Do Not Miss This – President Donald Trump Full “Wake Up America” Interview with Ric Grenell on Newsmax


by Sundance

President Donald Trump joined “Wake Up America” on Friday for a wide-ranging interview with Ric Grenell. The topics included the economy, mid-term endorsements, Big Tech, Kamala Harris and the border crisis, Critical Race Theory, General Mark Milley, the sketchy advice from Anthony Fauci during the COVID outbreak, and President Trump’s future in politics.

President Trump said very strongly that anyone who voted for the impeachment hoax will not be supported and he will work to support their primary opponent. Additionally, President Trump touched on the issues he faced with a DC system that is against any outsider. One key point in the interview [@20:30] is when Ric Grenell notes that President Trump stopped travel from China during the early stages of the COVID outbreak despite the advice from everyone else in the administration not to do it.


There is additional value in this interview because Ric Grenell provides some conversational background to many of the points as President Trump discusses the points. You don’t want to miss this interview. Stay with it… if you discuss the Trump administration past or future you will find a lot of information.

Video here

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It’s great to actually hear a leader again. You know, Trump could have been a terrible leader but sandwiched between Obama and idiot Biden, how could you possibly tell?

Rudolph Rommel in his new book offers the following: “…those in government, and those that control government, are nothing more than mass murderers. They as individuals, either directly sanction murder, support the system that prosecutes murder, stand silent in the face of murder, or turn their heads the other way in order to allow murder. These distinctions are irrelevant from the perspective of blame, for without this cooperation, the killing would be much more exposed, and therefore less likely to occur.”
His book is an excellent read and addresses the woke media and the homicidal behaviour of the big tech industries that are psychologically motivating and manipulating individuals to suicide and homicdes.

There was no insurrection at the Capitiol on Jan. 6th. Only a Democrat/FBI commissioned false flag.