Diving Into the Murky Waters of FDA’s Disquieting Revelations on Covid Vaccine


by Tom Renz

Recently, I found myself down a rabbit hole of FDA documents and holy smokes, guys – what I found is a real barn burner. I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible so that the gravity of what I’m about to share isn’t lost in too many details. In my opinion, what I’ve discovered is nothing less than premeditated murder.

It’s crazy to even say that, but there’s no other conclusion that I can draw after reviewing these FDA ‘Guidance for Industry’ documents, published years before the Covid fiasco. This is the smoking gun evidence that proves they knew that the gene therapy products they masqueraded as ‘vaccines’ had the ability to shed, cause cancer and kill.

It’s Gene Therapy – Not a Vaccine.

It’s critical that people understand that the Covid-19 injections are gene therapy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently defines a “vaccine” as a preparation used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. However, that definition changed in 2021 because it didn’t apply to the COVID-19 vaccines. A vaccine must contain an antigen to trigger the body’s natural immune response. Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines do not contain antigens. The active substance used to elicit an immune response in these vaccines is the mRNA—a form of nucleic acid and the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that provides instructions to the body for producing antigens—spike proteins (actually it is modRNA – see my previous posts – and also contaminated with DNA).

Moreso, Moderna and Pfizer’s own SEC filings admit that they are gene therapy products. On pages 148 & 149 of Moderna’s 2019 SEC filing there is a legally mandated discussion of “risk factors” that reads as follows:

“No mRNA drug has been approved in this new potential class of medicines and may never be approved as a result of efforts by others or us. mRNA drug development has substantial clinical development and regulatory risk due to the novel and unprecedented nature of this new class of medicines.

As a potential new class of medicines, no mRNA medicines have been approved to date by the FDA or other regulatory agency… currently mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.”

In March 2015 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA and the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research published a ‘guide for industry’ entitled: “Determining the Need for and Content of Environmental Assessments for Gene Therapies, Vectored Vaccines, and Related Recombinant Viral or Microbial Products” from which I pulled the following definition of ‘gene therapy’:

It defines gene therapies as “products that mediate their effects by transcription and/or translation of transferred genetic material and/or by integrating into the host genome and that are administered as nucleic acids, viruses or genetically engineered microorganisms. The products may be used to modify cells in vivo or transferred to cells ex vivo prior to administration to the recipient.”

“For purposes of this guidance, a vectored vaccine is one that uses a virus or microbe (typically a bacterium), or a DNA plasmid to introduce DNA/RNA encoding for antigens to cells of the body. “Vector” refers to the virus microbe or DNA plasmid used as the carrier.”

So, what does that mean in English? It means the Covid vaccines are gene products.

Shedding: They Knew It Was Possible

We were called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and gaslit and censored when we warned about shedding and questioned why unvaccinated females were bleeding abnormally after being exposed to the jabbed. These documents prove they knew these products could shed and harm those who never consented to gene therapy.

In August 2015 they published “Design and Analysis of Shedding Studies for Virus or Bacteria-Based Gene Therapy and Oncolytic Products” in which they admit that these gene therapy products can shed in multiple ways.

Clear as day, it indicates the term ‘shedding’ means “release of VBGT or oncolytic products from the patient through one or all of the following ways: excreta (feces) secreta (urine, saliva, nasopharyngeal fluids, etc.) or through the skin (pustules, sores, wounds).”

The document goes on to reveal they identified safety risks to untreated (unvaccinated) individuals from these products.

Shedding raises the possibility of transmission of VBGT or oncolytic products from treated to untreated individuals (e.g. close contacts and health care professionals).”

“The possibility that the shed VBGT or on oncolytic product may be infectious raises safety concerns related to the risk of transmission to untreated individuals.”

They knew about the potential for this to transfer (shed) from those injected with the Covid-19 gene therapy product to those who did not consent. They identified multiple vectors in which a non-consenting person could be affected and harmed through the body fluid or excretions of a treated person. This is an open admission and a clear violation of the Nuremburg Code’s first principle of voluntary consent.

Cancer & Delayed Adverse Events

I wish I could tell you that’s the worst of it, but there’s more. They knew these gene therapy products could cause cancer, even years after injection. The November 2006 publication of “Gene Therapy Clinical Trials: Observing Subjects for Delayed Adverse Events” revealed the following:

This document warns that these gene therapy products carry the risk of adverse effects on normal cell function and could delay adverse events for months or even years. Even more alarming is the disclaimer about the ‘integration of genetic material into the host genome’ and ‘altered expression’ of the host’s genes. The fact checkers will tell you until they’re blue in the face that the jabs do not affect or change your DNA and clearly, that is false.

A 2023 study analyzed the cellular DNA of humans suffering from Long Covid. The authors found genes uniquely specific to the Pfizer COVID BNT162b2 vaccine in those human blood cells. Their findings prove that mRNA COVID vaccines permanently integrate into the DNA of some COVID-vaccinated people.

Simply put, the regulatory agencies knew that these products could integrate into the host genome, cause cancer (malignant transformation), autoimmune disorders and adverse events years after the fact. Also, consider that even when these products do not integrate into the genome, the continual exposure due to the shedding (discussed above) may increase the risk of cancer.

In 2021 I said that in 3-5 years we were going to see the true extent of the damage from the Covid vaccines. What are we seeing now? Turbo cancers and an onslaught of ‘died suddenly’ headlines amongst the otherwise young and healthy. Oncologists are reporting an alarming increase in aggressive, fast-growing cancers that don’t respond to the normal treatment protocols.

The Panic & The Pill: Sold by the Same People

These jabs are designed killing machines and were distributed knowing that they would shed and kill people. They created a gene therapy product, marketed it as a ‘vaccine’ then schemed, coerced, bribed and lied to get it into as many arms as possible.

The Hegelian Dialectic ‘problem, reaction, solution’ is at play here. They knew it could cause cancer – years after injection and now that there is an epidemic of cancer, amazingly they have a ‘solution’ ready to go.

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The earliest “spike protein” I read about was back in the 1970’s.
It lead to a disease called “kuru.”
It only existed only in Papua New Guinea among cannibals.
The spike protein was then called a “prion,” because it wasn’t merely Left-handed (like all our edible, useful proteins), it had a triad.
That messed up the ladder of our DNA as it created clumps on the ladder as a side with a prion attracted too many of its matching opposites from the other side of the ladder.
That messed up people’s ability to “message” thru the nervous system.
In those cannibals it lead to lack of appetite and starvation, trembling and rictus to the point of broken back/neck bones.
When it was illegally brought to the USA it was given to all sorts of lab animals who never showed symptoms within the timeline of the experiments.
So, the animals were sold.
Hamsters became pets, sheep went into flocks for lamb, mutton, dairy and wool.
Prion infection in sheep is called “scrapie.”
It is so prevalent now in the US sheep population that mutton is no longer sold in markets.
Cows went back into dairy herds.
For a short time cow meat had been added to keep costs down in ground beef products, but that, too, has been stopped.
One bad thing about the prion is that it was transmissible.
Prion infectious risk was behind the push for disposable dental and medical tools.

Today’s spike protein from this shot is less transmissible, but it is slightly so.
Unlike the prion, today’s spike protein shows no special desire to get into the nervous system.
It goes everywhere in the body instead.
Since we learned the lesson decades ago and fought prion infection from animal-to-person and person-to-person it seemed we would never make that mistake again.
But this shot was a DELIBERATE attempt to infect all of the public with a spike protein.