to travel to Ukraine and effectively write the Ukrainian government a blank check for endless support. We have just announced yet another massive aid package for Kyiv. Putin is in a corner. His conventional forces have been shredded. His nuclear weapons look increasingly like his last, best hope.
And, we keep upping the ante.

Meanwhile, China stands prepared to get involved by joining forces with Russia, prompting drama queen Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to pause from his posed magazine photos and sensationalize the threat of a “World War” if that alliance were to come to fruition; meanwhile, in Central Asia and the Middle East, jihadist enemies of freedom are emboldened by America’s stunning, decades-long foreign policy failures, especially over the past two years. My father was right in saying we should have put the Iranians back to “camel herding” years ago, because now they stand to emerge as an even stronger regional bully with nuclear capabilities, cobbling up power and trampling human rights when the world inevitably goes to war.
America has been engaged in one regional conflict after another since the culmination of World War II, ranging from Korea, to Vietnam, to Grenada, Iraq, Kosovo, the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan, and many more exotic locales.  Attempts to curb this destructive nation-building behavior (ironically, never geared toward the building of America) have been met with massive resistance from our own government bureaucrats.  Americans are tired of war and have been since the Vietnam War lingered on into the 1970s.  There was a brief respite from this revulsion after 9/11 in which the public was thirsty for mujahedeen blood, but by the time “hope and change” rolled out in 2007, that enthusiasm had long since dwindled.
Now, what could have prevented this shitshow?  Aren’t Americans against using our military in prolonged conflicts, given that the entirety of military history clearly demonstrates that counterinsurgencies and prolonged projection of power over great distance can be executed in only the most optimal of circumstances?
We all know the answer – free and fair elections could have prevented this disaster, not only for the office of the Presidency, but for every subordinate office in our federal government.  Someone stuffing 50 extra ballots for a mayoral race in small-town Tennessee may lead to higher taxes, red-tape policies, and inefficiency (which is still immoral and unjust), but tens of millions of counterfeit votes cast in a federal election, bringing about regime change for the world’s most powerful office and secondary offices in the House and Senate that are more impactful on the world stage than the presidencies of the vast majority of foreign nations, has history-altering effects.

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While Trump would not get us involved in any more wars, he was rebuilding the military. A US military possessing overwhelming capabilities is the best insurance against war and, while expensive, is far cheaper than fighting one war after another.

Idiot Biden, on the other hand, destroys that through a dual process. First, he weakens the capability of the military by eroding its preparedness through all this woke bullshit. At the same time, he is slowly pissing away our weapons supply in the war he enabled in Ukraine.

We replaced someone that put our nation and people first and, like T. Roosevelt, knew a strong, ominous United States of America is the best assurance of peace in the world with idiot Biden, who doesn’t have a clue and has a regime that puts their own personal financial future ahead of anything the nation or world might need. That is just part of the high cost of election fraud.