Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump?


by Joy Pullmann

It looks like the ‘strongest’ legal case against Trump is based on yet another set of lies from corrupt federal agencies.

On May 7, Florida Judge Aileen Cannon postponed former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial after explosive information dropped late Friday afternoon. Several new pieces of evidence indicate it’s even possible federal employees planted classified documents to frame Trump.

Even if what happened isn’t that nefarious — although exactly that scenario has already been deployed against Trump several times — not only could the case be thrown out of court, but some federal lawyers may have risked their licenses for mishandling evidence.

As time goes on, the lawfare cases are looking increasingly like coverups of government attempts to imprison Democrats’ top political opponent by framing him with crimes he didn’t do. It’s yet another indication the federal government is using the U.S. legal system to serve extremist partisans instead of justice, destroying equality before the law.

Did the Feds Plant the Classified Documents that Prompted This Case?

Recent court disclosures give two indications that federal employees could have planted the classified documents used to mire Trump and several aides into a sprawling investigation and an election-interfering court case. The first is the explosive evidence revealed Friday: For 11 months, the special counsel’s office hid that it misplaced some — we don’t know how many or which — of the same allegedly classified documents it claims Trump criminally possessed at Mar-a-Lago.

In that news-dump-timed filing Friday afternoon, the special counsel’s office revealed that when federal agents took boxes of papers from Trump’s home in an unprecedented FBI raid, they took out what they thought might be classified documents the president allegedly was not allowed to possess. They say they marked these documents’ original location in the boxes with “placeholder” sheets of paper marked for an inventory.

Yet after these boxes were removed to the FBI’s Washington field office for further inspection, the special counsel says, they discovered the boxes were not in the same state as when they were seized at Mar-a-Lago. When attempting to piece the boxes back together, the special counsel’s office said, “In many but not all instances, the FBI was able to determine which document with classification markings corresponded to a particular placeholder sheet” (emphasis added)

The filing also says the FBI “generally” inserted the “handwritten sheets,” indicating there were exceptions to its use of placeholders to indicate the allegedly original locations of allegedly classified documents Trump allegedly criminally possessed. In a footnote, the special counsel writes that this situation is “inconsistent with what Government counsel previously understood and represented to the Court.” In other words, the special counsel has been lying to the court, the public, and the Trump legal team this whole time about the evidence grounding its entire case.

If they didn’t always use placeholders to mark moved documents and don’t know what documents some placeholders correspond to, some documents could be missing — or added. If there is no reliable and provable inventory of the seized document boxes, how can anyone trust the boxes accurately represent what Trump had? The DOJ admits the boxes were tampered with and are not in their original condition!

Second, there’s the also newly uncovered fact that a federal agency sent “two pallets” of documents to Mar-a-Lago while the National Archives and Records Administration was setting up this documents case. It’s unknown who all had access to these document boxes during their packing, temporary storage in Virginia, and transit to Trump’s home. Were those boxes a setup too? Imagine if some boxes the feds sent amid NARA’s dispute with Trump were also boxes the DOJ can’t verify as being in their original state.

Potential Consequences: Tossing Case, Punishing Lawyers

In a May 4 letter, Trump’s defense argues the document-tampering corrupts the special counsel’s entire case: “[I]t was our understanding that most, and potentially all, of the charged documents were buried within the boxes and located next to other items that provided favorable context.” Corrupting any allegedly classified documents at issue in this case, they say, eliminates legal defense possibilities, making this case moot.

“The theory behind spoliation inference is that when a party has destroyed evidence, it shows that the party had consciousness of guilt or other reasons to avoid evidence. Hence, the court will conclude that the evidence was not in spoliator’s favor,” says USlegal.com.

Spoilation is not only a federal crime, but it risks the licenses of any lawyers who do it, as it violates the American Bar Association’s codes of conduct. Sanctions for spoilation include lawsuits against those alleged to have committed it and dismissing affected cases. That would be especially appropriate here, as the entire case rests on documents the DOJ has admittedly tampered with.
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Sure, evidence was planted. Why would the FBI not allow a representative of Trump to be present during the search? There were also the leaks; Trump had nuclear launch codes, Trump had nuclear weapons plans, Trump had invasion plans… all ultimately determined to be complete bullshit, because there are no such charges in the indictments. The government slopped its way through this because they assume, like with the other cases, none of that due process, Constitutional rights, credibility and justice crap matters here.

smiths case is cooked. Judge Cannon will be doing the country a tremendous service by dismissing this bogus case.

Don’t put it past them Soros, Bragg Biden Etc. the CFR and UN,DNC this is a a total Frameup of Trump by the UN/Globalists



We know even less than the judge, and she has cancelled the trial with NO new date set at all.
Seems that case died.

These people are too corrupt for words. These are evil and as such need to be punished. They are no different from the people who manned the ovens and no doubt would be happy to man such ovens if they had the opportunity.

The FBI did nothing about the 66,000 classified emails the Hildabeast had on her witch’s brew server. They did nothing about Biden’s decades old collection of classified documents in his garage and other just as secure locations. Yet we are to believe Trump did something illegal? Please, they couldn’t tell who brought the cocaine into the White House nor could the IRSA prosecute Hunter for his years old undeclared five million in painting income.

Talk about corruption.