Debunking the climate change hoax


by Douglas Brodie


I am convinced that “climate change” is a hoax from many years of campaigning against it and from the establishment’s globally-coordinated excesses of recent years which have confirmed it to be wantonly abusive, mendacious and conspiratorial in its dealings with the people.

This paper is my submission to The White Rose Writing Challenge 2024 on the theme of “The Green Cheat”. Sorry Rosie, I’ve somewhat exceeded your word count guidance! Comprehensive debunking of the multi-faceted economy-wrecking climate change hoax is actually very difficult in a relatively short essay but here goes, with heavy reliance on word count-saving hyperlinks.

This paper aims to show that anyone who still believes in dangerous man-made CO2 global warming (aka “climate change”) urgently needs to reassess their views before the dictatorial Net Zero oppressions and privations being inflicted on us under the pretence of “tackling climate change” become unacceptably onerous and destructive.

It exposes the blatant falsehoods of the establishment’s climate change narrative and you don’t have to be a science egghead to see through their “really very stupid” deceptions. You only need to open your mind to the sad reality that almost everything the duplicitous establishment and paid-for mainstream media have told us about “climate change” is a lie. The simple explanations and facts in this paper will then allow you to see through all of their outrageously false “climate change” propaganda and brainwashing.

I have given up trying to reason with closed-minded, electorate-betraying politicians. I am now reaching out to ordinary people, many perhaps lacking the capability to challenge what is going on but becoming more and more suspicious that they are being horribly deceived and abused for ulterior political motives on “climate change” and other globalist machinations.

We mustn’t allow the establishment’s junk science, anti-humanity climate policies to lead us ever deeper into energy infrastructure ruination.

The origins of the “climate change” hoax

This exposes the seldom-mentioned anti-capitalism, anti-democracy and even anti-humanity origins of the scientifically corrupt, Malthusian, horribly politicised, horribly entrenched and ruthlessly enforced climate change hoax.

Concerns about the impact of humanity on the environment and planetary resources were raised long ago by Thomas Malthus (1766-1834). In recent times, various bad actors have weaponised these concerns for dark ulterior motives. One such was the late billionaire socialist Maurice Strong who set up the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988 and its Earth Summit in 1992, origin of the Agenda 21 template for authoritarian UN world governance and global wealth redistribution. He is remembered for his infamous saying:

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?” (qv)

The Machiavellian Strong set about creating a false problem based on false science, drawing on the 1979 Charney Report (since-debunked) which set the ball rolling on the conveniently abstruse hypothesis of man-made CO2 global warming. He set up a system of democracy-bypassing bureaucrats to get the developed countries to deindustrialise and make them pay, inspired by this Club of Rome statement:

The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. …The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

The UN IPCC’s climate change skulduggery started in earnest in their 1995 report when lead author Ben Santer mendaciously claimed that global temperature data showed a “discernible human influence”. For details see my angry 2019 post. Santer’s claimed human influence has to this day never been reproduced and the establishment’s never-proven man-made CO2 global warming hypothesis has been disproved by many studies, such as this. All we ever get from the UN is bluster, not proper science, with the UN Secretary General ranting about “global boiling” and the UN climate chief making an unscientific fool of himself by emoting that we only have two years to save the world.

Big Industry and Big Money enthusiastically joined the bandwagon to grab a share of the heavily-subsidised (at hard-pressed taxpayer expense) $multi-trillion climate change bonanza. The party was also joined by the unaccountable Davos World Economic Forum and multi-billionaires with unlimited budgets for propaganda, censorship and brainwashing such as Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefellers who are using the climate change hoax to manipulate public policy towards their own self-centred goals.

The proof that “climate change” is a hoax

The establishment brazenly asserts that man-made CO2 is the main “control knob” of global climate, an absurd assertion which is unsupported by empirical data and flies in the face of common sense. It is easily debunked by, inter alia, looking at the recent millennial global temperature changes shown in this reconstruction which I will show tally well with the historical record. Starting at ~6,000 years ago, it shows that temperatures were congenially warmer than now, which goes towards explaining why Orkney flourished so amazingly in these early times.

A subsequent period of cooling was followed by the Minoan Warm Period then the Roman Warm Period, when grapes were cultivated along Vine Lane in Newcastle (Hadrian’s Wall). Was this warm period caused by a spike in atmospheric CO2 levels due to heavy Roman chariot activity?! No, this reconstruction shows that CO2 levels then were much lower than now. Whatever climatic influence led to these benign conditions, it gave way to the severe cold of the Dark Ages (with negligible change in CO2 levels) which led to massive European population migrations seeking better living conditions.

The Dark Ages gave way to the Medieval Warm Period when magnificent cathedrals were built all over Europe and Vikings settled in Greenland. These benign conditions in turn gave way to the Little Ice Age (~1300 to ~1800). It got so cold that ice fairs were held on the frozen River Thames and the Vikings were forced out of icebound Greenland. Modern science then started to advance and revealed that these cold periods coincided with periods of extremely low solar activity, e.g. the Maunder Minimum.

Solar activity started to increase some time before the mid-18th century start of the Industrial Revolution and the Little Ice Age gave way to gradual but fitful global warming. This led to the establishment’s late-20th century play-acting alarm about global warming, which they pretended had been caused by man-made CO2 when it was clearly due to the strong solar activity of the Modern Maximum (see the Maunder graphic above), the strongest in centuries. The establishment shamelessly ignores this inconvenient science and brazenly spins the yarn that the global warming since the start of the Industrial Revolution has been mainly due to rising CO2 levels.

They never mention the reality that we are living in a CO2 famine relative to the earth’s much greener, CO2-richer yet never “boiling” past. They even double-down by fearmongering about needing to “sequester” CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Climategate emails leaked in 2009 from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, a key hub of UN IPCC climate science, showed how its climate scientists behaved as bought-and-paid-for establishment puppets, e.g. when one of them gave the game away by writing:

We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period

This led to the creation of the fake hockey stick graph of global temperatures which instead of reality depicted almost no change in 1,000 years then a sudden spike in the late 1900s. It was gleefully promoted by the duplicitous UN IPCC as it portrayed the late-20th century global warming as unprecedented and gave support to their CO2 “control knob” pretence. It took years of dogged investigation by a small band of climate realists, hindered all the way by IPCC scientists who refused to make public their data, to prove that the hockey stick graph was bogus, crafted from flawed data and statistical chicanery. The book The Hockey Stick Illusion details the deception.


The establishment whitewashing of the Climategate scandal is now being re-enacted in the similarly-biased Hallett Inquiry into the scientific malfeasances of the Covid scandal, parallel examples of establishment lying by omission to take us all for fools and paint dissenters as “conspiracy theorists”. Their coordinated moves to cancel, censor and even jail dissidents prove that they themselves are the conspirators.

The pretence that rising levels of atmospheric CO2 lead to dangerous global warming is debunked by studies and reconstructions of what happened in the recent and long-ago past, as described in this paper. These show that the increase in atmospheric CO2 follows the rise in global temperature rather than coming before it and causing it, i.e. the exact inverse of the establishment’s CO2 climate “control knob” pretence.

See also this paper and follow-up describing two hoax-busting spells of global cooling since the mid-1940s which happened despite ever-rising atmospheric CO2, the first in the 1960-70s so worrisome at the time as to cause a new ice age scare, plus a catalogue of “smoke and mirrors” obfuscations and deceptions in the establishment’s mendacious climate change narrative.

Further evidence that CO2 global warming is a hoax is given by the abject failure of the establishment’s computer climate models to give credible global temperature predictions. Here they are failing miserably in graphs of predictions versus observations in 2015 and even worse in 2022. Evidence is also given by the establishment’s Chicken Licken predictions of climate-related catastrophes which have failed to come to pass, now going back 20 years and more. Likewise, the establishment’s make-believe “climate emergency” has been rebutted by the World Climate Declaration signed by thousands of independent scientists.

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Also for t he fact that back in the 1970’s the big threat was Global Cooling and a New Ice Age was coming Time and Newsweek was giving it top coverage ack then and episode o In Search Of was about the hard winter in Buffalo New York in 1976/77

With the recent sun activity volcanos may be more active, causing a little ice age.
We only have 4 years left before they warn another in 12 years we are goners.

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One of the socialist’s desperate “Hail Mary’s”. It is failed.