DNC’s Paid Left-Wing Moonbats March Again – Cupcake Nation Protests…



Van Jones says: “Donald Trump’s election was a white-lash“. Unfortunately for Jones’ narrative Romney won 59% of the white vote. Trump won 58%, so it wasn’t a racial issue.

Feminist Democrat Leaders/Politicians blame gender bias against Hillary Clinton for Trump’s election. Unfortunately for their narrative Obama won with 47% of women voters, Hillary Clinton only carried 43% of female voters – so it wasn’t a gender issue.

However, both groups are on the street tonight marching in protest against Donald Trump’s election.

The George Soros’ funded Black Lives Matter group (Van Jones), and the raging left-wing feminist moonbats are joined by the Bernie Sanders Occupy Wall Street (OWS) anarchists.

Go figure…

It’s actually a sad state of affairs to see these these oblivious sheeple marching around the streets of New York, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Francisco in protest to the free and fair election result they lost.



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Look at all those useful idiots tromping and stomping through the streets like spoiled little brats when they dont get their way I suggest they keep on marching south until they reach the border then keep on going through mexico, central and south america and keep on marching until they reach ant-arctica then they can keep the penguins and skuas happy

The illegals who are arching fail to understand that if they commit a felony, it is highly likely they will be deported. It looks like we have raised a generation of spoiled brats. The Obama administration and the media have allowed them to believe that they are special and above the law of the land because they are “progressives” like Hillary. Listen to the media talking heads who supported Hillary by covering up her lies and crimes. They are right now fostering these riots and criminal behavior. There is quite a difference in the violence of these protests and the Tea Party actions. Liberals are sore losers

My favorite part of the election was like my least-favorite part of Winter-
Watching the snowflakes melt into slush.
Slush Puppies!
Sad, sad little Slush Puppies!

So “progressive” means anti-democracy

Anyone see Greg out there? Looks like his people.

These little snots might as well get used to it becuase the people have made their decision and if they dont like it they can all just leave

@Mully: he is probably in his safe room getting therapy.

Had Trump lost, I would have been neither shocked or surprised. He faced impossible odds and I simply passed over all these articles titled, “What Hillary just said/did will cost her the election”, etc, etc. The liberal media was providing and driving all the narrative. So, I expected defeat.

Not so the left. They had all the cards and they knew it. Facts about Hillary’s failures and corruption was hidden whenever possible; most were not even aware it existed. They believed their own lies. THEY are shocked, and with good reason. They lied themselves into believing there was no way Hillary could lose.

Look at all the money Soros squandered trying to buy his election; you can bet he’s pissed. All the little crybabies that were SURE their worthless liberal arts or political science degrees were going to be comp’ed… THEY’RE pissed.

Well, too bad. That’s what lying so much you begin to believe your fantasy world is reality gets you. A great big, shocking, surprising disappointment.