Dem DOJ Begins Criminal Prosecution of Opposition Journalists


By M Dowling

Biden’s DOJ will arrest and prosecute Independent Media journalist Steve Baker for the crime of telling the truth about January 6. And we complain about Russia.

The corrupt DOJ has to do this to diminish the impact of his reporting. They also want to discourage anyone who tries to tell the truth.

Can you think of other reasons they are doing this? We can’t address the crime yet because we don’t know the charges, but it is about his J6 reporting.

They likely don’t like the truth about the J6 bomber.


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This Constitutional abuse of American citizens who are innocent must stop. President Trump is correct when he says that they are coming for all of us who oppose their ideological tyranny they intend to impose on all of us. Where are those who are entrusted to protect the innocent from judicial abuse?

The Judges ruling against Trump is in total violation of the 8th Amendment and should not only be overturned but the plaintiff should be made the pay the whole thing back

I guess crushing free speech and independent journalism (i.e., not a card carrying member of the Ministry of Propaganda) is helping to “save democracy”?