Democrats and Media Accused of PsyOps in Trump Trial Facebook Comment Scandal


Xitter post by Laura Loomer

The media and Democrats are deliberately lying and accusing MAGA and President Donald Trump of falling for a “hoax” regarding a Facebook comment about Trump’s trial. This accusation is unfounded and part of a calculated effort to discredit President Trump and provide cover for Judge Juan Merchan.

The Origin of the Facebook Comment Controversy

Contrary to media claims, President Trump and his supporters were not the original source of the screenshot and Facebook comment. The comment in question was posted on the public Facebook page of the Unified Court System in NYC. It was Judge Juan Merchan who first brought this comment to public attention. On June 7, 2024, Judge Merchan sent an official letter to the parties involved in President Trump’s trial, including his legal team, notifying them of the court’s discovery of the comment.

The Judge’s Role in the Dissemination

Judge Merchan, who has access to the identities of the jurors, found the comment compelling enough to notify the involved parties via official court correspondence. This indicates that the judge and the court system have mechanisms to verify information before it is officially communicated.

The Need for Verification

The key issue now is whether Judge Merchan verified the authenticity of the Facebook post before issuing his letter. If the comment was unverified, why was it disseminated on official court letterhead related to the trial of a leading GOP presidential candidate? The burden of responsibility to verify the authenticity of the comment falls on Judge Merchan, as he was the original source of the information.

Ongoing Investigation

President Trump’s campaign and one of his lawyers have confirmed that there is still an active investigation into the origin of the Facebook comment. The court has not deemed this a hoax. It is crucial to allow the investigation to conclude before making any definitive statements about the comment’s authenticity.

Media Misinformation

The media’s rush to label this as a hoax is an attempt to spin the narrative and discredit President Trump and his supporters. This strategy diverts attention from the fact that Judge Merchan was the source of the claim and raises questions about his role in the dissemination of potentially unverified information.


  1. The Facebook comment could be genuine.
  2. An investigation is necessary to determine its authenticity.
  3. Judge Merchan was the initial source of the comment, not President Trump.

Before accusing MAGA supporters of falling for a hoax, it is essential to read Judge Merchan’s letter and understand the context. The responsibility for verifying the comment’s authenticity lies with Judge Merchan. If it is found to be a hoax, it implicates a New York Supreme Court Judge in spreading misinformation, which is a serious matter that could warrant disbarment.

Do not let the media spin this narrative. Stay informed and await the results of the ongoing investigation.

(formatted by myself for easier reading)

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The post and the person are real. It remains to be seen if the “cousin” is real. But, taking actual history into account, I have no confidence anyone involved in the investigation is interested in finding out that, indeed, there IS a cousin and they WERE prejudiced. Whenever the government is charged with finding a leftist culprit, they usually fail.

Judge Merchan needs to be totally canned removed from the bench and retired toa a Mental Institution can Bragg and Smith and revoke Soros American Citizenship return him to his Place of Birth so t hey can try convict and punish him for his War Crimes from WW II and deport his rotten Son as well

OK what post is in question.

This one:

“My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted & Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) June 7, 2024

Whether the judge would declare a mistrial over a juror in the bag to convict Trump BEFORE any evidence was even presented is the issue.

So many reversible errors.
Now this, too.

I’m sure Judge Merchan already knows that the comment is real and who the parties involved are.