Dems Bring a Schiff to a Truth Fight, and Robert Hur Breaks Them


by Stephen Kruiser

Congressional Democrats and their enablers in the Executive Branch haven’t quite figured out that their totalitarian fantasies haven’t yet come to reality. They are under the impression that they and their agitprop minions in the mainstream media can sell any manner of fiction to the American public. They’ve had a lot of success, to be sure, but they are still at least eight months away from getting their Soviet jollies.

It was this lack of a grasp on reality that led them to believe that they might be able to turn Special Counsel Robert Hur’s Tuesday appearance on Capitol Hill to their advantage.

Yeah, about that.

This is from Matt’s post about the hearing:

Democrats had basically two objectives on Tuesday: create the impression that the Hur report exonerated Joe Biden, and repair the damage done by his assessment of Joe Biden’s poor memory.

Well, they failed at both objectives. Special Counsel Hur explicitly said that his report was not an exoneration of Joe Biden. As for the issue of Joe Biden’s memory… they didn’t do any better. In fact, anyone who reads the transcript will see just how bad Biden’s memory was while he was answering questions. Is the average American going to read the transcript of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur? Not a chance. So, what are the Democrats and their allies in the media going to do? Just make stuff up about what the transcript actually says.

It’s true, they did make up a lot of stuff, but Hur was too good to let any of it stick.

They wanted to be crafty about creating a false narrative, but they had Adam Schiff running point for the effort. Any time that Schiff isn’t talking to a friendly, he embarrasses himself. He’s too stupid to know that he’s embarrassing himself, of course, so he never stops doing it.

Over at Townhall, my colleague Madeline Leesman chronicles the exchange between Schiff and Hur. The gist of it is that Schiff takes extreme umbrage with the fact that Hur accurately described the Joe Biden that we all see every time he’s on camera. Schiff rails against the “political” nature of Hur’s conclusions, which is the mother of all projections. Throughout it all, Hur remains unflappable, while Schiff flails and gets increasingly condescending.

From Madeline’s post:

“You were not born yesterday; you understood exactly what you were doing,” Schiff continued.

“What you are suggesting is I shape, sanitize, omit portions of my reasoning and explanation to the attorney general for political reasons,” Hur responded before Schiff’s time ran out.

The Democrats were under the impression that everyone in the Department of Justice was a political tool to be used as they needed. Hur killed that vibe for them. That’s the true source of the anger of Schiff and his colleagues. Oh, they’re plenty mad about Hur’s forthright description of the greatly diminished state of Biden’s memory too. They need all the help that they can get selling him as fully functional to the electorate, after all.

The Democrats wanted Hur to be a good little DOJ soldier and declare Biden innocent of any wrongdoing in his handling of classified documents. They really needed that after all of their grandstanding about Trump and his document situation. His conclusion that Biden is too much of a doddering, demented trainwreck to be held accountable for his actions really threw a wrench into the Democratic narrative machinery.

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Schiff: “Couldn’t you just have written a “parody” report, like the bullshit I poured on the impeachment hearing? Cmon, man… we’re drowning here!”

Hur apparently valued his own credibility and honor too much to try and lie that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden didn’t steal classified documents, store them right where the CCP could have access to them, allow Hunter to utilize them in his influence peddling operations, move them over and over and over and blatantly admit to his ghostwriter that he had classified documents it was illegal for him to have. But, he was too concerned about his career to honestly declare Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden should be prosecuted.

This Is How It’s Done… Rep. Kelly Armstrong Gets Special Counsel Robert Hur to Admit that Joe Biden “Met Every Actual Element of the Crime” (VIDEO)

Note the absence of Greg and Michael here.