D-Day 80th: Heroes Stand Tall, Biden Falls Flat


by Jeff Childers

Yesterday, to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of our heroic U.S. troops’ victories and sacrifices on the beaches of Normandy, France, CNN ran this awkwardly ironic headline: “Biden gives warning about democracy during D-Day 80th anniversary speech.

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The surviving D-Day veterans are getting up there, into triple digits. The youngest senior warrior in any article I saw was a sprightly 99. All over the U.S., local communities and veterans’ groups commemorated the famous battle and to mark the generational anniversary, Western leaders, celebrities, military folks, and surviving soldiers converged near the battle site in Normandy.

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Former vice-president Biden was the day’s least interesting feature. Watching the various clips of the Nation’s top executive slowly maneuvering around the event was a nerve-wracking experience, like watching a video clip of a toddler crawling toward a busy intersection.

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But the aged soldiers stole the show. Many of our troops still stood smartly in their uniforms for the proceedings. Biden faded in the background, looking older, frailer, more past his expiration date, and less alert than even the oldest attending warrior.

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Inexplicably, the instant the proceedings ended, Biden stiffly shuffled off, leaving amused and dynamic French President Macron to cheerfully greet U.S. veterans. It was almost like Macron was trying to show Biden up.

image 6.png

Biden’s speechwriters swung for the fences and missed. The presidential address, a failed and inappropriate attempt to directly compare our sacrifices in World War II to the Proxy War in Ukraine, blew up on the launch pad like a jammed SCUD missile. Biden’s effort to draw the awkward comparison went on far too long.

One can only imagine what our heroic veterans must have been thinking.

During his speech, Biden read the teleprompter in his monotonal pugilistic shouting style. Here’s a small sample to give you the idea:

“In their hour of trial, the Allied forces at D-Day did their duty! Now the question for us is, in our hour of trial, will we do ours! We’re living in a time when democracy is more at risk across the world than any point since the end of World War II, since these beaches were stormed in 1944! Now we have to ask ourselves: will we stand against tyranny! Against Evil! Against crushing brutality! Of the iron fist! Will we stand for freedom! Will we defend democracy! Will we stand together! My answer is yes! It can only be yes!”

It was loud, but unconvincing. One suspected that, if Biden ever does run into an iron fist, it will be all over. A feather fist would probably do the job just as well.

The attempted comparison was, to say the least, confusing. For one thing, during World War II, Russia was an ally who helped beat Hitler. And in doing so, Russia suffered the most casualties among the Allied forces.

Despite Biden trying to unheroically co-opt the day to make a defensive campaign speech, the event was — as it should have been — eclipsed by our glorious surviving D-Day veterans, whose attendance made a more profound and encouraging statement than anything the mumbler could have said.

Don’t take my word for it. Before endorsing Biden’s approved Ukraine War Narrative, the Economist’s story about yesterday’s D-Day Commemoration first recognized that the veterans were the real story:

image 7.png

The duty of defending freedom now falls to us, the generation who enjoyed the blessings of the longest peacetime period in modern world history. We will not let our courageous heroes down.

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An American embarrassment. biden does not belong with the character of men who fought and died in WWII. I am ashamed we sent this dolt over as a representation of our Country. It would have been far and away more appropriate to have sent no one because in essence, that is what was done. biden disgusts me and countless other Americans. November 5 can not come soon enough.

Well, he definitely left his mark.

countless other Americans

Not countless at all—they were last counted four years ago, and the number was millions lower than the number of people who are fine with Biden.

Biden’s speechwriters swung for the fences and missed. 

The basically plagiarized Reagan’s 1984 speech. Nothing new for Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. Though he didn’t “stiffly” leave the event… it was more “squishy”. But credit where credit is due; he never mentioned that Beau died storming the beaches and so he knew exactly how those who lost loved ones on D-Day felt. Nor did he claim to have driven a Higgens boat. So, kudos.

And on top of all of that, he shit his pants again.

Our veterans did look more vibrant than joe.
Odd, too, since they are at the youngest, 20 years older than joe!
There were moments when I worried joe might keel over dead right there in France.

DISGUSTING: Joe Biden Steals Ronald Reagan’s Speech at Normandy Beach on D-Day Anniversary – VIDEO

This corrupt old pos has been a disgrace and an embarrassment to this county for many years before he was installed as president. The entirety of the US government and its deep state lost all credibility putting this demented old hack in office. The corruption and lawlessness is in the open. The controlled media will not talk about the coup, but America has been lost and the populous is still just watching the propaganda on tv and clicking and scrolling on their personal trackers like its all fine and dandy. What a bunch of idiots, maybe the world is dumb enough to deserve some one as awful as biden.

What, did someone expect Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden come up with his own unique speech? He is not capable of praising the United States with his own thoughts and words; it goes against everything he has ever stood for. So, of course he has to steal a speech.