Disney’s Woke Chickens Keep Coming Home to Roost


by Stephen Kruiser

The ever-strengthening grip of wokeness on all aspects of American society has been one of the more tedious cultural shifts of the 21st century.

Wokeness is the toxic combination of political correctness run amok and the leftist grievance fetish. Corporate America, the one-time Grand Bogeyman of progressives, is now largely in the grip of emotional weaklings who have decided that anyone who disagrees with them politically is a bigot or “-phobe” of some sort.

At first, it was thought that CEOs and boards of large corporations were jumping on board with wokeness because they thought it was merely a convenient way to chase discretionary consumer dollars. The upper tier of American business executives should know better than to alienate half of their potential customer base though, shouldn’t they?

They should, of course, and it soon became apparent that they didn’t care. The woke brain rot had actually afflicted America’s business elite.

Perhaps the most prominent example of wokeness in a C-suite was Bob Chapek who, upon becoming chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company in 2020, immediately began pile-driving the beloved iconic family brand into the ground with woke insanity.

Chapek’s tenure at Disney didn’t last long, as former CEO Robert Iger returned to his old job after just two years to try and undo some of the havoc Chapek wrought.

He may be gone, but Disney is still dealing with much of Chapek’s folly.

The company ran into a buzzsaw in the form of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) when it made the decision to side with leftists and their lies about the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill. That led to a couple of years’ worth of legal tussles which didn’t go well for Disney, the most recent of which wrapped up at the end of last month.

Another boneheaded Chapek-era move may be about to bite Disney, this one having to do with the railroading of actress Gina Carano for the heinous crime of not thinking like a liberal.

Michael Cantrell wrote about this for us yesterday:

Another decision they might soon come to regret is the one they made in 2021 to fire actress and former professional mixed martial artist Gina Carano from their hit television series, “The Mandalorian,” which is part of the “Star Wars” franchise.

According to a report from Variety, Carano is now suing both Disney and Lucasfilm for booting her from the popular program, a choice that was made after the company seemed to disagree with a post she made on social media. Carano reposted a meme that compared how the Nazis convinced people to hate Jews for being Jewish to how the left convinces people to hate others for their personally held political views.

I guess it’s safe to say Disney is not a big fan of freedom of speech, which is ironic given the fact it’s this very right that enables them to produce the woke content they are putting out on a regular basis. Perhaps they feel they are entitled to have this freedom, and anyone who disagrees with the progressive agenda they are pushing is not?

Adding to the “Popcorn!” effect of this story is the fact that the noted thorn in the side of leftists Elon Musk is funding the lawsuit. That, of course, will make it difficult for Disney’s army of attorneys to wear down Carano with paperwork.

It will also make the social media gloating a lot more fun when Carano wins in court.

Here is Carano’s lengthy Twitter/X post regarding the filing of the lawsuit:

I have been a huge fan of Carano’s since seeing her in the reality show “Fight Girls” back in 2007. An ex-girlfriend turned me onto the show, and we started drinking beer and getting together to watch it because everything in my life is designed to help a therapist make another Lamborghini payment.

“The Mandalorian” was riding a huge wave of popularity when Disney strong-armed Carano out of a job. It was a pandemic-era bright spot that was providing some welcomed relief from the COVID tedium. It was obvious to everyone who wasn’t in the business of being permanently aggrieved that Carano was being fired simply because she pointed out that the people who live for calling others bigoted were, in fact, the real bigots.

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Their ignoring or hiding the truth since they profit from this all the same way some law firm profits from a accident

Good luck to her. Thanks to Musk for, again, standing up for free speech.