Defund the police banshee spent nearly $70,000 on private security


Missouri Rep. Cori Bush spent nearly $70,000 on private security over the past three months as she advocated for defunding the police, campaign filings show.

Bush’s campaign sent $54,120.92 in payments between April 15 and June 28 for “security services” to RS&T Security Consulting, a New York-based firm with a mysterious online presence, Federal Election Commission records released Thursday show. The Democrat’s campaign also paid $15,000 to Nathaniel Davis for “security services” over the same time period.

The $69,120 in security payments accounted for more than a third of Bush’s $197,000 in campaign expenditures during the second quarter, the FEC records show. It’s also nearly double what her campaign spent on private security during the first quarter of 2021.

As Bush’s campaign dished out tens of thousands on private security, a luxury most Americans can’t afford, the Missouri Democrat was simultaneously a major critic of law enforcement and one of the most ardent advocates in favor of defunding the police. Bush has said that defunding the police is not a “radical” idea, and she praised St. Louis in April for its “historic” vote to defund police.

“Today’s decision to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is historic,” Bush said in a statement at the time. “It marks a new future for our city. For decades, our city funneled more and more money into our police department under the guise of public safety, while massively underinvesting in the resources that will truly keep our communities safe.”

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The Democrat way; create a terrific, disastrous mess then use other people’s money to make sure the harsh effects don’t slop over on them. She’s a racist scumbag that doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Typical Democrat.

The usial liberal Democrat DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO She is going to ruin the neighborshood