Democrats Stoke Racial Division via Reparations


by Steve Cortes

If the radical Democrats prevail nationally in 2024, then white, Hispanic, and Asian Americans will likely soon be forced to pay taxes as a transfer to black Americans. So-called reparations comprise a key element of the extremist and bigoted agenda that is openly pushed by Democrats. These divisive radicals include prominent elected officials in swing states, like Wisconsin US Senator Tammy Baldwin, who co-sponsored legislation to form a US Senate reparations study commission.

Think this prediction is exaggerated?

Well, first consider the broader Leftist agenda of stoking racial division at every opportunity. Then, examine the clear actions and documented statements of 2024 Democrats regarding reparation payments.

For example, right now Biden’s administration demolishes the “Reconciliation Monument” in Arlington National Cemetery. This large work of art has stood for over a century as a sign of healing and renewed brotherhood between North and South following America’s bitter and deadly Civil War.

The inscription on the base of the magnificent statue quotes the Bible: “They have beat their swords into ploughshares.” But people like Tammy Duckworth clearly do not seek such genuine reconciliation, and certainly not regarding race.

Forcing white, Hispanic, and Asian citizens in America, in 2024, to make monetary payments to black Americans, represents a giant step backward regarding racial comity. What could be more unjust than assigning generational guilt to whole swaths of society based on their complexion? How does it make sense in America to use melanin as a marker for culpability?

Moreover, the very notion that America paid no price to rectify the evil of slavery ignores history. The American Civil War exacted a massive toll upon the country in a bloody struggle that led to emancipation. Over 335,000 Northern troops perished in the war, out of a Union population of 18.5 million. Given this death rate of near 2% of citizens overall, the equivalent death toll today would be a staggering 6 million American fatalities!

Consequently, those radicals who are vulgar enough to demand additional reparations should visit Gettysburg National Cemetery, where over 3,500 Union soldiers lay for eternity, their young lives sacrificed for a great cause that led to the elimination of slavery in our land. Reparations were indeed paid, and not just by those brave men, but also by the widows and orphans they left behind.

Sensible Americans overwhelmingly agree with this logic and oppose racial reparation payments. My pro-labor advocacy organization, the League of American Workers, recently surveyed swing state voters, the citizens who will almost surely determine the outcome of the 2024 election cycle.

In the key battleground state of Wisconsin, polling firm North Star Opinion Research asked 600 likely voters: “Is it a good idea or a bad idea for non-Black Wisconsin citizens to make payments to Black citizens based on discrimination in the past?” Only 19% of Wisconsin voters responded that reparations are a “good idea.”

This Wisconsin polling sample, like all our recent battleground surveys, divided exactly evenly between Trump and Biden 2020 voters. As such, our poll reveals from terrible news for race-fixated Democrat officeholders. Even among self-identified Biden voters, 46% believe reparations area a “bad idea.”

In addition, Latino voters in swing states overwhelmingly reject the idea of reparations. In Wisconsin, 63% of Hispanics oppose reparations. As a minority group of hard-working strivers, many of whom only arrived in the United States in recent decades, brown-skinned “bad hombres” across America don’t rally to the idea of their tax dollars flowing to black Americans, purely based on skin color.

Undeterred, the race-obsessed radicals — Tammy Baldwin, Joe Biden, and the complicit corporate media — actively seek to stoke racial division in America.

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How about Reparations for all those who lost everything t o the Rioters and Looters Looters belong in Prison and so do those who aided and abated them we start with the Democrats and Soros and his band of Globalists

Seems to be a problem, checked and no ancestor of mine ever owned a slave, in fact they came a few years after slavery was abolished.
What about the Irish, the first slaves imported to the US, they were also cannon fodder for the North as immigrants?

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Just opposing reparations is slavery enough.

Already paid
comment image?w=300&h=232

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Again, if reparations are to be paid, they should be paid by Democrats and anyone that supports the Democrats. They were the party of slavery, the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow and the party of institutionalized racism. They still are, in fact; they have never admitted to their past nor asked for forgiveness. As we’ve seen, they even wish to destroy symbols of reconciliation and unity. So, why should anyone else have to pay the price for their past egregious sins?

But, no matter how unpopular reparations might be, like with “gay marriage”, a revisionist court someone will impose it upon the public.

like with “gay marriage”, a revisionist court someone will impose it upon the public.

How has gay marriage been “imposed” upon you? Have you been forced to attend a gay wedding ceremony? Were you ordered by George Soros to be an officiant at a gay wedding? Were you forced into a gay marriage yourself? Do you even know anyone who’s part of a gay marriage?

By a ruling that there is a “right” to marriage. No, nothing could force me to attend a “gay wedding”, but the deterioration of society should be a concern to us all. “Gay marriage” has led to drag queen shows for young children, transgender “rights” and sexually indoctrinating young children in our taxpayer-funded schools, and I DO happen to have young, school-aged grandchildren.

I am not so stupid as to believe these things happen in a vacuum, not so hateful of our country to think others don’t notice the deterioration.

If “gay marriage” was never recognized as another faux “right”, would it have affected your life?

Justice Scalia warned us about this degenerative behavior.

Yes. Officiating at gay weddings is one of my side hustles.

So, you basically don’t care what happens to the nation. Not exactly a revelation.

My ancestors had been slaves in Europe.
Then Hitler came along and wanted to do worse than merely enslave quite a few groups of people, including my ancestors’ people.
Our family came here between the two World Wars.
We were closer to our own slavery than any black Americans there at the time we arrived.
WHY should our family pay blacks here, and free longer than us, a dime in “reparations?”
Doesn’t make any sense.
Oh, and both my father’s side and my mother’s side were discriminated against by those WASP Americans who were of the same people who had enslaved our ancestors back in Europe!
So, you can’t call our family was getting any “white privilege!”

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Importing the excuse to shut down in-person voting and more fraud via voting by mail?

Lord knows our CDC doesnt know how to stop a pandemic.
Its the prisoners and mental institution releases I have more concern over.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

I never understood how having people in secured facilities where who goes in is strictly controlled was worse than letting the people out into the general public. Wouldn’t they actually be SAFER from COVID in prison? Well, that’s leftist logic.

The better logic is dont lock them up at all, then two little girls visiting NY get stabbed, great advertising for tourism.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt