Democracy Is Just A Codeword


by Mark Wauck

I’m sure that’s not news to most readers. We hear on a daily basis that this election is about “saving our Democracy.” Or, perhaps, saving OUR Democracy. From whom? From the Great Unwashed, the Trumpian horde who are responding to The Donald’s dog whistling that will lead to the establishment of a Christian theocracy. Some say it quietly, in nuanced whispers, others—like the Jewish liberal, Peter Beinart—say it unabashedly aloud. At least that’s what I think Beinart was getting at when he expressed his fear that Trump might succeed in “turning the United States into a white Christian supremacist state.”

The point is that, when they say it’s our democracy, they mean that it’s theirs, not ours. If you get my drift. For them Democracy means heads they win, tails we lose. And it’s all about the culture, in a very Gramscian sense. Democracy is simply a codeword for the woke agenda, so anyone who favors normality is, ipso facto, an enemy of Democracy—an extremist. Than which nothing could be more horrible. When they lose, Democracy loses.

The same thing is going on in Europe, and this evening Steve Sailer provides examples, drawing on a WaPo article: Once wary of extremist violence, Europe now fears extremism in politics. The most extreme examples—go figure—seem to come from Germany, where the Ruling Class types are forthrightly calling for banning opposition parties: We Had to Destroy the Democracy to Save It. As Sailer says,

What’s more democratic than elites agreeing amongst themselves to not allow voters to be given a choice on a major policy question?

Seriously, these kind of articles would be less comic if they simply admitted that the quoted experts were, obviously, anti-democratic. It’s not unreasonable to argue against democracy. Lots of bright people from Plato onward have been anti-democratic. But it is derisible for people who more or less support rule by putative philosopher-kings to pretend to be the defenders of democracy.

But the real point is that it’s simply a codeword now. So what could be more democratic—wait, Democratic—than banning religious themes from the White House … for an explicitly Easter event. Because they hate God, Christian faith, Christians, you, me, our children, and the horse we rode in on. Because they worship themselves:




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Leftists love to redefine terms to match their ideological concepts. Apparently, they have redefined “fascist socialist totalitarian police state” as “democracy”.

Maybe joe wants to be josephine. Michelle obama became Big Mike.