DNC Tries Showing Voters Excited About Kamala Harris. They Have To Duplicate Images.



On Wednesday night, the Democratic National Committee wanted to show a split-screen image of 30 different voters in New Hampshire excited about the Democratic vice-presidential candidacy of Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

It must have been a difficult task to find as many as 30 excited voters, for when the images appeared on screen, duplicate images of some of the voters were displayed apparently in an effort to fill up the screen, eliciting hilarity among conservatives.


Harris’ popularity among Democratic voters would seem to be problematic. She quickly flamed out in the Democratic primaries, dropping out in December 2019. Perry Bacon Jr. writing for fivethirtyeight.com, who admitted he was someone “inclined to look for the next Obama” and thus had been favorable toward Harris, wrote after she dropped out:

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Hahahaha, busted but they only duplicated women in their lameo stunt trying to make it look like women were enthusiastic for Kamala Mattressback.
“The ballon drop” beyond cringe when they flashed the last loser and the pedophile at the end.
Bring on the debates!

Not that I want her in the White House, but the Biden team really screwed up by not choosing Tulsi Gabbard.
But then, as Left as she is, she still isn’t Left enough for the Dems.

Remember how, in previous election seasons, someone in media would interview a “random undecided” person only to have an investigative reporter do a little due diligence and find out it was a Dem operative.
Quite often it was even a staffer of the candidate!
I wonder how many of these people will turn out to have been pulling a paycheck while pretending to be gung ho on their little computer cameras?
100% of them wouldn’t surprise me.

@Nan G: Poll Finds Most Americans Would Rather Jump Into Volcano Of Angry Geese Than Watch Democratic Convention
Another B Bee headline.

A bunch of frauds. This fits in nicely with their convention as a whole. After three days of it, here is the essence of what they have put forth:

1. America sucks.

2. Orange Man bad.

3. Marxism is the only solution and anyone opposing it shall be verbally and/or physically attacked.

Rest assured, they are crapping in their pants over Biden’s acceptance speech tonight. If he turns into a babbling, incoherent fool like he often does after trying to talk for more than two minutes, there will be a severe case of buyer’s remorse.

Harris goes from full-throttle, foaming mouth “BelieveHer” to supporting a guy credibly accused of rape and groping. If total lack of principles excites you, she’s your skank.